Federal Lawsuit filed to prevent Circuit Court from Garnishing SSI disability of Brian D. Hill [USWGO]

by Laurie Azgard Brian D. Hill [USWGO alternative news] has filed a federal lawsuit in Virginia. Details posted on courtlistener.com. The federal lawsuit alleges that Martinsville circuit court judge Giles Carter Greer has demanded over $1,000 worth of legal fees since November 15, 2019, and that Brian's SSI disability money will be garnished or Brian... Continue Reading →

Petition for rehearing on both appeals revives Appeals dismissed by Deep State Assassins

by Laurie Azgard See post: Corrupt Richmond U.S. Court of Appeals Rubber-Stamps ruling allowing Corrupt Federal Judge to remain in Case; Doctor Transcripts at will! The corrupt federal appeals court judges [puppets] in Richmond, Virginia, that are doing the bidding of Langley, VA the Deep State assassins of the Swamp have failed as Brian Hill's... Continue Reading →

Corey Feldman’s documentary website admits “hackers are trying to prevent the stream from airing” attacking his expose’ documentary

by Laurie Azgard You heard it here, the website of mytruthdoc.com had admitted that "The hackers are trying to prevent the stream from airing." Another article at an earlier time brought up that the website may have possibly been hacked. However this statement from Corey Feldman's documentary website admits it was a hacker attack. Of... Continue Reading →

Corrupt Compromised Federal Judges make Unprecedented Move to ensure their tyranny over the United States of America

by Laurie Azgard Forget about the corrupt federal judges Thomas David Schroeder and Jackson L. Kiser, as there are even far-worse power grabbing federal judges that act as though they are our new rulers, federal judicial supremacist dictators that think all Americans belong to the corrupt judiciary with the thugs who are US marshals running... Continue Reading →

US Court of Appeals refuses to mandate Judge to tackle Frauds upon the Court by US Attorney; Petitioner fights back!

by Laurie Azgard The U.S. court of appeals for the fourth circuit in Richmond, Virginia has decided to protect the corrupt federal judge Thomas David Schroeder who has became a judicial dictator, engaging in a coup d'état overthrowing our case law and overthrowing the authorities set by the U.S. Supreme court and lower appellate courts.... Continue Reading →

U.S. Senate candidate Craig R. Brittain (R-Arizona 2020) responds to our request to IMPEACH corrupt Federal Judges

Stanley Bolten. We are now campaigning to ask candidates running for U.S. Congress if they will consider the impeachment of corrupt Federal Judges including but not limited to Thomas David Schroeder. One such candidate is Craig R. Brittain (R-Arizona 2020) who is running for United States Senate. His campaign website can be accessed at http://brittainforsenate.com/... Continue Reading →

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