Corrupt Virginia State Bar refuses to investigate Glen Andrew Hall for his CRIMES, Commonwealth Attorney of Martinsville can break any law they want without any consequences!!!!!!

See Addendum: ADDENDUM to Corrupt Virginia State Bar refuses to investigate Glen Andrew Hall for his CRIMES, Commonwealth Attorney of Martinsville can break any law they want without any consequences!!!!!! – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

Author: Stanley Bolten

The CORRUPT State Bar of the Supreme Court of Virginia (British Accredited Registry = BAR), refuses to investigate Glen Andrew Hall for his CRIMES in the case of Commonwealth v. Brian David Hill back in September 21, 2018. Brian D. Hill is formerly the reporter of USWGO Alternative News. Glen Andrew Hall is the Commonwealth Attorney for the City of Martinsville and is one of the MOST CORRUPT of government lawyers in our opinion. He deliberately prosecuted a case knowing that it lacked three elements of probable cause of Brian’s criminal charge. One such element was falsely projected that Brian was “medically and psychologically cleared”. After examination and cross examination of witness Officer Robert Jones (Martinsville Police Dept.) in the U.S. District Court, it was revealed that he didn’t know Brian was type 1 brittle diabetic. Officer Jones didn’t know that Brian had OCD which is part of Brian’s autism, didn’t believe Brian even had autism despite doctors letters and DMV handicap placard with doctor’s certification. The officer admitted under oath when he arrested Brian for his alleged charge that he never spoke with the Emergency Room doctor about any of Brian’s medical needs, never subpoenaed for Brian’s medical records, and never verified whether or not Brian was drugged with anything substance or drug whether illegal or legal. The officer had the false belief that Brian was medically and psychologically cleared, but that was a BIG FAT LIE. Brian was diagnosed with unknown psychosis a month after his arrest, and psychosis is a known documented symptom of CARBON MONOXIDE SUFFERERS. The psychosis diagnosis came from Dr. Conrad Daum, a forensic psychiatrist who had worked with Piedmont Community Services in Martinsville, Virginia. This is all entirely documented.

Anyways, that evidence was emailed to the State Bar of Virginia by Brian’s mother, on Brian’s behalf as his advocate and caretaker. Evidence of multiple court orders being violated by the CORRUPT attorney for the Commonwealth of Virginia, Glen Andrew Hall of Martinsville Police Department. This corrupt little RAT, he knew Brian may have been drugged and Brian was clearly not acting right when questioned by Martinsville Police Officer Robert Jones while questioned naked at night while dehydrated (as proven by billing records, dated Sept. 21, 2018), so the body-camera footage was covered up and destroyed. Just look at a photograph of GLEN ANDREW HALL, he looks like a conniving scheming little RAT. Laboratory tests were also covered up and destroyed. The Attorney General’s Office of Virginia is also aware of some if not all of these issues and still has not given their exact position over the matter of whether Brian David Hill should be acquitted or kept convicted, or given a new trial by jury. Likely the Attorney General will oppose any such request for new trial as Brian is being held hostage by both the Circuit Court of Martinsville and is being held hostage by the DisHonorable Thomas David Schroeder a corrupt Chief Judge of the Middle District of North Carolina. Judge Giles Carter Greer refuses to follow any U.S. Supreme Court case law and neither of any Virginia Supreme Court case law regarding a legal right to a new trial upon new evidence not previously able to secure at a past jury trial in a criminal case. If the Attorney General does do the right thing, then it is time to undo the indecent exposure conviction of Brian Hill for the reasonable evidence proving that Brian was not medically cleared if they cannot accept that his legal defense of autism warrants that there was lack of intent necessary, laboratory tests were ordered by the Emergency Room at Sovah Health Martinsville then later covered up to be deleted from the chart. The Attorney General Office will receive a copy of this article asking them for any public comment they would like to give regarding Brian David Hill being innocent and the CORRUPT State Bar of Virginia refusing to punish a corrupt and rotten COMMONWEALTH ATTORNEY GLEN ANDREW HALL. I will say that corrupt man’s name over and over again in this article until everyone understands who is corrupt and committing crimes here.

Here is the letter from the State Bar of Virginia attempting to ignore the evidence and use an old 2020 complaint case filed by Roberta Hill to justify dismissing Brian’s NEW COMPLAINT filed this month with clear and convincing evidence that crimes were being committed by Glen Andrew Hall in the City of Martinsville. Ethics rules were being violated, the evidence clearly proves that. However that was entirely ignored. They refused to even send a letter to the complainant, but instead mails it to his mother ignoring the complainant completely, as if Brian Hill does not exist. What a bunch of corrupt lawyer scumbags who deserves to lose they’re jobs.
Letter from State Bar, dated September 23, 2022 (PDF File)

Here is the evidence links of things emailed to the State Bar of Virginia recently regarding Mr. Hall:


The crimes GLEN ANDREW HALL is suspected of committing are as follows:
1. Spoliation of police body-camera footage of questioning dehydrated naked Brian David Hill at night, not being tested for any drugs or alcohol but was falsely/fraudulently declared medically and psychologically cleared;
2. Spoliation of blood vials obtained from Brian David Hill at Sovah Health Martinsville once known as Martinsville Memorial Hospital in Virginia;
3. Violating three court orders for discovery materials to be turned over to defendant or defendant’s legal counsel;
4. Obstruction of Justice and they lied to Brian’s U.S. Probation Officer about what really happened and distorted the facts to obtain the verdict they wanted;
5. Prosecuted a case and maintained a criminal case which was not backed by probable cause. He was not even cleared from a laboratory testing standpoint. He was diagnosed with psychosis a month after Brian’s arrest, prima facie evidence. Brian told police and the Federal Court that he thought he “may have been drugged” in Document #153. Brian said he was psychologically afraid to sleep in his bed, some of his memories were blacked out, may have been drugged, and sounded kind of paranoid and crazy at the time of his arrest. Yet the doctor refused to conduct laboratory testing for any drugs, narcotics, anything and falsely declared Brian Hill was medically A-OKAY, medically and psychologically cleared, a clean bill of health. However, that was a lie. The case was fraudulently prosecuted or fraudulently being maintained as a wrongful conviction holding this innocent man hostage to an illegal conviction in criminal case. Based on fraud, victim of circumstance, and lies.

Glen Andrew Hall has the right to provide us a comment on his explanation as to why he would do such terrible things to this innocent man, victim of possible drugging, they never cleared him of possibly being drugged or not. It is left up to always a speculation. That was why it is a lie under penalty of perjury by Officer Robert Jones when he lied about Brian being “medically and psychologically cleared” when he was arrested. Officer Jones should be arrested for perjury in both Federal Court and in the Virginia Courts, as well as obstruction of justice.

“The VSB has now re-reviewed your complaint and determined that there is no basis on which we
can proceed…”

Quote from State Bar letter –

The State Bar of Virginia has clearly lied to Roberta Hill and Brian Hill in the letter not even addressed to the complainant. They refused to investigate and even review over the new complaint but claimed to have re-reviewed the older complaint which had nothing to do with the NEW COMPLAINT filed on September 15, 2022. They dismissed the complaint within 9 days including weekends, but is 7 business days. They didn’t even know or acknowledge that the NEW COMPLAINT was filed by Brian David Hill with his signature in the COMPLAINT filing, and that only Roberta Hill was electronically (by email) filing this complaint on behalf of Brian David Hill, the complainant, and is her son. The State Bar completely ignored Brian Hill’s name entirely and acted as though only Roberta Hill filed the complaint without any evidence to back it up. The letter is distortion at best, serious corruption and dereliction of duty at worst. Well it all sounds bad for this corrupt BAR agency. The State BAR is corrupt, they should be arrested, be behind BARS.

“I do not find any evidence from the information you provided that Mr. Hall violated ethics rules…”

Quote from State Bar letter –

Such lies and distortions, did they even read over the actual evidence and proof??? Did they even consider investigating at all before they made such determination????? NOPE!!!!!! A BIG FAT NO!!!! Anything you prove to them is ignored, in one ear and out the other.

The claims they made shown that they never even reviewed over the evidence, or they did and acted as though they did not. Whatever the case may be, they clearly were ignorant in that letter. If Brian violates a single court order, he could face contempt, revocation of state bond status prior to disposition of his state criminal case, he would be back at Martinsville City Jail, and Brian would have faced another federal petition for revocation of supervised release. Yet Glen Hall can violate as many court orders as he wishes, he can break any laws he wants, commit fraud with the U.S. Probation Office providing them with fraudulent information or doctored or skewed information, covered up evidence, and shift the entire case to make Brian appear to be only a pervert and nothing more. However, the evidence does prove more to disprove Mr. Glen A. Hall’s entire narrative, it proved that his criminal defendant was not medically and psychologically cleared. Intent does not matter when that element of proving that Brian’s health was not proven to have been cleared, A-OKAY. Anyways, any evidence proving corruption of Glen Andrew Hall, proving laws broken by Glen Andrew Hall is virtually unreviewable : not reviewable unless the corrupt Giles Carter Greer, Chief Judge of Martinsville’s Circuit Court decides to hold Hall accountable and sanction him for his misconducts. Something tells me this corrupt piece of crap judge will never sanction or punish Mr. Hall for his crimes. HIS CRIMES ARE UNTOUCHABLE. He can commit any crime he wishes and will never be held accountable for any crime he and his flunkies commits. They are essentially above the law. Criminally holding an innocent man hostage to be bent to their political and symbolic raping of this innocent man who is not guilty of his crime.

Was Brian really being prosecuted for indecent exposure for a crime he is not factually guilty of, or was this another set up operation conducted by the deep state Swamp, the CIA????? Martinsville has a Masonic lodge good ole boys club, so you gotta wonder. By wrongfully convicting this innocent man, his criminal history makes Brian appear to be a pervert. Maybe that was their goal, discredit this man forever so that even if he is ever pardoned or acquitted, nobody will ever take this alternative news man seriously again. They tried to assassinate the characters of Millie Weaver and Sharyl Attkisson, independent non-partisan news reporters and journalists. Wreck and destroy their reputations so that the Deep State does not have to get their hands bloody and kill each news reporter. Killing reputations is far easier than killing each political target. They killed the reputation and character of Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News. Has character has now been killed and assassinated, TWICE, by corruption and mockery of justice. They tried to sue Brian for copyright infringement, that didn’t work, so they went for framing Brian as a pervert, even though he is still a virgin.

————————————— UPDATED ENTRY/EVIDENCE —————————————-

See Addendum: ADDENDUM to Corrupt Virginia State Bar refuses to investigate Glen Andrew Hall for his CRIMES, Commonwealth Attorney of Martinsville can break any law they want without any consequences!!!!!! – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

Author: Stanley Bolten

We have further proof against the corrupt State Bar of the Supreme Court of Virginia, being published quickly and files possibly will be put on BitTorrent in case the Government tries to shut them down. We have evidence of phone call recordings proving that Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News left a voicemail with the State Bar of Virginia, and the State Bar agents/attorneys called Brian back at his phone number to confirm receipt of the complaint filed on September 15, 2022. They knew Roberta Hill had only submitted Brian’s complaint on Brian’s behalf since he cannot use the internet. Yet the State Bar in the response letter completely acted as though the complaint was filed by Roberta Hill with no supportive evidence of Glen Andrew Hall violating any rules or committing any crimes. Very deceptive of the State Bar of Virginia. We have proof that they were deceptive in the letter protecting the crimes of Glen Andrew Hall, Esquire. He is a corrupt Commonwealth Attorney, committing crimes in the City of Martinsville. The corrupt State Bar went along with it, lying out of their teeth in their letter to Roberta Hill, completely ignoring the existence of Complainant Brian D. Hill. The phone call recordings came from Brian’s family, and Brian is okay with the phone call recordings being published worldwide on this website and other networks as evidence against the CORRUPT STATE BAR OF VIRGINIA. Time for them to be embarrassed and humiliated that they are now caught up in FELONY-LEVEL CORRUPTION, RACKETEERING, and crimes against Brian David Hill and his entire family. They are committing felonies, the British Accredited Registry (BAR). The BAR Association is a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION and lawyers are licensed by this criminal anti-innocence organization. The Virginia State Bar is a criminal organization, they protect crimes and criminals within their legal professions. They protect their own even when they commit crimes. State Bar is a phony baloney corrupt criminal organization. TIME TO SHUT DOWN THE VIRGINIA STATE BAR FOR CORRUPTION AND RACKETEERING.

Here is the evidence mirrored to at least two platforms and may be submitted to BitTorrent as soon as possible if necessary. The government will never make these disappear, good luck corrupt bureaucrats.

Phone Call Recordings:
OUTGOING PHONE CALL FROM BRIAN DAVID HILL (276-790-****) ( mirror) – 2022/09/15 16:28:53
OUTGOING PHONE CALL FROM BRIAN DAVID HILL (276-790-****) ( mirror) – 2022/09/15 16:28:53
INCOMING PHONE CALL FROM AGENCY VIRGINIA STATE BAR (804-775-0540) ( mirror) – 2022/09/15 16:35:51
INCOMING PHONE CALL FROM AGENCY VIRGINIA STATE BAR (804-775-0540) ( mirror) – 2022/09/15 16:35:51
Brian D. Hill call log – Virginia State Bar Sept. 15, 2022 : Brian D. Hill, phone call recorder : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive – Uploaded by Roberta

You are being exposed CORRUPT STATE BAR OF VIRGINIA, you corrupt criminal protecting organization. You will gladly go after Trump patriots but will never go after corrupt attorneys destroying evidence and convicting innocent people. The State Bar of Virginia will never live it down, you are exposed CORRUPT STATE BAR of Virginia. GO TO HELL, STATE BAR OF VIRGINIA.

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