More Resources

There are more resources I have found and have decided to post here regarding other blogs or interesting posts about Judicial Corruption.

They may or may not have been vetted. I feel that they should be here for others researching other blogs and topics talking about the corruption of the Federal/State/Municipal Courts, corruption of the prosecuting attorneys, and corruption of law enforcement with unchecked powers. Watchdogs are warranted in this matter.

If you wish for your blog post to be entered here, please contact me and I will do the best as I can to respond in a timely manner.

Here are the posts:

Corruption of the judiciary: Where do we go for help? – PPJ Gazette

So You Have a Corrupt Judge or Lawyer: Are You Going to Cry or Do Something ? – Leon Koziol.Com – Exposing Court Corruption – Civil & Parental Rights Advocacy

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