Roger Stone tried; failed to have President Trump pardon Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

Author: Stanley Bolten

Note: WE WARN THE CIA, Stop harassing Brian D. Hill and his family. They are NOT THE ENEMY. The Pedophile in Chief Joe Biden is the enemy of free America. Stop targeting Brian D. Hill and his mother Roberta Hill to the extent where he and his mother feels unsafe living in America. STOP IT CIA BULLIES!!!!!

Brian’s family uploaded the text messages with Roger Stone where Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News made a last ditch effort to beg for a Full Unconditional Pardon from U.S. President Donald J. Trump. Roger Stone replied that he tried but failed to get Brian’s evidence and information to successfully have Brian on the pardon list of President Trump’s last pardons before leaving the White House on January 20, 2021.

Brian told him that a “black SUV” was trying to follow or watch Brian Hill and his mother. Brian warned that he may be disappeared by a Government Abduction Squad. Brian is fearful for his life and was talking about possibly asylum if they try to abduct him for fighting to prove his actual innocence to his federal criminal charge and wrongful conviction. Brian says he knows the CIA has been watching him, a very scary set of words.

Brian thanked him for trying but then went on an emotional rant just like in his faxed letter to Attorney L. Lin Wood demanding proof that Federal Judges including Thomas David Schroeder and William Lindsey Osteen Junior possibly being blackmailed with child rape and murder. If those Federal Judges were indeed blackmailed with child porn and child rape content videos being recorded, then Brian’s federal criminal conviction and case was ILLEGITIMATE, yes it is technically illegitimate since the Judge was always compromised with pedophilia style blackmail. Brian is being ILLEGALLY and POLITICALLY held hostage to a corrupt Federal Chief U.S. Judge Thomas David Schroeder and Chief U.S. Judge Michael Francis Urbanski, and both of them may all be blackmailed. Here are the messages between Brian and Roger Stone. They are legal as Roger Stone was pardoned of his wrongful conviction, so Roger Stone is not a felon and has every right to hear Brian’s request for a pardon. Brian is actually innocent and should have been acquitted years ago. They should have examined his seized computer but the Federal Court for years kept denying his requests to have an independent forensic expert to examine his seized computer to help him prove his innocence to his charge of possession of child pornography.

Briuan says a SUV, and black SUV was trying to come around Brian and his mother. So Brian may become kidnapped if Brian continues fighting to prove his innocence. Brian may already be under the CIA’s snatch and kidnap list because of him successfully writing the U.S. Pentagon successfully asking to arrest these Federal Judges for high treason. Anyways, let’s review over the other messages.

Brian sounds very emotional and upset in his remarks to Roger Stone. Brian probably didn’t mean certain statements but if the CIA is targeting this man, he needs armed security watching his home. There needs to be private security or guards protecting Brian and his mother from the CIA hit squads.

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Brian sounds very upset right now. Brian has been abandoned by Alex Jones and Darrin McBreen of InfoWhores since 2013, Brian sounds like he almost gave up that day. However Brian quickly bounced back and demanded from Attorneys Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood in FAX letters that they provide to him any tangible evidence proving that Federal Judges were blackmailed with child rape and murder by Deep State actors and that such evidence be forwarded to Brian by only legal means such as affidavits of the blackmail-files that Attorney L. Lin Wood claims that he has in order to use them in his case against Judge Schroeder and any other corrupt Federal Judges involved in his federal cases. Brian is angry that Roger Stone failed him and wants to expose this failure. His family made sure we had these messages were photographed and given to this blog. Brian says he cannot take it anymore and wants the Deep State taken down NOW. Brian’s been making angry rants to his family and friends after he learned that he never got pardoned.

Brian warned President Trump a month ago that he would never be acquitted if the Deep State ran our Courts.

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