AUDIO: Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News begs for a full pardon NOW

by Laurie Azgard

Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news had recorded an audio file and had his family send us the audio file where Brian is having to contact Roger Stone and General Flynn, and even the President’s son Eric Trump to try to receive a full unconditional pardon. Brian says he cannot fight the New World Order unless he is fully pardoned. He used to fight the New World Order when he ran and operated USWGO alternative news at Brian says he is willing to cooperate with the U.S. military to speak before a military tribunal if necessary.

Brian fears that Joe Biden will steal the election and in that case ever coming, Brian’s emergency audio message to President Trump is saying that a pedophile child molester puppet of the Deep State will never pardon Brian if he becomes President. Brian is now practically begging President Trump for a full unconditional pardon before the end of his term. This also goes along with our “OPEN LETTER” to Lt. General Michael Thomas Flynn asking him for help. Brian’s urgent speech to President Trump should be chilling for all of us how he has proven his innocence and that he is indeed a victim of judicial corruption by the DisHonorable federal judge Thomas David Schroeder. Brian said that the Deep State runs our courts and he will never be acquitted if Trump is unable to drain the swamp. What happened to Brian can happen to any of us. If a pedophile becomes our sitting U.S. President in 2021, I’m afraid that there will be a barrage war on American journalists such as them being set up with child pornography files, and many may become what happened to Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news. I am warning you all, every American who reads this article that if you allow Brian to go down with being framed with child porn and don’t even care, The feds will do it to more people, the CIA will do it to more people, it will happen to more people because of the lack of empathy from the American people as they let a hardcore pedophile become the next President of the United States.

Here is the link to the file and the soundcloud links:

Brian D. Hill should be pardoned as the U.S. attorney never contested any of those motions for sanctions to vacate all fraudulent begotten judgments favorable to the Government. Usually those motions should have been granted in normal course as a matter of law. The Government had 21 days to respond and after 21 days with no response they have waived their right to contest and object and therefore the motion and all its evidence and cited evidence are facts and have merit. This corrupt judge denied all motions on a mere technicality of not filing through a proper statute with a strict statute of limitations under the Anti-Terrorism-and-effective-Death-Penalty-Act [when various courts all ruled that fraud cannot be subject to a statute of limitations] when the Supreme Court had ruled that all federal courts have an inherit powers to vacate fraudulent begotten judgments in any case at any time. There is also a Supreme Court case under Hazel-Atlas Glass Co. v Hartford-Empire Co., 322 U.S. 238 (1944). The courts have failed Brian for the last time like they did with political enemies such as General Michael Flynn and Roger Stone. The courts cannot give Brian justice under its current corrupt judicial model. Brian must be pardoned NOW to show the corrupt CIA and the Deep State that planting child porn on people is meaningless, unacceptable and should never be allowed by anybody in a position of authority.

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