Brian D. Hill files new 2255 Motion in Federal Court, again on Actual Innocence; directly accuses Chief Judge Thomas David Schroeder of being blackmailed with “child rape” and “murder” using the L. Lin Wood statements on twitter and his emails with statements; asks for Special Master to investigate and review alleged videos

The time has come. Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News, is challenging CORRUPT Chief U.S. District Court Judge Thomas David Schroeder with a new 2255 Motion filed with the U.S. District Court. It was filed on January 27, 2022. He has now directly accused this Judge of being possibly one of those in the alleged blackmail videos alleged by Attorney L. Lin Wood on Twitter last January in 2021. Brian has asserted why he believes this Judge "may or may not be" blackmailed with "child rape" and "murder" as alleged by Attorney L. Wood on Twitter. He had accused this judge of being a possible blackmail target in his Judicial Complaint filed last year but the Judicial Council of the Fourth Circuit had refused to review over the alleged blackmail videos to determine if this Federal Judge is in one of those or if Brian was mistaken. Brian will apologize if he is wrong, but Brian feels certain that Federal Judges are being blackmailed with child rape and murder. Brian files a copy of a threatening email (TORMAIL?) as evidence in the Federal Court. That email details a threatening email that Attorney Susan Basko had received in 2015 which claimed that they would have this Chief Federal Judge set up to be the presiding Judge and would make this Judge convict Brian after another attempt to frame Brian with child pornography in 2015, that attempt had failed as Brian promptly and in good faith reported the child porn set up attempt attack against Brian D. Hill to his ex-Probation Officer Kristy L. Burton. Brian could not have been charged under that law due to the affirmative defense of reporting a frame up attempt to a Law Enforcement officer. That threatening email insinuated that the child porn frame up artist or artists have control of particular Federal Judges to do their bidding, not just email child porn and malware to patriots. See article: Alternative Media Attack: Attempt to Frame Truthstream Media | Truthstream Media

They couldn’t frame Stewart Rhodes with child porn, so they framed him with INSURRECTION or SEDITION!!!!! 18 U.S.C. § 2384, 18 U.S.C. § 372, 18 U.S.C. § 1512(k)

The Feds couldn't frame Stewart Rhodes with child pornography back in 2013 with the TORMAIL attacks. They couldn't fabricate his identity good enough with child porn PDF email or emails to indict him back in 2013. So now they are framing Stewart Rhodes with insurrection. It is here, it cannot even be accessed on PACER.GOV and isn't available at CourtListener but the Mainstream media has a copy of the secret indictment. Isn't that interesting. Anybody who uses PACER.GOV to even try to access the indictment is hit with some kind of error, so the Feds don't want it available to the public until the mainstream corporate media covers his indictment and shows the actual document. The corporate New World Order media can cover the indictment but not PACER.GOV. Just like with Roger Stone when he was indicted years ago, Roger Stone cannot say anything because of the secret indictment but CNN can be told about the secret arrest of Roger Stone years ago. They have framed Stewart Rhodes with insurrection because they failed with the Pedophile Ring's favorite weapon of child porn files.

U.S. Fourth Circuit Judicial Council OKAYS child rape and murder by JUDGES in the Federal Courts – refuses to even investigate or subpoena Attorney L. Lin Wood; friends of Isaac Kappy, re: Lizard Squad hacktivist alleged blackmail videos

U.S. Court of Appeals, Judicial Council of the Fourth Circuit had made the grave mistake of dismissing and denying the entire Judicial complaint by Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News, without verifying the identities of the child rape and murder blackmail videos alleged by Attorney L. Lin Wood. They dismissed and denied the Petition for Review asking to reopen the complaint and review over each and every child snuff blackmail videos to confirm the identities of those in the child rape blackmail videos. Asking to thoroughly investigate before making a disposition. They refused. They will forever be known as the "Pedophile Protectors" of the Fourth Circuit of Federal Courts.

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