The campaign to IMPEACH federal Judge Thomas David Schroeder for high crimes and misdemeanors

by Laurie Azgard

The campaign has now begun to impeach the United States district judge Thomas David Schroeder for high crimes and misdemeanors. A petition has been set up asking Congress to impeach Judge Schroeder.

The report was just issued to all staff members of both the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. Based upon the conduct of this judge in the criminal case of United States v. Brian David Hill.

quote from email to all staff members of Congress:

All members of U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate,
United States district judge Thomas David Schroeder, middle district of North Carolina should face impeachment for the following reasons:

Unlawful usurpation of power and attempting to undo matters set before the United States court of appeals for the fourth circuit, as well as undoing the supreme court precedent. See research legal documents cited herein.
Partiality and refusal to recuse himself while making legally innocent criminal defendants suffer maximum penalties while ignoring evidence, ignoring case law, and ignoring fraud(s) upon the court.
Wanton collusion with criminal behavior of Anand Prakash Ramaswamy the asst. US attorney to defraud the court, destroy any integrity that the federal court had left. Anand Prakash Ramaswamy destroyed evidence, subornation of perjury, and had been colluding with Thomas David Schroeder to further destroy or cover up evidence and doctor an official court transcript to omit any information favorable against the wishes of Ramaswamy.
Any potential behind the scenes corruption that needs to be thoroughly investigated. Investigation should look for any unexplained surges in bank account funds which could be hint of a payoff, the phone records between the federal judge Thomas David Schroeder and anybody who may or may not be involved in any federal cases that he is assigned to as a judicial officer. Investigations should also include any bribery, threats, or anything else that would damage any impartiality of this judge.

This judge has done more damage to the integrity, honesty, and credibility of the entire federal court throughout the middle district of North Carolina, than a corrupt assistant US attorney who has fabricated evidence or fabricated facts, defrauding the court. This judge conducts no hearings over the matter of fraud, even though a lot of evidence was filed, and cited from the record proving fraud. Evidence disproved the US attorney’s claims and showed that the defendant was legally innocent and yet the judge continues going on a tirade. Even the attorney Edward Kennedy stated in multiple briefs that the Judge slept on the issue of right to a jury trial for supervised released revocation proceedings despite the U.S. supreme court case last year before the hearing. The judge ignores case law, ignores legal innocence, and ignores evidence of fraud upon the court. The U.S. court of appeals has taken no action on this judge as of yet despite six consecutive appeals in a single federal criminal case. Why so many consecutive appeals over a single federal case? when normally there is usually only one federal appeal as the judge respects a higher court and would normally wait for a decision and would respect the boundaries of the higher courts. Thomas David Schroeder has disregarded the boundaries of the writ of mandamus and the two other consecutive appeals and dismissed an entire case in favor of the criminal Ramaswamy while two to three appeals incl. mandamus were tied to the very case that the district judge had simply dismissed. He dismissed it on new years eve of 2019 while everyone was partying in Times Square. Thomas Schroeder is a traitor to the US constitution and has over-exceeded his mandate, his boundaries, and has exhibited himself as a SYMPATHIZER OF THE DEEP STATE SWAMP and is a TRAITOR. Investigations need to be conducted, charges need to be filed against this judge as an impeachable offense of high crimes and misdemeanors. Obstruction of justice or colluding with the assistant US attorney Anand Prakash Ramaswamy engaging in subornation of perjury and obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense. A judge that colludes with the officer who has defrauded the court, submitted false facts before the court, and has repeatedly attempted to imprison an innocent man not once but more than twice.

Thomas David Schroeder is guilty of one or more impeachable offenses. Please investigate and impeach this judge from the bench, so that Donald John Trump, the honorable US President can appoint a new federal judge for the middle district of North Carolina who respects the US supreme court, respects the higher courts, and respects the constitution of the United States.

Research legal documents for investigation:
Listed as links in this email
19-7756 case is in regards to possibly doctored transcript.
20-Dec-2019 05:26
19-2338 – Writ of mandamus on judge refusing to take any action on motions for sanctions over the matter of fraud(s) upon the court.
01-Dec-2019 06:55
03-Dec-2019 06:31
20-6034 another case of judicial corruption at the district court level.
05-Feb-2020 04:45
05-Feb-2020 04:45
All articles tracking the corruption of this case is at
They did this kind of corrupt criminal behavior against Brian Hill, they can and will do this to anybody whether or not their was a political motivation for it.

Laurie Azgard

The impeachment report has been created and distributed to all important people. THIS IS A WARNING TO JUDGE SCHROEDER. To STOP acting corrupt and stop protecting the corrupt. Stop protecting the wicked or face the consequences of the crimes that Schroeder is protecting.

Where We Go One, We Go All! (WWG1WGA) – Qanon

Nobody in the federal judiciary is entitled and can do whatever they want anymore. Things are going to change. What they did to Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News was one of a sea of cases of judicial corruption and legal terrorism. Whether the average people believe Brian is guilty or innocent, he is entitled the right to a fair trial, effective counsel, the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. The founding fathers of this county including Thomas Jefferson and George Washington would never support a corrupt out-of-control judiciary. One federal judge is not above the law. This is a warning to Thomas David Schroeder. Your corruption will be used as evidence for your impeachment. Shape up and follow the Constitution or by legal means will be removed from office.

Military wasn’t contacted for nothing. Congress wasn’t contacted for nothing. I ain’t risking my neck for playing games here. This is reality. Donald John Trump is draining the swamp, he is cleaning house. WWG1WGA

Campaign to impeach Judge Schroeder

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