Do not cede your sovereignty to WHO and WEF, file your Declaration today! U.S. Constitution compels you to do so!

Former news reporter Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News is not letting the corrupt Federal courts stop him from declaring that he will not give his countries sovereignty to the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations (UN), and World Economic Forum (WEF). The United States of America and every American citizen has a duty and obligation under the Constitution not to cede the authority of the U.S. Constitution to a foreign entity. It is unconstitutional even if the Senate ratifies a damn treaty ceding sovereignty away. That treaty would be HIGH TREASON and any member of Congress engaging in HIGH TREASON should be treated as such, a traitor. The U.S. Military can intervene if the Senate or U.S. Congress is committing HIGH Treason, then impeachment is no longer possible with such blatant corruption and proven election fraud. We can stop this right now before such treason may be committed by the Senate. Start faxing, emailing, and mailing signed and filled out forms to every U.S. Congressperson, to every Federal Judge, to every Justice, to every lawyer. Declare your opposition to the World Economic Forum controlling your lifestyles.

Brian D. Hill v. The Chimney Sweep; Complaint against Dr. Brant Hinchman of Sovah Health Martinsville (Hospital); Learn about the Carbon Monoxide poisoning which led to Brian’s state charge, he is innocent of his charge

Brian D. Hill's family has filed two complaints on Brian's behalf. Brian D. Hill formerly ran and founded USWGO Alternative News before he was framed and wrongfully prosecuted during the Obama Administration in 2013-2014. Brian filed a complaint against a Rocky Mount based business entity named as "The Chimney Sweep" for allegedly causing the carbon monoxide poisoning of Brian D. Hill and his mother after allegedly placing "metal tin" on top of the chimney flues of the apartments where both Brian and his mother had lived in. According to a copy of an arrest warrant against Brian Hill in 2018 exhibited in the complaint, the prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide led to the abnormal situation where on the night of September 21, 2018, from midnight to 3AM, Brian was acting paranoid and was walking on a deserted trail naked and not making any sense when he was questioned by law enforcement. The first responders couldn't even figure out why Brian was out there like that. They just assumed Brian was lying and charged him with intentionally making an obscene display despite the fact that no evidence is in support of this claim. The only reason Brian was wrongfully convicted was, again, by a Public Defender just like Eric David Placke in Brian's federal case, nicknamed as slackey Placke. The evidence is overwhelming, even though the levels were not found due to incompetence and medical malpractice, but the evidence in the second filed complaint shown that the levels in Brian's blood were not tested due to the alleged misconduct of Dr. Brant D. Hinchman of Sovah Health Martinsville, a hospital in Martinsville, Virginia. Still enough evidence exists which prove that Brian D. Hill was innocent of his state charge of indecent exposure. His charge needs to be OVERTURNED, THROWN OUT, SUBJECT TO ACQUITTAL IMMEDIATELY. This is publicly put on his blog to ensure readers that Brian Hill is in fact innocent. There is enough evidence where a reasonable pack of jurors would need to find him not guilty due to the carbon monoxide gas exposure and poisoning. This further proves the theory that Brian D. Hill may have been a target of the Deep State, CIA, who are angry at Brian for not ending his fight to be found actually innocent in federal court. They are very angry at Brian so great care should be taken by good police and good government employees to look out for Brian throughout this entire process.

Clerk dockets Appeal Brief in Fourth Circuit against Corrupt Magistrate Judge; and also has information from Brian D. Hill trying to expose corrupt Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts

Brian D. Hill is sticking with the words "Q" or "QAnon" as Alex Jones stands on the other side as Brian's enemy. Brian D. Hill was formerly USWGO Alternative News. His appeal brief was filed by the Clerk days after being received by mail. Has a sticky note with the words "QAnon" and even went as far as starting the written/typed attacks against Supreme Court Justice John Roberts for possibly being compromised. Saying he "may" be blackmailed using Attorney Lin Wood's claims naming John Roberts last year. Brian is angry that John Roberts is compromised and has argued in appeal that John Roberts being compromised may have negatively affected his appeal in the U.S. Supreme Court. Brian is angry at John Roberts for wrecking his appeals in the U.S. Supreme Court and wants justice against John Roberts. The Clerk of the Supreme Court factually covered up emergency motions for leave of court, those were never docketed which caused all SCOTUS petitions to have failed by being dismissed. Brian suspects John Roberts may be responsible for the Clerk violating federal law by refusing to file his emergency motions. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is Brian's enemy NOW. Brian plans on demanding his recusal from any further involvement in his case.

Stanley Bolten’s response to Terrence K. Williams on his response to the new Joe Biden’s MINISTRY OF LIES/Ministry of Truth (acting out George Orwell’s 1984) of Dept. of Homeland InSecurity

Terrence K. Williams talks about how to protect your privacy when the Government goes on in our business. I am sorry Terrence K. Williams for disagreeing with you but I have a very urgent issue which must be brought up with you Terrence K. Williams. I have a response to you urging the American patriots to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) encryption services to hide our activities from the Government. My response is, the VPNs can be hijacked at any time and put under Federal Court orders to compel logging it's customers/users. Terrence K. Williams isn't a computer forensic expert. I am fully aware that any VPN service can log a user or log all of its users internet activities and browsing activities when ordered to do so by the Court or by the FISA Court or by a National Security Letter (NSL). I left two comments and it is very easy for Terrence Williams to see and read. Here is what I said to him. Read the second comment for the VPN logging issues. That is why I personally am begging people to use the TOR network in combination with VPN. My enemies use TOR, my ENEMIES use TOR when they make comments lying to me. At least we need to keep safe.

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Attorney didn’t respond in time to deadline to respond to Brian D. Hill’s 2255 Motion; didn’t object to facts in that motion, including Actual Innocence and Attorney L. Lin Wood tweets/claims re: “child rape” and “child murder” alleged BLACKMAIL SCHEME; in Federal Court case

Is justice finally being done??? Former news reporter of USWGO Alternative News; Brian D. Hill's 2255 Motion filed in Federal Court months ago was not responded to by the U.S. Attorney Office by the deadline of May 1, 2022 as ordered by the U.S. District Court. This 2255 Motion case had a "GROUND VII" where Brian suspected or feared that the Federal Judges involved in his case may have been blackmailed with child rape and murder. That information filed with the Federal Court from the Middle District of North Carolina with exhibits of printouts sourced from, and Attorney L. Lin Wood. A printout was used in legal exhibit of the article: Lin Wood re: Isaac Kappy’s discovery of pedo blackmail tapes | The Radio Patriot (was Exhibit 6). Exhibit 6 of motion to reconsider which was not contested by the Government either.

Brian D. Hill files Appeal Brief against Corrupt Magistrate Judge denying motion to reconsider Order labeling Brian and Attorney L. Lin Wood (witness) as Delusional! Gaslighting the court record with lies and “IGNORING EVIDENCE”, “IGNORING THE LAW”

Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News, filed an informal appeal brief against the corrupt Dishonorable U.S. Magistrate Judge Joe L. Webster (Durham, North Carolina Federal Courthouse, Middle District of North Carolina) denying his motion to reconsider his corrupt order labeling Attorney L. Lin Wood and Brian D. Hill as both delusional for mentioning about the Lizard Squad obtained blackmail scheme videos of child rape and murder concerning "judges" and "officials"/politicians.

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