Corrupt Judge Giles Carter Greer (Martinsville Circuit Court, Virginia) denies all motions asking for acquittal or new trial – All in lockstep with Federal Court WAR against Brian D. Hill

Author: Stanley Bolten

The Circuit Court of Martinsville Virginia, under presiding Judge Giles Carter Greer denied all of USWGO Alternative News Brian D. Hill’s motions asking for judgment of acquittal or new trial by jury based on new evidence disproving guilt (MEANS FACTUAL INNOCENCE, FACTS MEAN TRUTH) for his state charge and conviction for a crime he had proven his innocence of. They are doing this on purpose to revoke his federal probation back in 2019 permanently forever, to further assassinate Brian’s character/reputation to continue this criminals waged civil WAR against him and maybe forever holding him hostage to a corrupt compromised legal system. They did this to extend his federal supervised release sentence so Brian is not allowed on the internet until the year of 2028 after his probation may or may not be terminated or extended even longer. They have knowingly convicted an innocent man and are HOLDING HIM HOSTAGE (when the judges and/or prosecutors committed crimes to convict innocent people, they are holding those people hostage for political purposes/persecution) to an unlawful criminal conviction in both the State Court (Commonwealth Court) and in the Federal Court. The corrupt U.S. Magistrate Judge labeled Brian as “delusional” anytime he criticizes the federal judiciary or claimed he is innocent of child porn possession, despite evidence proving his innocence. His PSI report said (according to his filed federal affidavit to The White House in his first 2255 case as exhibit supporting his innocence claims, Case 1:13-Cr-OO435-TDS Document 134 Filed 11/14/17 Page 19 to 20 of 99 – Page 212 – Declaration of Innocence for The White House – 01/22/2017) he has no victims (no children were victimized by Brian), the alleged child porn was not of an known series according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) which contradicted the search warrant affidavit by Detective Robert Bridge who now worked for private intelligence computer security for the federal government aka CSIRT and Defense Point Security LLC. He went from a simple patrol officer at a police department, from the ICAC task force, to a federal stooge for the private IT security for government cloud computers. He is essentially part of what may as well be called possibly connected with NEUSTAR if NEUSTAR was ever involved with any of those companies Detective Robert Bridge worked for. Robert Bridge got financially and politically rewarded for the character assassination of Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News. He interviewed a former employee of Lockheed Martin, Elton Crisman Junior. Roger Stone had also pushed for Brian’s conviction to be overturned by full pardon from President Trump but had failed in his bid for this full pardon. WHY would Roger Stone push for such a pardon if Brian were guilty???? Think logically. Roger Stone reviewed over enough federal filings and likely had maybe sanctioned some kind of investigation conducted with enough evidence on court filings for Roger to believe Brian is innocent, just a theory as I am not in contact with Roger Stone but do have the communications where Roger Stone was involved in this.

Anyways, the linked document pdf files below are the corrupt orders from Judge Giles Carter Greer of the City of Martinsville, his Circuit Court of tyranny. When Brian was facing a trial by jury on December 2, 2019, he was going to be forced to legally defend himself at a jury trial which was going to be rigged under his lousy court appointed lawyers who offered no criminal defense to prove Brian’s innocence to the jury. He was rigged to lose. He was going to lose and face up to a year in prison over a class one misdemeanor along with his federal sentence over the exact same charge subject matter. He withdrawn his appeal and then the Judge cracked down on allowing him to prove his innocence afterwards. The Judge did mark out and stricken any notion of Brian pleading guilty to this misdemeanor because Brian said enough in his motion to withdraw appeal alleging that he would face a rigged jury trial from his own words with corrupt lawyers from the City of Martinsville. Brian entered what is known as an Alford Plea because any pro se motions he filed were ignored by Judge Greer, proven by the record of his case files. Brian is being barred from every Court of the Commonwealth of Virginia from being allowed to prove his innocence to a crime that he was innocent of. He was innocent because he was not truthfully medically cleared as charged, and Officer Robert Jones of Martinsville Police Department erroneously believed that Brian was cleared both medically and psychologically. An investigation is pending which is being conducted by a redacted government agency investigating Dr. Brant Hinchman of Sovah Health Martinsville, formerly known as Martinsville Memorial Hospital. Brian’s petition for appeal was denied by a writ panel which included Chief Justice S. Bernard Goodwyn of Virginia’s Supreme Court who was appointed by Tim Kaine who was involved with the Clintons which were also involved with the infamous Jeffrey Epstein.


Judge Greer Order dated Sept. 7, 2022 – PDF Document file, not text searchable
Letter from Brian to Judge Greer requesting clarification on Judge Greer’s order dated Sept. 13, 2022 – PDF Document file, text searchable
Judge Greer Order dated Sept. 13, 2022 – PDF Document file, text searchable

Here are the denied motions where Brian asked to be permanently acquitted for proving innocence.
Redacted motion for judgment of acquittal (PDF Document)
Motion requesting corrupt Commonwealth Attorney Glen Andrew Hall response (PDF Document)
Redacted motion for judgment of acquittal (PDF Document)
Motion requesting corrupt Commonwealth Attorney Glen Andrew Hall response (PDF Document)

Brian D. Hill had appealed both orders and had filed very argumentative NOTICES OF APPEAL where he brought out that this judge violated due process of law by ignored the evidence, ignored the laws, ignored the witnesses, ignored the suspect/culprit, quickly denied the motions, refused to allow the Commonwealth Attorney Glen Andrew Hall an opportunity to respond to Brian’s claims of new evidence proving his innocence.

Those documents above the section JUDGE GREER’S ORDERS SEPTEMBER 2022 are Judge Greer’s two orders and playing the dirty games of not specifying any detials all of the pending motions being denied. This judge tried to make his orders extremely short and not pointing out which of the four pending motions filed on which dates were denied by judge Greer. This is one extremely corrupt judge because he is the only presiding Judge of the Circuit Court for Martinsville. Blackmailing Judge Greer would be all that the deep state would need to do to hold Brian Hill hostage. There are no other judges sitting in the small municipal building courtroom or maybe those judges use the same courtroom at different times, who knows, so if he keeps violating the law, he will get away with it because no other judge is allowed to be made available to take Brian’s criminal case on to be assigned to. Brian asked for recusal but those motions were denied in the past. These local judges are corrupt because they are not obligated to follow the Constitution, they can pretty much do whatever they want. This is judicial tyranny at the local level.

Files of Appeals:
notice-of-app9-19-2022.pdf – 1st NOTICE OF APPEAL
2notice-of-app9-19-2022.pdf – 2nd NOTICE OF APPEAL
xfinity-connect-vaces-efiling-submission-for-commonwealth-of-virginia-et-al-v_-brian-david-hill-has-been-reviewed-and-accepted-printout.pdf ( – VACES submission of 1st NOTICE OF APPEAL
xfinity-connect-vaces-efiling-submission-for-commonwealth-of-virginia-et-al-v_-brian-david-hill-has-been-reviewed-and-accepted-printout2.pdf ( – VACES submission of 2nd NOTICE OF APPEAL
xfinity-connect-re_-martinsville-circuit-court-1st-notice-of-appeal-1st-financial-affidavit-no_-cr19000009-00-commonwealth-of-virginia-et-al-v_-brian-david-hill-printout.pdf ( – Clerk acknowledging receipt of 1st NOTICE OF APPEAL
xfinity-connect-re_-martinsville-circuit-court-2nd-notice-of-appeal-2nd-financial-affidavit-no_-cr19000009-00-commonwealth-of-virginia-et-al-v_-brian-david-hill-printout.pdf ( – Clerk acknowledging receipt of 2nd NOTICE OF APPEAL

It is clear that the Feds want to keep in lockstep with the Circuit Court and Courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is the top priority for them to keep this man convicted forever of his charged crimes. Not let him get out on any mere technicality of constitutional law or any law. Heck disgraced celebrity Bill Cosby a serial rapist got out of his criminal conviction for raping multiple women on a mere legal technicality but Brian has no victims and cannot get out on any technicality because his character must be assassinated by the Deep State. Not let him prove his innocence and if he ever does prove his innocence, well then that must be ignored by the tyrant judges whether state or federal.

Brian called into Pete Santilli’s show since Pete Santilli was a victim of a federal judicial tyranny, political persecution, and has knowledge of NEUSTAR.

Think about it, even Michael Jackson accused of child molestation got out of his charge on reasonable doubt, again on a legal technicality. Yet they are refusing to allow Brian Hill to prove his innocence to any criminal charge waged upon him, calling him a danger to society. See page 5 of SEALED Order for Warrant – #88 in United States v. HILL (M.D.N.C., 1:13-cr-00435) – They called Brian a DANGER TO SOCIETY for having an autistic meltdown while sitting in a damn chair. He never raped anybody, never molested anybody, was never charged with assault, EVER. Calling Brian a danger to society while Jeffrey Epstein was allowed to be free to rape as many teenage girls as possible and prostitute them out to politicians and judges for purposes of blackmail. Oh, Jeffrey Epstein is not considered a danger to the community, but Brian Hill is considered a danger to the community in 2015 for calling Kristy Burton a jerk and an asshole. Yes, Brian’s MAJOR CRIME is his mouth, and what is said out of his mouth. His crimes is criticizing the judges and the judiciary.

Brian knows about NEUSTAR, is aware of this surveillance system which can be used to blackmail state, federal, and local judges. Brian is still in the federal legal phase of requesting a Special Master to review over alleged blackmail sex tapes of judges and officials as alleged by Attorney Lin Wood.

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