FEDERAL PORN WARS – Part 2: Judicial Corruption of Series – DOCUMENTARY at JusticeForUSWGO.wordpress.com

Directed by Brian D. Hill, released by Family. Watch this 2nd Part of of the series of this short Documentary video regarding how the frame up of Patriots with child pornography and other crimes succeed. It is through the MAFIA style mechanism of Judicial Corruption, Judicial Tyranny. Learn how patriots, activists, and alternative media are character assassinated by corrupt FBI, federal prosecutors, and the corrupt Judges. Then hear about how there are still good Constitutional Judges out there ensuring Due Process in a world in which fair trials and due process is eroding rapidly across the United States of America.

U.S. Supreme Court throws out Trio Petitions for Certiorari and Mandamus; Clerk covered up EMERGENCY MOTIONS and DELAY LETTERS; Violated 18 U.S. Code § 2071; formal CRIMINAL COMPLAINT; request for IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS

The Clerk got what they wanted when they violated Federal Law multiple times, all three trio Petitions in the U.S. Supreme Court were denied and thrown out. They deprived the former USWGO Alt. News reporter Brian D. Hill's due process under the color of law. Brian called for Clerk Scott Harris to be indicted in a personal phone call made to the Clerk's Office. That recording stored on Internet Archive. Recorded and released by family to let everyone know who the real criminals are, they have been compromised or infiltrated the Highest Clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court, in the United States of America. What a betrayal of one's Oath of Office, faithfully discharging the duties of the Federal office they work under. Violation of Oath of Office. If they can do this type of criminal activities to Brian D. Hill, they can do this to any one of us who files in the U.S. Supreme Court.

FEDERAL PORN WARS – Part 1 of Series – DOCUMENTARY at JusticeForUSWGO.wordpress.com

Directed by Brian D. Hill, released by Family. Watch this Part of of the series of short Documentary videos regarding the Frame Up of Patriots, alternative media, journalists, and activists. Frame up with materials possessed by the Deep State Swamp, the Pedophile Rings. Hear their stories and learn the dangers of the Federal Swamp, how they compromise Judges and Officials and may have the intent to manufacture evidence against you.

Email to U.S. Supreme Court PIO: Brian D. Hill [USWGO Alt. News] will blame the Clerk’s Office for denial of his Mandamus/Certiorari Petitions; in his Petitions for Rehearing; Clerk will further violate 18 U.S. Code § 2071

The Admin of Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News has emailed the U.S. Supreme Court's office of the Public Information Officer, informing them that if the Clerk's Office play the dirty games then the U.S. Congress will be informed of this and the Clerk had violated 18 U.S. Code § 2071. The dirty games and trickery of throwing out Brian's three petitions while refusing to delay the Conference for his three cases and refusing to file Brian's EMERGENCY MOTIONS FOR LEAVE OF COURT to compel the U.S. Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar to respond or file an opposition brief.

The BATTLE in the Supreme Court to prevent Permanent Injustice, Forever; Clerk refuses to docket-file pleadings and disappears them from public record

There are bad guys, black hat Deep State thugs attempting to throw out (USWGO Alternative News) Brian D. Hill's trio of Supreme Court petitions, trio of Rule 15.5 delay letters, and trio of his EMERGENCY MOTIONS received by the Mail Room of the U.S. Supreme Court on November 9, 2021. They are engaging in suppression operations where Brian's letters which are Rule 15.5 motions are not being docketed when normally docketed in other cases before the Supreme Court. We kept this quiet as we didn't want to piss off the Clerk of the Supreme Court, but this article is now URGENTLY necessary as there appears to be some form of a suppression operation to not file pleadings on the dockets of the cases Brian D. Hill had filed before the Supreme Court.

Brian D. Hill files trio letters with U.S. Supreme Court requesting that the U.S. Government respond for its fraud; that U.S. Chief Judge SSchroeder and U.S. Judge Osteen Junior answer for ignoring the laws

Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News took the initiative to compel the U.S. Solicitor General's office and the Corrupt Federal Judges incl. Chief Judge Thomas David SSchroeder and William Lindsey Osteen Junior to file a response in opposition to his trio of U.S. Supreme Court petitions requesting vacatur of his criminal conviction or acquittal or both. The acting U.S. Solicitor General Brian Fletcher had filed the standard usual waivers of response in all three of Brian's petitions hoping that all of Brian's trio petitions would all be denied by the Justices of the Supreme Court.

Clerk of the U.S. District Court in Greensboro, NC refuses to file Letter regarding Lin Wood tweets about child rape and murder

We have noticed that the Clerk of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina is refusing to file a Mandamus letter which insinuated that any of their Judges may have been blackmailed with child rape and murder. Luckily that letter was filed in Brian's Judicial Complaint as well and published on this blog. Brian again brought up the Attorney L. Lin Wood tweets regarding the Lizard Squad leak of blackmail videotapes. As far as Brian's family is concerned, they have not received a notification of receipt of Brian's letter to the Clerk's office. All of this is odd and may violate Federal Law where any pleadings and letters concerning a criminal case or civil case directly must be docketed by the Clerk or forwarded to the appropriate official. The Clerk's Office has officially or non-officially COVERED UP the letter from Brian D. Hill by not filing it in the District Court's public records.

Attorney Tyler Nixon may have turned against Brian D. Hill; Stanley Bolten attempts to bring the truth to Attorney Nixon to reconsider his viewpoint on Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News

There are a lot of things behind-the-scenes that this Blog does not write articles about because of the muddy waters. However we will now finally reveal that Brian D. Hill was blocked from contacting Attorney Tyler Nixon who works with Roger Stone for years. Stanley Bolten, myself, is attempting to get the truth out to Tyler Nixon so that he understands that Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News is not guilty of child porn. In fact Brian Hill is trying to go after the pedophile rings in his own way to retaliate against them and get revenge against them with high risk of Brian ending up dead like Issac Kappy. Brian wants revenge against the pedophile rings for framing him with child porn. Brian will do whatever it takes to get justice or revenge. That is Brian's position. Brian didn't used to want revenge, but things have changed. We have a corrupt FBI, corrupt U.S. Attorney General, corrupt Pedophile President Joe Biden with his pedophile son Hunter Biden. Brian will not stand for it anymore and will fight back tooth and nail each day and everyday until justice is achieved. Brian tried for a Presidential Pardon while under Donald Trump, begged for a Pardon, written dozens and dozens of letters to the White House last year (and years ago) over and over again but failed. People who do not know Brian personally turn against Brian without looking at all of the evidence which would make them feel that Brian truly was framed up. Zach Vorhies the Google whistleblower turned against us last year. Many turn against us without ever looking at the discovery evidence materials. It is sad that this is happening. Zach Vorhies called our blog posts inflammatory, when they are nothing but truthful. When they all see Brian's charges, they start turning against us. This happens over and over again. The PEDOPHILE FEDS like Joe Biden and other pedophiles inside the Federal Government. The Feds wanted Brian framed with that filth knowing how effective it can be to plant images and have them SWAT teamed. It is effective for people to framed with child porn as it turns many against him including Tyler Nixon, Zach Vorhies, and even Infowars. We know how effective it is because of how nobody wants to hear Brian's story except a few.

U.S. Solicitor General waives right to respond to all of Brian’s trio Supreme Court petitions which may be an attempt to push for the Supreme Court to toss them all out

The U.S. Solicitor General had filed waiver of right to respond to all three U.S. Supreme Court petitions which Brian had filed earlier this month in October. This is in hopes that all three petitions get denied systematically and thrown out like all of the other Supreme Court petitions filed by Brian. The Solicitor General knows that they are in a very difficult position to battle against Brian with the facts he brought out, so they find it easier to just usually just file the waiver to respond to make the petitions appear insignificant for review.

Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alt News files Judicial Complaint against Judges for Discrimination, again asserts possibly Blackmail; complaint against Judge Thomas David SSchroeder and William Lindsey Osteen Junior

Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News is really going to WAR with the corruption of the Federal Judiciary. Brian had just filed a "Judicial Complaint" on October 25, 2021. The complaint alleges unlawful discrimination, bias, prejudice, and that the law has not been equally applied to everybody in his criminal and civil cases. He argued that the Judge is not acting impartial and that the reason possibly why is because, again, well you know the Attorney L. Lin Wood tweets saying that officials and judges were being blackmailed with child rape and murder. It appears to be worded carefully to prevent any possible defamation, since Brian doesn't have the actual physical video recordings proving the actual blackmail. It is worded carefully with the suggestion that two Corrupt Federal Judges may or may not be involved in the blackmail videotapes which Lin Wood was mentioning on Twitter. He argued that Lin Wood's tweet was vague and can include any Judge inside of the United States. Very smart for Brian. Very smart 4D chess moves. If he were not wrongfully convicted, he could become a very well skilled lawyer.

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