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If you have been framed with child porn, please contact us so we can mobilize to expose and thwart the United States Government child pornography set up operations.

You can email our special CHILD PORN FRAME UP INVESTIGATION email tip lines: setupframeup @ or setupframeup @

Don’t let the Feds frame you, don’t let the Feds frame other people. The Federal Government (Feds) of the United States of America had weaponized child pornography as a special tool to frame up special people they wish to assassinate the characters of without ever discharging a assassination order, death squad, or ever firing a bullet from a sniper. Child pornography is a weapon, a political weapon for purposes of both blackmail and framing their political opposition.

See the following presentation video:

CALL TO ACTION!!!! Brian D. Hill’s CALL TO ACTION to END CHILD PORN FRAME UPS BY FEDS (October 5, 2022) : Brian D. Hill : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive


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