Proof that Brian D. Hill; USWGO Alt. News, is INNOCENT, being HELD HOSTAGE by Corrupt Federal Court

Proof that Brian D. Hill; USWGO Alt. News, is INNOCENT, being HELD HOSTAGE by Corrupt Federal Court System

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The proof is provided in the links and this description. All is open sourced and can be accessed online and even from PACER.GOV and even from the Local Rules page of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina.

The corrupt Federal Judge Thomas David Schroeder, Middle District of North Carolina had denied uncontested motions which would have ended the illegal fraudulent criminal sentence of Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News. Brian is ACTUALLY INNOCENT and had been proven with the uncontested motions of Brian’s actual innocence. It may take a lot of time to review over the Federal Pleadings but all prove Brian’s innocence. Brian was entitled to remedy and relief as a matter of law aka Local Rule 7.3 and Due Process Clause. Even the U.S. Supreme Court said Actual Innocence overcomes procedural time bars. Fraud on the Court and proven fraud perpetuated by the U.S. Attorney Office which are Government lawyers mean that Brian David Hill is innocent of his charge possession of child pornography.


Vacate Fraud on Court motions:

Thomas David Schroeder ruling uncontested Motions as meritless and frivolous without examining the actual evidence:

Local Rules 7.3 in effective in 2019:
Look for Local Rule 7.3 paragraphs (f) and (k)

Petition for Rehearing article with direct PDF links:

Version directly downloaded from PACER.GOV:

Version typed up and is Text Searchable:

Clerk of the Court enforced Local Rule 7.3 by the same wording and arguments:

Articles used in production of video:

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