Corrupt US Judge Jackson L. Kiser Strikes again, quickly dismisses Social Security Garnishment Lawsuit not protecting Autistic man

by Laurie Azgard Note: UPDATE FROM OLDER ARTICLE: Federal Lawsuit filed to prevent Circuit Court from Garnishing SSI disability of Brian D. Hill [USWGO] The corrupt and disHonorable federal judge Jackson L. Kiser strikes again by allowing the corrupt Virginia Commonwealth attorney Glen Andrew Hall and the dishonorable Giles Carter Greer [Circuit Court for the... Continue Reading →

The systematic abuse, discrimination, prejudice, and disrespect of pro-se filers in our Courts

by Laurie Azgard What is a pro-se filer? What is pro-se? Pro-se is the term under the American legal system in both the state, municipal, and federal courts. It refers to those that represent themselves instead of through an attorney. All attorneys/lawyers that have a license to practice law in our legal system that was... Continue Reading →

Corey Feldman’s documentary website admits “hackers are trying to prevent the stream from airing” attacking his expose’ documentary

by Laurie Azgard You heard it here, the website of had admitted that "The hackers are trying to prevent the stream from airing." Another article at an earlier time brought up that the website may have possibly been hacked. However this statement from Corey Feldman's documentary website admits it was a hacker attack. Of... Continue Reading →

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