Appeal brief filed in U.S. Appeals Court; Challenging Adolf U.S. Judge Schroeder’s claim of “meritless” and ignoring the Law

by Laurie Azgard

Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news had filed an appeal brief in his federal criminal case, challenging U.S. District Court tyrant judge Adolf Thomas David Schroeder claiming that all affidavits, witnesses, evidence, and testimony in support of Brian’s claims of fraud upon the court against AUSA Ramaswamy are all “meritless”. How are all affidavits, evidence, and witnesses without cross examination meritless????

The attacks against Brian and his entire family cannot be coincidental, the corrupt NAZI-type-tyrant U.S. Court of Appeals judges, and the constant lying and backlashes by U.S. Chief Judge Thomas David Schroeder for the “Middle District of North Carolina” cannot just be some judge disagreeing with Brian. The escalated attacks and threats against Brian and his family going on behind-the-scenes have caused such a need to request enlistment of help from the Digital Soldiers including TracyBeanz and General Flynn. More things have happened which this campaign will not get into at this time but the Deep State Swamp is definitely sending very scary messages to Brian and his mother. If Brian is mysteriously murdered or arrested, the Digital Soldiers need to be there to investigate it or prevent it from happening. This has CIA type operations written all over it, whether it be NSA or CIA, it is Deep State dirty tactics.

Appeal backup mirror

The brief raises very important and substantial legal issues concerning what this tyrant federal judge Thomas David Schroeder had done.

Adolf Thomas Schroeder Hitler image justice for uswgo campaign-main2
Click the image to go to the article about what Adolf Thomas David Schroeder had done. He may think he is a dictator of the Winston-Salem federal courthouse but he is not above the law, he is not above the Constitution.

The issues being raised are that Brian was entitled to vacatur of all fraudulent begotten judgments as a matter of law. Judge misappropriated or misapplied the motions for sanctions as an attempt to circumvent going through the 2255 motion process. However those motions were filed in the 2255 case which isn’t blocked by any rule or past ruling. The local rule 7.3 said that any motion that doesn’t have a brief included may fail on procedural grounds, and that any properly filed motion and brief non responded to within 21 days after filing waives the U.S. Government’s or any party’s right to contest the motion. Once a motion is considered uncontested, it should normally be granted without notice. This judge denied all relief that should have been afford to Brian D. Hill as a matter of law as part of every federal court’s inherit powers under the Constitution and the “All Writs Act” which had became law in the year 1789. That law also empowers federal courts to take actions upon its own record without needing any additional act of Congress. If fraud had been perpetuated upon its record, then any aggrieved party may file a motion showing evidence of the fraud that they believe was perpetuated upon its record. If the judge believes fraud had been perpetuated upon its record, the judge may overturn any or all successful judgments or orders that was created by the usage of fraud.

In Brian’s case, he filed multiple motions claiming fraud and not a single one of them was ever contested by assistant U.S. attorney Anand Prakash Ramaswamy, in the “Middle District of North Carolina”. Brian had also asked the federal Judge Urbanski of Roanoke, Virginia to make a ruling on the fraudulent violation of supervised release. If Judge Urbanski makes any opinion contrary to Adolf Judge Schroeder, this will give Brian a better chance at winning on appeal in the fourth circuit despite the corrupt appellate judges. Even they may be forced to abandon their constant protection of Judge Schroeder’s corrupt rulings or they may all face impeachment or arrest by the U.S. Military to face a military tribunal for high treason. Brian may even receive a full unconditional pardon from President Trump if the U.S. President believes that Brian will never face any fair trial or fair hearing under this corrupt federal judge and was entirely a victim of judicial corruption from the very beginning of his criminal charge.

Brian also argued that the court has repeatedly ignored evidence and case law.

Brian is fully prepared to speak before the U.S. Supreme Court and push for ending the fraudulent begotten judgments once and for all and end his wrongful conviction, fraudulent begotten supervised release violations. Brian already spoke before the Supreme Court of Virginia orally on December 1, 2020, to explain to them why he should prevail in his state writ of habeas corpus on the ground of actual innocence. The appeal brief and reply can be found at this article: Brian D. Hill of USWGO news may be first to speak before oral argument in Virginia Supreme Court on his Actual Innocence in State Criminal Case.

If Brian prevails in any court other than the one where Adolf Judge Thomas Schroeder is seated at the bench, Brian can use any of that to destroy the credibility of this corrupt federal judge and push for his impeachment without fear of a contempt charge. This judge however has no credibility when he already ignores evidence, allowing doctoring of official court transcripts, and ignoring of any credible witnesses. This judge had also blocked Brian’s court appointed lawyers from asking for any expert witnesses to be funded by the U.S. Government. Judge Schroeder is pure evil, he is a tyrant beyond imagining. He doesn’t care about justice, he only wants convictions and guilty verdicts or guilty pleas. Nobody id safe under this corrupt judge. He needs to be impeached at once. This is not the kind of federal judge that American wants or needs for true justice. He clogs up our appellate courts with his fiddle-faddle. He is a judicial activist tyrant and not even of a good kind. His perceived morality will led to people like Lt. General Michael Thomas Flynn going to federal prison. This judge could care less about innocent people being ensnared into wrongful criminal charges. He could care less about political prisoners who have been character assassinated by the Deep State Swamp, the stupid CIA thugs, and the NSA thugs. I don’t care if I call the CIA stupid, they are stupid for targeting Americans instead of enemies foreign and domestic. The CIA should be arresting the Deep State Swamp, they should be arresting Joe Pedo Biden. They aren’t arresting the real criminals but instead conduct targeted harassment operations against people like Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO alternative news.

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