Open letter to Lt. General Michael T. Flynn and #DigitalSoldiers – Dated November 1, 2020

by Laurie Azgard – Letter typed up around December 1, 2020, but WordPress servers may report it as December 2, 2020

CC: Attorney Sidney Powell, asking that she forward this open letter to her client General Flynn.

Note from Stanley 12-2-2020-3:13AM: General Flynn filed an affidavit of his innocence, so has Brian except well he filed declarations and notarized affidavits about being innocent. So Brian has filed multiple affidavits and declarations about his innocence to his federal charge and the Federal Courts ignore his affidavits and ignore the evidence in his 2255. This is worse than what happened to you General Flynn.

Dear Lt. General Michael T. Flynn,

I humbly ask for the Digital Solders and your help in asking for protection of a potential witness of political corruption, judicial corruption, DOJ corruption, FBI corruption, and local municipalities corruption. Please protect former alternative news reporter Brian David Hill, also known as Brian D. Hill. He is formerly the alternative media journalist of USWGO alternative news. He had done a lot in fighting the deep state new world order tyranny and deserves a reprieve, he deserves protection not being constantly targeted and constant attacks at him by the corrupt judiciary.

Brian has been an ally to QAnon and to the Digital Solders by the work he had done from 2009 to 2012, and for his continued battle with the thoroughly corrupt legal systems. Brian has exposed a lot and has continued to expose a lot except now his battle is in exposing corrupt federal judges and tyrants, corrupt crime committing federal prosecutors, corrupt city officials in his own city, and other corrupt criminal activities that have negatively affected Brian’s quality of life since 2012. He cannot last much longer and will likely die of health deterioration. Brian’s health will continue to decay and the deep state swamp may gun for his life and arrest him again or even kill him and his entire family. This we fear but we continue praying to God and Jesus that this does not happen to somebody with Autism who only simply wanted to fight the new world order agenda out of his own personal suffering and thought that he had served righteousness by fighting the deep state new world order for all of these years.

Here are the facts that I lay for you and the American people for this open letter to General Flynn. In fact we are doing the exact same thing that General Flynn does when he writes open letters to the American people, and we feel that open letters have a better chance at being read by General Flynn or even by the #digitalSoldiers that General Flynn is working with to peacefully and constitutionally help Donald Trump drain the swamp and restore the great republic of the United States of America, so help us God.

Brian D. Hill was an alternative newsman from 2009 to 2012, and the evidence of such is within the Internet-archive’s wayback machine. He was sued by Righthaven LLC and even the “Reporters without Borders” came to his aid in fear that Righthaven would cause his alternative media website blog to permanently shut down which would create a chilling affect out of Stockholm syndrome. Brian revealed on in 2011 that they had ties to the Obamas and a billionaire group that has the power to financially influence both sides of the Presidential elections. Brian was finding this evidence in places like a New York times article on the Stephens group. Brian was finding evidence of corruption and revealing it even back in 2011. The case was dismissed with prejudice and Brian had won that battle and had revealed a similar but sounds like the very same settlement agreement that had caused Alex Jones of to shut up and not defend the other lawsuit victims. Brian never gave in even at risk of possibly his own defense lawyer walking out on him, but David Kerr put up with Brian’s persistent tough stance against Righthaven and fought his case to the very end. Brian had overtaken Alex Jones in 2011. Revived his website back then according to the

Brian’s website was back on it’s feet and Brian continued doing what he could despite his Autism, obsessive compulsive disorder, and type one brittle diabetes limiting his ability to do any kind of work or labor. Brian continued writing articles and some were syndicated at one of the more popular alternative media websites. See articles [1] NC Sen. Phil Berger & Rep. Bert Jones still haven’t responded to Nullify-NDAA Petition; [2] Founder of was a former director of the Dallas Federal Reserve; [3] Founder of was a former director of the Dallas Federal Reserve; and [4] FOIA Documents: DHS Monitored Opposition to ‘See Something, Say Something’ Program; and uswgo was referenced in: [5] Coast to Coast AM at its best: Alex Jones and a banking fraud special.

Brian had interviewed some good people in his attempt to try to compete with and other alternative media outlets. The real world of media can be very cutthroat.

Brian D. Hill with former U.S. presidential candidate Virgil H. Goode, the same Goode who worked with Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign people in Virginia. May 2012
Brian D. Hill with Alex Jones of infowars and Stewart Rhodes of oath keepers in June 2012
Brian D. Hill with former journalist Jim Tucker who wrote for the Spotlight newspaper which became the American-free-press. 2011 photo
Brian even interviewed Dr. Michael Coffman in 2012 in this youtube video over skype. Brian tried to present this interview testimony to the Mayodan town council in North Carolina to persuade them back then to resist Agenda-21 ICLEI.
Brian’s website was quite popular in 2012, even with the U.S. Military and U.S. Government. Military accessed 6,821 files and their hits on his website was 6,867. U.S. Government reportedly accessed files at 6,522 and hits was metered at 6,820 hits. U.S. Military and Government were both in the top 30 hits with his website.

In fact Brian even interviewed somebody who worked on the stealth plane and has some kind of engineer or even military connections type of background. Meet Elton Krisman Junior.

He was even asked about Area 51 and his response was the usual: “No comment”. Very interesting response from somebody involved with the Stealth airplane and bomber.

Brian was set up and framed, his life was ruined and ever since then he keeps being arrested and over again. The arrests that continue to happen even when a particular supervised release charge was based upon fraud or an Autistic behavior misconstrued as a threatening gesture. Brian tried to warn people including American livewire before they would arrest him and permanently attempt to prohibit him from using the internet again. They wanted him destroyed and used fraud and evidence tampering to do it.

See: U.S. Judge Adolf Schroeder throws out all FRAUDS UPON THE COURT as meritless, frivolous, in North Carolina – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

See: USWGO News Brian D. Hill files FINAL motion compelling Federal Judge to overturn conviction and the Probation Violations for FRAUD – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

See: WRC EXCLUSIVE: Alternative Media Writer Brian D. Hill Setup On Child Pornography Possession: | We Are Change

See: ActivistPost website hacked in 2019, told reporter not to cover the Federal Court corruption involving Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

Brian has been attacked by the deep state swamp one after another.

In 2016 and 2017, Brian and his mother kept having car break problems where the breaks kept going out even after being repaired at the auto shop and being repaired multiple times. T may have been an attempt to, you know, cause a car accident to kill Brian and his mother for good and end Brian for good.

In October or November, 2017, Brian and his mother’s apartments home were subject to months and almost a year of constant carbon monoxide gas poisoning.

The Martinsville Police Department of course acted funny and started doing corrupt things that even one officer would acknowledge under oath is quite unlike them to be doing this against Brian. Like Officer Robert Jones claimed that they normally do a certain procedure and he may either be referring to the fact that laboratory tests were normally done or that the Police Department normally subpoenas the medical records as part of the criminal investigation process, but evidence later surfaced that they did not do any of their normal usual procedures and charged Brian with indecent exposure within a few hours which is rarely any time needed to thoroughly investigate Brian’s claims or even check if he was even medically cleared by all testing that should have been done. Brian brought up about this Police Department’s failure to do any of their jobs in oral argument with the Supreme Court of Virginia, on record. Why would Martinsville Police Department do something so outright outrageously and openly corrupt when they know the consequences in messing with the Feds with evidence destruction and obstruction of justice?????? We have only one answer, it is again the deep state swamp aka corrupt elements within the CIA may have threatened police chief G. E. Cassady or threatened the officers to influence the criminal investigation or simply shut the case down quickly and just charge Brian with the crime without thoroughly investigating the evidence and talking with all the witnesses. They did none of that.

See article: Was Brian D. Hill of USWGO news a target of the CIA?????? – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News


To Lt. General Michael Flynn and all digital soldiers: This sounds like the CIA type of tactics. Making threatening anonymous letters or greeting cards and then telling their targets that they are being made “sick” and that “sickness is horrible” likely referring to the carbon monoxide poisoning attempt that didn’t just made Brian freak out and get charged with indecent exposure, that attempt may have slowly killed Brian D. Hill and his mother Roberta Hill. Prior knowledge of poisoning attempt is a serious felony and should have been thoroughly investigated by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation but they keep refusing to investigate anything Brian mailed and faxed them.

They may try to imprison Brian and/or attempt to again try to kill Brian and his entire family.

We created this open letter to you LTG General Michael Thomas Flynn and to the digital soldiers because we fear they may arrest Brian for good and stick him in some prison somewhere or simply diesel Brian to death. They may torture him and kill him and his entire family. The deep state is getting more and more desperate, trying to corrupt Martinsville Police, trying to corrupt Glen Andrew Hall, trying to corrupt the circuit court judge Giles Carter Greer. Criminals are being activated in his local area of Virginia to go to WAR against Brian D. Hill and his family. They may kill Brian and his family, secretly arrest and torture Brian David Hill because Brian will not stop fighting and will not shut his mouth.

Military needs to be activated to protect Brian D. Hill fro these CIA sanctioned deep state threats against Brian, they are coming after Brian and his family. In late August after Brian started telling people that the CIA is the people trying to target him and his family, he got a mysterious sickness in August that caused lung pain and abdomen pain. So they are on the move to come after Brian and make sure that every federal judge works against him and his family. Brian is using everything he can to survive these attacks that are coming at him nonstop. Brian is even under demon attacks.

The patriots and intelligence of the patriots need to mobilize to protect Brian from this deep state corruption and fusion centers and whatever else the local corrupt governments are using to target Brian and his family.

Brian needs to be protected while he fights for a Presidential full unconditional pardon for his actual innocence. Brian is still trying to fight the right way in the corrupt federal courts and corrupt municipal court in Martinsville. Who knows who many judges are being blackmailed, threatened, or even bribed? When over 5 judges all work against Brian together, from different arenas, they are mobilized to get Brian and his entire family. They may arrest Brian or even kill him. Especially of Joe Biden steals the Presidency. We see a skip in courtlistener which shows a sealed court document Number 2. Usually when there is a document skip, they may have a secret arrest warrant or supervised release revocation waiting for him to try to imprison Brian again. They already got away with doctoring transcripts against Brian, and falsifying evidence against Brian. So why not does the corrupt deep state make their next attempt to arrest him and then diesel engine Brian to death in a US Marshals vehicle then claim it was suicide or medical neglect instead of murder????

There may be a secret arrest warrant petition being lodged against Brian just like with Kristy L. Burton under Document no. 88 in 2015. All of this after the declaration that Joe Biden is the winner of the 2020 Presidential elections. They have a lust to repeatedly arrest and come after Brian and send weird greeting cards to his family and they probably want them dead. They have a lust to have Brian kill himself or be repeatedly arrested over and over again. They already arrested him three times over falsified evidence being used against him which is obstruction of justice by the corrupt Feds, why not make it 30 times? why not just diesel engine Brian?

It is clear that whoever is targeting Brian and his family, whether it is a team of deep staters, whether or not it is by demons and luciferians, they need to stop committing crimes to target Brian D. Hill. THIS NEEDS TO STOP LTG Flynn. General Flynn and the digital soldiers, this man is not a danger to society, he has Autism and OCD, he cleans himself all the time. Why would he ever do any horrible crimes at all? He is 30 years old and his only charges he ever received is based upon the prosecutorial perpetauted frauds upon the court and his Autistic behaviors being used against him.

We need your help General Flynn, you been pardoned fully so you know where the bodies are buried politically not literally. You were the former Defense Intelligence Agency director. You know who Brian D. Hill is what he represents, the U.S. Military kept visiting in 2012 before Brian was set up and arrested. We need your help General Flynn and the digital soldiers, we need the help of patriots to protect Brian from any further criminal attacks and demon attacks. Please pray for him General Flynn, we need all the help we can get, please help us General Flynn. Where We Go One We Go All.

Very truly yours,
Laurie Azgard
Writer of blog

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