Corrupt Virginia State Bar refuses to investigate Glen Andrew Hall for his CRIMES, Commonwealth Attorney of Martinsville can break any law they want without any consequences!!!!!!

The CORRUPT State Bar of the Supreme Court of Virginia (British Accredited Registry = BAR), refuses to investigate Glen Andrew Hall for his CRIMES in the case of Commonwealth v. Brian David Hill back in September 21, 2018. Brian D. Hill is formerly the reporter of USWGO Alternative News. Glen Andrew Hall is the Commonwealth Attorney for the City of Martinsville and is one of the MOST CORRUPT of government lawyers in our opinion. He deliberately prosecuted a case knowing that it lacked three elements of probable cause of Brian's criminal charge. One such element was falsely projected that Brian was "medically and psychologically cleared". After examination and cross examination of witness Officer Robert Jones (Martinsville Police Dept.) in the U.S. District Court, it was revealed that he didn't know Brian was type 1 brittle diabetic. Officer Jones didn't know that Brian had OCD which is part of Brian's autism, didn't believe Brian even had autism despite doctors letters and DMV handicap placard with doctor's certification. The officer admitted under oath when he arrested Brian for his alleged charge that he never spoke with the Emergency Room doctor about any of Brian's medical needs, never subpoenaed for Brian's medical records, and never verified whether or not Brian was drugged with anything substance or drug whether illegal or legal. The officer had the false belief that Brian was medically and psychologically cleared, but that was a BIG FAT LIE. Brian was diagnosed with unknown psychosis a month after his arrest, and psychosis is a known documented symptom of CARBON MONOXIDE SUFFERERS. The psychosis diagnosis came from Dr. Conrad Daum, a forensic psychiatrist who had worked with Piedmont Community Services in Martinsville, Virginia. This is all entirely documented.

U.S. FBI tried to frame up Sharyl Attkisson’s husband with child pornography/porn according to her testimony in FreedomWorks Congressional Committee hearing – May 11, 2022

We are late on writing this article, but we do like to document every child porn set up attempt we are aware of. Sharyl Attkisson, a non-partisan journalist testified at a FreedomWorks Congressional hearing (not a hearing which C-SPAN covers, but can be found at their YouTube channel). She claimed that the FBI had a plan to plant child pornography/child porn on her husband's laptop computer. I do believe this is true because of the attempted frame ups on Alex Jones, Stewart Rhodes, Luke Rudkowski, Melissa Melton and Aaron Dykes, Millie Weaver, Ian Freeman, Andrew Rose, Jeff Lewis of The Patriot Coalition, VAULT-7 whistleblower, and Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News. Even Attorney Susan Basko was threatened by the deep state to shut up and walk away from Brian's federal case.

Brian Makes a Statement about Alex Jones child porn set up used by Sandy Hook defamation trial – YouTube, Doesn’t think Chris Mattei was moral in bringing up the child porn set up attempt on Alex Jones during Sandy Hook defamation Trial

Brian Makes a Statement about Alex Jones child porn set up used by Sandy Hook defamation trial Brian D. Hill defends Alex Jones and disagrees with Chris Mattei for bringing up Alex Jones and him being set up with child porn in any prejudicial context where the jury may be prejudiced to give Alex Jones a worse judgment. This is a dangerous precedent that child porn is a WEAPON, CHILD PORN IS A WEAPON. A POLITICAL WEAPON.

Brian D. Hill files the Petition for Rehearing in Supreme Court of Virginia, motion to file Pro Se Transcript of oral argument asserting ACTUAL INNOCENCE exception should be permitted in Virginia Courts

Author: Stanley Bolten Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News, files a PETITION FOR REHEARING in the Supreme Court of Virginia arguing that Chief Justice Bernard S. Goodwyn (Note: who was appointed by Tim Kaine, a Bill/Hillary Clinton connected individual) was wrong in denying Brian's petition for appeal. Last month, Brian spoke at the... Continue Reading →

Corrupt Judge Giles Carter Greer (Martinsville Circuit Court, Virginia) denies all motions asking for acquittal or new trial – All in lockstep with Federal Court WAR against Brian D. Hill

Author: Stanley Bolten The Circuit Court of Martinsville Virginia, under presiding Judge Giles Carter Greer denied all of USWGO Alternative News Brian D. Hill's motions asking for judgment of acquittal or new trial by jury based on new evidence disproving guilt (MEANS FACTUAL INNOCENCE, FACTS MEAN TRUTH) for his state charge and conviction for a... Continue Reading →

Brian D. Hill calls into Pete Santilli show on 9/19/2022 to speak of the child porn set up campaign by Govt, judicial corruption

Note: If you are investigating what happened to Brian D. Hill, there is a lot of evidence and issues to look at but we have the most important pieces of evidence Brian brought up to Pete Santilli with the limited time. Anybody who has watched the Pete Santilli show where Brian Hill called in or is involved with that show can review the evidence below in this article, below the video of

LEAK: Communications between Brian’s family and Mike Lindell 2022; regarding persecution of Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alt News

Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News, his mother Roberta and Stanley Bolten had emailed Mike Lindell, My Pillow guy, who founded Frank Speech, informing him of the Deep State persecution war against Brian Hill, corrupt federal judges refusing to let him be found actually innocent. Deep State has gone to war with Brian, and Mike Lindell was informed about it all before the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) just seized his cell phone. Before we get to the leaked emails, for our protection, leaked by family, we will also copy and paste what the DOJ letter said to Mike Lindell but he leaked that document as they took his personal and business work cell phone away which had access to the emails at his email addresses: or The leak is done to protect Brian Hill and Roberta Hill from being wrongfully targeted by the FBI and possibly framed again. These are leaked for protection of Brian D. Hill regarding communications with THE MIKE LINDELL the MYPILLOW GUY. The leaked pdf document of over 150 pages of many emails sent to Mike Lindell and read receipts sent by Mike Lindell. He did review over many pieces of evidence, news updates, and information regarding the frame up of Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News with child porn. See We Are Change and Activistpost articles: WRC EXCLUSIVE: Alternative Media Writer Brian D. Hill Setup On Child Pornography Possession: | We Are Change; CAN OF WORMS: Infowars Targeted By Child Porn And MSM, Not The First Time Alternative Journalists Set Up - Activist Post

Posts at Truth Social informing Lin Wood supporters on Brian D. Hill’s battle for Special Master to review over alleged blackmail videos

Here are the Truth Social posts about informing Lin Wood supporters on Brian D. Hill's battle for Special Master to review over alleged blackmail videos. People need to know the truth about children being raped and murdered by the pedophile rings as usage of blackmail for compromising politicians and judges for political control. See Lin Wood re: Isaac Kappy’s discovery of pedo blackmail tapes | The Radio Patriot. Read the truth about Lin Wood and his concern for the children.

Brian D. Hill files Petition for Rehearing with blackmail arguments, citing Attorney Lin Wood, raising John Roberts Chief Justice being compromised, explains why Special Master should be appointed to review over alleged child rape and murder blackmail videos

Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News files a Petition for Rehearing brief asking the U.S. Court of Appeals (Fourth Circuit) to vacate the panel's decision dismissing two consolidated appeals over U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe Webster (Durham, NC) denying two motions over requesting a Special Master to be appointed in Brian's federal criminal case to subpoena Attorney L. Lin Wood asking for his source/sources to provide a copy of the encrypted alleged blackmail videos to the Special Master Brian is requesting appointment of. He wants a Special Master to determine if both Chief Judge Thomas David Schroeder and former Chief Judge William Lindsey Osteen Junior were in any of the alleged child rape and murder blackmail videos. The judges in panel argued that the appeals were being dismissed due to having no jurisdiction as it was not a final order or an appealable interlocutory order. Brian also used a printout of an article from radio patriot in his federal cases: Lin Wood re: Isaac Kappy’s discovery of pedo blackmail tapes | The Radio Patriot

Chief Justice and panel at Virginia Supreme Court throws out appeal of CAV dismissing Brian D. Hill’s Writ of Actual Innocence Petition over procedural default; Justice connected to TIM KAINE, very suspicious #truth #CorruptTimKaine

A panel of justices at the Supreme Court of Virginia, incl. Chief Justice Goodwyn throws out appeal of Brian D. Hill's dismissed Petition for the Writ of Actual Innocence. It wasn't dismissed because Brian had no merit of proclaiming actual innocence, no that was not the reason, it was dismissed on a legal technicality, and was procedurally barred by technicality and procedurally defaulted. Brian was the former news reporter of USWGO Alternative News.

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