U.S. Judge Adolf Schroeder throws out all FRAUDS UPON THE COURT as meritless, frivolous, in North Carolina

note: This is a parody image of the Fuhrer Adolf Thomas Schroeder, the Chief DisHonorable Judge who acts above the law and don’t even enforce any rules or laws against a corrupt federal prosecutor. This parody is protected under Fair Use Doctrine and the First Amendment. Adolf Schroeder has no constitutional right to take the parody image down. Parodies and satires are protected. This judge does not deserve respect. He is in contempt of law.

by Laurie Azgard

The dishonorable RAT judge Thomas David Schroeder, aka Adolf Schroeder (parody name) the Fuhrer of the “Middle District of North Carolina” federal courthouses, has thrown out all “fraud upon the court” motions asking for sanctions filed by Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news. He called each one of them meritless and one motion as frivolous. Despite the government not even contesting the allegations in each of those motions and the evidence it relies upon. Despite local rule saying that uncontested motions must be granted as a mater of law.

Fuhrer Adolf Schroeder of the NAZI federal District Court in Winston-Salem, NC, had just put in an executive order, I mean order. That order has been archived on this website for posterity.

Judge Schroeder’s Order – Archived on this blog

“Mr. Hill’s Motion for Sanctions and to Vacate Judgment in Plaintiff’s/Respondent’s Favor (Doc. 199) is DENIED as meritless as filed, as is the Request that the U.S. District Court Vacate Fraudulent Begotten Judgment, Vacate the Frauds upon the Court against Brian David Hill (Doc. 217), which is DENIED as meritless as filed…”
“Mr. Hill’s Second Motion for Sanctions and to Vacate Judgment that was in Plaintiff’s/Respondent’s Favor (Doc. 206) is DENIED as meritless as filed…”
“Mr. Hill’s Third Motion for Sanctions, Motion for Default Judgment in 2255 case and to Vacate Judgment that was in Plaintiff/Respondent’s Favor (Doc. 222) is DENIED as both MOOT in light of the denial of the prior § 2255 motion and as being frivolous.”

Quotations from the ruling from Adolf Schroeder. Wow he used the word “meritless” multiple times.

This judge has again gone against the foundation of case law from the U.S. Supreme Court. He let those motions sit for about a year without ever making a decision on them, lots of wasted time and effort on writ of mandamus and yet the end result was that they were all thrown out of his courtroom as entirely meritless and frivolous. He is allowing multiple and proven frauds upon the court to be used for his fiat judgments, his illegal null and void judgments. His entire federal court district has no credibility, no respect for the law, no respect for any evidence that may be favorable to the criminal defendant, and no respect for anybody but the government lawyers. He treats the government lawyers as if they are always right and that they are never wrong even when you proven them wrong beyond a reasonable doubt. Nobody is always right, not even Brian D. Hill is always right. A federal judge cannot always rule that the government is right, always right. That is impracticable. That goes against the very ideas and wishes of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and our nation’s founding fathers.

Adolf Schroeder has shown the entire “Middle District of North Carolina” that he is above the law, that nobody ever stands a chance of victory before his courtroom, that laws don’t matter and evidence does not matter and witnesses do not matter, and that it is IN FACT a two-tiered justice system that needs to be dismantled by President Trump as it is operating outside the bounds of law and our Constitution. U.S. District Chief Judge Thomas Schroeder is acting under a judicial system that operates under unjust weights and measures. Acting against blind justice, as justice must be impartial and blind, and must not be partial otherwise that form of justice is illegal and void, null and void, unconstitutional, illegal.

Read: U.S. Court of Appeals throws out Probation Revocation Appeal, ignores evidence and case law, bucks the Supreme Court, acting like Nazi Gestapo Tribunal. The fact that the fourth circuit U.S. court of appeals continues throwing out every one of Brian’s appeals, even his own lawyer’s appeal despite that lawyer being a Mayor of Clarksburg, West Virginia, Edward Ryan Kennedy. They even disregarded what even his own lawyer had argued under law. They don’t just disrespect Brian because of being a pro se filer, but disregard his own lawyers if they don’t work against him.

See USCA Order denying the Petition for Rehearing and Rehearing En Banc re: 203 Notice of Appeal Without Fee Payment. USCA Case #19-4758. (Daniel, J) (Entered: 11/17/2020)

First of all, it is a fact that the four motions that he in fact denied were uncontested by the assistant U.S. attorney. As a matter of law, local rule, the federal court of that district was supposed to grant motions that were uncontested by the respondents to each motion that they refused to respond to. In fact they refused to respond to the fraud upon the court allegations in Brian’s 2255 motion objections.

(f) Response to Motion and Brief. The respondent, if opposing a motion, shall file a response, including brief, within 21 days after service of the motion (30 days if the motion is for summary judgment; see LR 56.1(d)) (14 days if the motion relates to discovery; see LR 26.2 and LR 37.1). If supporting documents are not then available, the respondent may move for an extension of time in accordance with section (g) of this rule. For good cause appearing therefor, a respondent may be required to file any response and supporting documents, including brief, within such shorter period of time as the Court may specify.
(k) Failure to File and Serve Motion Papers. The failure to file a brief or response within the time specified in this rule shall constitute a waiver of the right thereafter to file such brief or response, except upon a showing of excusable neglect. A motion unaccompanied by a required brief may, in the discretion of the Court, be summarily denied. A response unaccompanied by a required brief may, in the discretion of the Court, be disregarded and the pending motion may be considered and decided as an uncontested motion. If a respondent fails to file a response within the time required by this rule, the motion will be considered and decided as an uncontested motion, and ordinarily will be granted without further notice.

Anand Prakash Ramaswamy did not file any response to four of Brian’s motions pertaining to the assistant U.S. attorney Anand Prakash Ramswamy defrauding the court and deceiving the court to obtain a successful probation violation conviction against Brian David Hill.

DOC 199: MOTION entitled “Motion for Sanctions and to Vacate Judgment in Plaintiff’s/Respondent’s Favor” “Motion and Brief/Memorandum of Law in Support of Requesting the Honorable Court in this case Vacate Fraudulent Begotten Judgment or Judgments” filed by BRIAN DAVID HILL. Response to Motion due by 10/25/2019. (Attachments: # 1 Supplement 1, # 2 Supplement 2, # 3 Exhibit 1, # 4 Exhibit 2, # 5 Envelope – Front and Back) (Civil Case number: 17CV1036) (Garland, Leah) (Entered: 10/04/2019)

DOC 206: MOTION entitled “Petitioner’s Second Motion for Sanctions and to Vacate Judgment that was in Plaintiff’s/Respondent’s Favor; Motion and Brief/Memorandum of Law in support of Requesting the Honorable Court in this case Vacate Fraudulent begotten Judgment or Judgments” filed by BRIAN DAVID HILL. Response to Motion due by 11/5/2019. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1, # 2 Exhibit 2, # 3 Supplement 1, # 4 Supplement 2, # 5 Supplement 3, # 6 Supplement 4, # 7 Envelope – Front and Back) (Garland, Leah) (Entered: 10/16/2019)

DOC 217: MOTION entitled “Request that the U.S. District Court Vacate Fraudulent Begotten Judgment, Vacate the Frauds upon the Court against Brian David Hill”, filed by BRIAN DAVID HILL re: 199 Motion. Response to Motion due by 12/2/2019 (Attachments: # 1 Envelope – Front and Back) (Garland, Leah) Modified on 11/12/2019 to correctly link document. (Garland, Leah) (Entered: 11/08/2019)

DOC 222: MOTION entitled “Petitioner’s third Motion for Sanctions, Motion for Default Judgment in 2255 case and to Vacate Judgment that was in Plaintiff/Respondent’s favor” filed by BRIAN DAVID HILL. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1, # 2 Exhibit 2, # 3 Exhibit 3, # 4 Exhibit 4, # 5 Exhibit 5, # 6 Exhibit 6, # 7 Exhibit 7, # 8 Exhibit 8, # 9 Exhibit 9, # 10 Exhibit 10, # 11 Supplement 1, # 12 Envelope – Front and Back) (Garland, Leah) (Entered: 11/21/2019)

On the entire docket sheet, there was NO responses by Anand Prakash Ramaswamy, Esq., and that should have been considered uncontested according to the U.S. District Court’s own local rule that is treated the exact same as a law passed by Congress. So the corrupt Chief Judge Thomas David Schroeder KNEW that Ramaswamy did not file any pleading contesting those four motions, and it should have ordinarily been granted by the court, but then Brian would not have been ordered last year to self report to the “Federal Medical Center” in Kentucky. He unlawfully and unconstitutionally ordered Brian’s imprisonment and stained his criminal record even further with two probation violations with his own dirty corrupt hands. He gave a terrible reason for finding Brian in violation of his conditions in 2015 and accepted the testimony of a perjurer and called that liar a “credible” witness. This same judge ignored Brian’s probation officer Jason McMurray in 2019 because Mr. McMurray was not bad mouthing Brian and did not lie against Brian in federal court, unlike the dirty deep state puppet Kristy L. Burton of Danville, Virginia.

Brian had a lot of evidence, there was a lot of research and citation of older evidence that went into those allegations, they were not just allegations but there was proof behind each of those allegations. Brian has never been caught lying, Brian had never lied in any of his filings before the Federal Court with one exception, that Brian had kept claiming under oath that he had falsely plead guilty just like Lt. General Michael Thomas Flynn to protect his son.

Judge Schroeder acts as though Brian’s three fraud upon the court motions were not valid because they didn’t go through “28 U.S.C. § 2255”. Those motions were filed in his 2255 case and was part of his 2255 case so that didn’t make any sense either. That doesn’t make any sense as the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled under Chambers v. NASCO, Inc., as well as the All Writs Act under 28 U.S.C. § 1651, that all courts have inherit and implied powers on how to deal with proven fraud and contempt. If Brian had lied about any of his fraud upon the court claims, then Brian would have faced perjury charges, obstruction of justice charges, as well as contempt charges. Judge Schroeder never did any of that. He claims that they are meritless but if they truly were meritless, then Judge Schroeder clearly should have charged Brian with contempt of court for making false or erroneous allegations of fraud by an officer of the court.

The truth is, that Judge Schroeder knows that Brian D. Hill did not lie in any of his filings, and there is no proof of such, which is why Brian is not being charged with contempt of court for all of his pleadings asking to vacate the fraudulent begotten judgments. In fact Brian had proven his innocence, and had proven that he had not been medically cleared before being charged with indecent exposure, which is a major defect in his arrest on September 21, 2018. There is no evidence at all proving that Brian had threatened his Probation officer Kristy L. Burton, yet this judge claimed that as his basis for finding him in violation of the conditions of supervised release. This judge continues lying and depriving Brian of even a right to trial de novo in Virginia criminal court system before requiring him to head to a federal prison. This judge has acted as though he is Adolf Hitler himself. He has acted tyrannical, above the law, like essentially a dictator, a judicial activist that is overwriting the constitution as if it were a living constitution subject to changes of the times, like modern times.

This judge has knowingly, fragrantly, and blatantly disregarded the case law decisions and power of the Supreme Court of the United States, and any other controlling or persuasive case law authorities.

This judge has knowingly, fragrantly, and blatantly disregarded the evidence, witnesses, and potential witnesses which any or all are favorable to the defense. That is an attack on our Article III constitutional right to the adversarial process in our court system. Both parties have a right to present arguments, case law authorities, and evidence to a case whether criminal or civil. Judge Schroeder has completely disregarded all of it, only regarded what the government says even if it is a LIE.

This judge has knowingly, fragrantly, and blatantly disregarded the local rules and rules of his court. He ignores the rules that was passed by the rule making committee of his court. He has distorted the truth and facts to fit his narrative.

Don’t believe me, read Brian’s motions for sanctions and read each and every one of them. Read his final motion for sanctions. Brian had shown quote a lot of evidence and that a lot of evidence was produced against Anand Prakash Ramaswamy for defrauding the court illegally but yet Judge Schroeder gives him a pass for every one of them. He is clearly acting partial, biased, and with great prejudice against his victim Brian David Hill. We expected democrat judges to act like this, behaving like judicial activists outside of well-established law, not this RINO, Republican-in-name-only. Schroeder is a RINO appointed by Skull-and-Bones former President George W. Bush. 322 the Skull and Bones secret society number.

There is no doubt that Brian will appeal this with the amount of hard work that was put into his evidence and allegations. Brian knew the risks of filing a false allegation if that were ever proven to be the case. Brian always stuck to the letter of the law. It is this judge who doesn’t care about the evidence, uncontested motions. Brian can have hundreds to thousands of pages of evidence, audio discs, video discs, and any other tangible evidence but none it matters to judge Schroeder.

Let it be known that it will become this “Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News” blog’s top priority to move for impeachment proceedings against Thomas David Schroeder, chief judge of the “Middle District of North Carolina”. Winston-Salem, NC. This judge deserves impeachment and his behavior in Brian’s case outlines his behavior in all other federal cases that come before him. He is against the Supreme Court and other laws if they are favorable to the criminal defendant. He will push for the harshest sentences against Brian David Hill, evidence be damned. This judge holds real contempt for the law and a real contempt for justice. He holds contempt for the impartial adversarial system guaranteed to all criminal and civil parties in all cases. Any appeals of any of his orders or judgments will always be protected by the fourth circuit NAZI court of appeals. They protect each other and scratch each other’s backs. A corrupt court system indeed.

Donald Trump must be reelected by the electoral college. Only President Trump can pardon Brian D. Hill and relieve him of this unconstitutional legal nightmare that never ends. If you too feel that President Trump should pardon Brian D. Hill after all the articles you have read and documents you have seen in his federal case, then please feel free to go to https://justiceforuswgo.nl/pardon or https://justiceforuswgo.wordpress.com/pardon. Like with Roger Stone and Joe Arpaio, Brian deserves a pardon too, a pardon in full to void the wrongful conviction of Brian David Hill. Time to end this corruption and close the book on this corrupt legal warfare on Brian D. Hill, the former news reporter and head reporter of USWGO alternative news at uswgo.com from 2009 to 2012. Brian has proven his innocence and has proven the frauds. The judge will not allow any evidentiary hearings and won’t allow appointment of counsel ever for his 2255 case and for criminal case discovery materials. They are blocking Brian from everything ever needed to prove his innocence, because he is innocent and they have everything to hide. Brian never hid anything and was always honest. Even his former probation officer Kristy L. Burton admitted that when Brian started getting threatening text messages and then somebody unsolicited sent child porn to that cell phone, Brian reported the matter and turned it into the U.S. Probation Office. That was why Brian was never charged in regards to that either. Because attorney Susan Basko had directed Brian to always report the threats and other nasty messages or text messages to law enforcement, as was outlined in her affidavit before the same federal court.

This judge knows that Brian has always complied with the law, and the both probation violations were based on absolute fiat. If Brian is found innocent by the Virginia Supreme Court then Judge Schroeder will have that held over his head in his corrupt court opinions and rulings.


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