LEAK: Roger Stone pushed Brian D. Hill’s innocence Affidavit to White House attempting FULL PARDON before President Trump left office in 2021 #truth – Pardon was never issued because of January 6 which shifted White House focus

Author: Stanley Bolten

The leak has come in, originally emailed to Tracy Beanz of UncoverDC, attorney Lin Wood, and Mike Lindell the MyPillow guy. Time to reveal that Brian D. Hill, formerly USWGO Alternative News, had given enough evidence of his actual innocence to Roger Stone in secret communication with him that he felt factually convinced of Brian Hill’s innocence to his charged crime to try having President Donald Trump fully grant Brian a pardon to relieve him of his wrongful conviction. If Brian had been pardoned, he wouldn’t be under so much attacks by corrupt blackmailed compromised pedophile federal judges.

We are not mad at Roger Stone for failing to have Brian fully pardoned. That happened because of January 6 incident, which caused the U.S. President Trump to shift focus from investigating Brian Hill’s criminal case and the proven DOJ corruption (Ramaswamy is a corrupt DEMON) to focus on the aftermath of the January 6th 2021 incident. We blame January 6 for why Roger Stone failed. God bless Roger Stone for at least trying to have Brian fully pardoned. He is a good person and this leak is only to prove that Brian David Hill = Innocent. Brian is innocent and needs the support of the MAGA crowd, the Trump Train, anybody who advocates for true American justice of those who are a victim of the corrupt Barack Obama DOJ, FBI, and the CIA, NSA, deep state. Obama is still in charge through Joe Biden. O’Biden, Obama is in control here. We are not leaking to be mean, this is being leaked because many still want to assume Brian Hill is guilty of his federal criminal conviction. No, he is not guilty, he was given a bad public defender named Eric David Placke who has a history of guilty verdicts, and plea agreements. Brian was clearly given a bad lawyer who only wanted a plea agreement or guilty verdict. Brian is not guilty, they took advantage of his autism and threatened to come after his own mother and probably plant files on her seized computer if Brian didn’t falsely confess. His confession is false because his mother would have been federally charged and arrested. Roberta Hill is not guilty either. It was Robert Bridge the corrupt detective and corrupt local Police from the Town of Mayodan. Brian would have no mother if he didn’t falsely confess. Roger Stone knew enough that Brian Hill was not who the Feds claimed he was, who the Feds portrayed him to be. What does it take, leaking photos of the State Bureau of Investigation report case files online to prove his innocence??? How many leaks should we make before the general public of American patriots will consider Brian innocent of his crime as charged??? Brian is innocent.

Here are the emails to the patriot advocates about the leaked Roger Stone communications. Since Trump may never get back in office with all of the election fraud, it is time to expose the illegitimate Federal Court System so that we can dismantle the corrupt Federal Courts, alter the corrupt Federal Courts, or abolish them. We need new Federal Courts and must dismantle only the corrupt ones. Brian David Hill = Innocence.
Proof of Roger Stone supported acquittal of Brian D. Hill USWGO Alternative News.pdf – Email with 20 screenshots of communications between Brian Hill and Roger Stone between December, 2020, when Roger Stone was pardoned, and then February 24, 2021, after Donald Trump failed to pardon Brian Hill.
Re Proof of Roger Stone supported acquittal of Brian D. Hill USWGO Alternative News.pdf – Email with the PDF files Roger Stone received my Brian David Hill being innocent of his federal conviction and alleging evidence of judicial corruption of DisHonorable Thomas David Schroeder, DisHonorable William Lindsey Osteen Junior, and DisHonorable Joe Webster Magistrate Judge for the Middle District of North Carolina.

Here are the leaked screenshots. Also uploaded at Internet Archive.

PDF files Roger Stone received in December, 2020:
1-ocr-letter-declaration-affidavit-President-Trump-uswgo-brian-d-hill-judicial-held-hostage-request-relief.pdf – Transmitted to Roger Stone on December 29, 2020.
2-ocr-letter-declaration-affidavit-President-Trump-uswgo-brian-d-hill-judicial-held-hostage-request-relief-2.pdf – Transmitted to Roger Stone on December 29, 2020.

1st message communication screenshot
2nd message communication screenshot
3rd message communication screenshot
4th message communication screenshot
5th message communication screenshot
6th message communication screenshot
7th message communication screenshot
8th message communication screenshot
9th message communication screenshot
10th message communication screenshot
11th message communication screenshot
12th message communication screenshot
13th message communication screenshot
14th message communication screenshot
15th message communication screenshot
16th message communication screenshot
17th message communication screenshot
18th message communication screenshot
19th message communication screenshot
20th message communication screenshot

God bless you, Roger Stone. You tried and failed, but you tried your best. Your a great American patriot. I hope one day Brian David Hill will be acquitted and get his life back in order. Hopefully Brian will never kill himself. Brian still has a battle he can win against the corrupt Federal Judges thugs and the U.S Marshals following the orders of the thug judges. Judge Schroeder is a THUG, Judge William Osteen Junior is a THUG, and Joe Webster is a THUG. They are all FEDERAL THUGS. THUG JUDGES, that is what they are, they can throw temper tantrums all day for me calling them a bunch of criminals, liars, frauds, wearing black occult robes. They are thugs, they are not honorable. Lying in Federal Court records is not honorable. Depriving a poor man of justice and due process is not honorable. It is dishonorable and JESUS CHRIST NEEDS TO SMITE JUDGE SCHROEDER, JESUS CHRIST NEEDS TO SMITE JUDGE OSTEEN, AND JESUS CHRIST NEEDS TO SMITE JUDGE JOE WEBSTER. SMITE THEM ALL.

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