Former CIA, Vault-7 Whistleblower suspect accused of child porn, very suspicious

Stanley Bolten, I have heard from BlackListed News which mirrored the article from Boing Boing said that a former CIA employee who was suspected of being the whistleblower of the CIA hacking tool also known as 'Vault-7' that was leaked onto Wikileaks, has now been accused of child pornography. This is very suspicious and the... Continue Reading →


We support #FireSessions Petition because he is allowing corrupt Asst. US Attorneys

Stanley Bolten, I have signed the #FireSessions Petition, the petition located at We the People petition website, to support that U.S. President Trump fire U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. My reason is because the corruption in the United States Attorney Office in Greensboro, NC getting away with criminal behavior. An article is on the... Continue Reading →

Can rogue law enforcement or politicians plant child pornography? #PizzaGate

Disclaimer: All material here is protected under Fair Use doctrine under the U.S. Copyright Act, First Amendment under the United States Constitution. Image titled "Police Officers Will Plant Drugs On You" is not by Stanley Bolten but is sourced from This image was reposted under fair use for the purpose of educational and political... Continue Reading →

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