Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alt. News requests Donald Trump for Affidavits from L. Lin Wood about Evidence of Blackmail of Federal Judges and Politicians

by Laurie Azgard

Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news has faxed Donald Trump and attorney L. Lin Wood requesting affidavits of the blackmail videos obtained by “Lizard Squad” that Lin Wood had tweeted about in January. Brian has requested that Donald Trump authorize an investigation into the blackmail videotapes concerning the Federal Judges and any other person involved in the criminal case against Brian Hill. He says he wants the evidence and is hinting that he will subpoena Lin Wood, Donald Trump, Sidney Powell and General Michael Thomas Flynn if he has to in order to obtain the evidence for his acquittal. Brian demands that he receive any evidence to have himself permanently acquitted of his federal conviction.

Brian isn’t the only one angry at the Supreme Court for helping a serial child pornographer get out of his conviction but wouldn’t help an innocent man face true justice. Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney even said: “We have a corrupt Supreme Court”, so it’s up to us to ac‪t‬. Referring to the Second Amendment or the U.S. Military to intervene in the Judicial corruption and Government corruption..

See the documents:
{2021-02-27} [2].pdf – Transmission ticket which is proof of receipt by fax machines

7th letter president donald john trump lin wood asking for lizard squad blackmail videotapes3

What Brian was saying was that he would not want the actual snuff videos because he doesn’t want that filth but wants affidavits and he wants investigators including law enforcement to provide to him any affidavits about whether the above named individuals were targets of blackmail videotapes by the intelligence agencies of the U.S. Government. Brian says he is willing to be murdered to prove his “factual innocence” for his criminal case. Brian has been desperate for acquittal since Roger Stone had failed to have President Trump pardon Brian.

Brian’s family had taken screenshots of L. Lin Wood’s tweets before they were censored by Twitter. Brian apparently had those screenshots of those tweets. I don’t know if those screenshots were faxed to his Probation Officer but Brian had informed his Probation Officer of what L. Lin Wood had said about judges and politicians being blackmailed with child rape and murder., and that was why Brian had failed all of his Federal appeals. Brian demands justice once and for all, no matter the cost.

Brian is still upset from the wording of his letter, that he was wrongfully convicted and that Donald Trump failed to pardon him.

Now Brian is asking for the named individuals to be investigated as to whether any of them were targets of blackmail [copied from letter]:

● Philip Edward Berger Senior, NC State Senator and President Pro Tempore
● Philip Edward Berger Junior, former Rockingham County District Attorney
● Federal Judge William Lindsey Osteen Junior, Middle Dist. North Carolina
● Federal Judge Thomas David Schroeder, Middle Dist. North Carolina
● SBI Agent Rodney V. White
● NC Reidsville Detective Robert Bridge
● Any or All listed Federal Appellate Court Judges of the Fourth Circuit U.S. Court
of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia.
● Charles J. Caruso, Mayodan Police Chief
● Christopher Todd Brim, Detective Sergeant, Mayodan Police
● Attorney Mark Jones, Bell Davis and Pitt law firm
● Assistant Federal Public Defender Eric David Placke or Allen Louis III the
Federal Public defender at that time in 2014
● John Scott Coalter, Greensboro, NC Attorney

Brian wants the information “ASAP” from his letter as Brian is getting tired of feeling hopeless and depressed. Brian is asking that either he gets this information or he will subpoena even Donald Trump, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and even General Flynn. Brian said that he is willing to end up dead in his never-ending battle to prove his actual innocence to his charge and wrongful conviction. Brian wants to beat the corrupt Feds. Brian is tired of people calling him a pedophile when he is a virgin and had clear and convincing evidence of being set up and any good lawyer could have beat the Jury Trial had Brian clearly been given one in 2014. Brian had a horrible court appointed lawyer and that horrible lawyer had him take a guilty plea agreement for a prison sentence of time already served but up to ten years of supervised release. It sounds like Brian didn’t want supervised release but instead wanted his acquittal and his lawyer Eric David Placke and John Scott Coalter had both failed him.

Donald Trump, please just authorize Attorney L. Lin Wood or authorize Sidney
Powell or General Flynn to conduct a special counsel investigation into whether any
individuals directly involved with my Federal Criminal Case and SBI and local
Police investigation into my case were ever involved with child rape and murder
and being forced to do so at gunpoint and blackmail videos were created and stored
by the Intelligence Agencies as Attorney L. Lin Wood had claimed. It’s evidence.

Page 5 of Brian’s letter

I am willing to do whatever it takes to prove my innocence, I don’t care
what political enemies I make anymore. I almost killed myself in 2013 because of this
crap and I am willing to fight to the death to prove my innocence, I am willing to be shot
at, assassinated, poisoned. I am willing to risk being murdered if it will prove my
ACTUAL INNOCENCE. I have nothing left because the corrupt Pedophile-run
Supreme Court threw out my lawyer’s Petition. That same Court gave leniency to a
convicted serial child pornographer and they overturned his conviction on not being
given a jury trial, but that same Court did not feel that I had the right to a jury trial. What
a double standard. Andre Ralph Haymond, a SERIAL CHILD PORNOGRAPHER who
loves child porn and the photograph of him that I saw when my family looked him up,
he looked almost as happy as a Pig in crap. Yet I was not given any relief by SCOTUS
when I have shown my actual innocence. They don’t care and try to throw out my cases
on any technicality they can come up with and even contradict the case laws of
SCOTUS. They aren’t doing this to be moral with me because of my criminal charge and
it’s subject matter. They gave leniency to a SERIAL PEDOPHILE named Andre Ralph
Haymond but they will not give leniency to an innocent man who was indeed deprived
of a jury trial during the Supervised Release Revocation trial.

Pages 5 to 6 of Brian’s letter

I am willing to do whatever it takes to get a lawyer involved and I will
subpoena L. Lin Wood, for somebody in law enforcement or authorized under Law
to review over the blackmail videotapes and determine if any of the Federal Judges
or Government people were ever being blackmailed and whether it had influence
over the proceedings of my Federal Criminal Case. I will not sit on the Registry for a
crime that I am innocent of, FACTUALLY INNOCENT of. Like I said, I am willing to
risk my life, I am willing to make enemies and stir up hornets nests if that is what it
takes to take my Liberty back from the Corrupt Feds.

Page 6 of Brian’s letter

Sounds like Brian is sick and tired of serving his Probation and wants his entire sentence anulled. Brian is willing to die to have his criminal sentence nullified. Brian is angry that Joe Biden the “pedophile in chief” is the President and that the Swamp is not drained. Brian is sick and tired of his conditions and is demanding evidence now that he kept relying on Donald Trump to fix the “Federal Judicial Corruption” as Brian has been talking about but it has failed, the corruption is still in our Federal Courts. At least a witness has come forth and contacted this blog who is telling us how corrupt the “fourth circuit” and “Middle district of North Carolina” is. Sounds like Brian is angry as hell and cannot take it anymore. He is demanding results.

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