VICTORY! U.S. Attorney doesn’t contest Brian D. Hill’s new evidence proving body-camera footage illegally destroyed by Martinsville Police; highly likely will be admitted in Federal Court for Brian’s actual innocence claim in 2255 case

Author: Stanley Bolten Positive news has come despite the issues happening to Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News. The U.S. Attorney Office for the Middle District of North Carolina has filed no contest meaning no filing of any response contesting Brian's new evidence which he filed last month in Federal Court proving that... Continue Reading →

Website reopened on March 13, 2023, was closed on March 6, 2023

This blog Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News has reopened on March 13, 2023. However the will still remain closed so that everyone understands that if Brian D. Hill is dead or in long term of imprisonment, then everything his friends and family all fought for was for nothing if they manage to get Brian.

WARNING: Brian D. Hill: “The Deep State is going to murder me like Issac Kappy” | Politics | Before It’s News

Warning: Brian D. Hill: “The Deep State is going to murder me like Issac Kappy”

Corrupt U.S. Supreme Court and it’s BLACKMAILED Chief Justice deny Petition for Rehearing, as expected. Supreme court is officially corrupt and captured. Case no. 22-6123; Brian Hill faces a rigged contempt of court charge in Circuit Court; Deep State [DS] orchestrated this or is involved with causing this process

Author: Stanley Bolten The U.S. Supreme Court is officially captured and is corrupt beyond repair. Most of the justices have been captured by the invisible enemy. Actions speak louder than words. Let the facts be submitted to a candid world. With it's allegedly blackmailed Chief Justice John Roberts, they have denied the Petition for Rehearing... Continue Reading →

Exclusive: Police Chief Rob Fincher of Martinsville admits body-camera footage destroyed ([sic.] illegally) during former Chief G. E. Cassady’s administration over the police department; Commonwealth Attorney Glen A. Hall (Andy Hall) refused to mark body-camera footage as evidence after two court orders for that evidence; obstruction of justice proof

Note: Usually because of the frame up of Brian D. Hill, the corrupt police out there, we don't usually back the blue because trust has to be earned, respect has to be earned. Police Chief Rob Fincher of the City of Martinsville has earned that trust and respect. He has admitted something that has solved... Continue Reading →

Why has The Big Mig Lance Migliaccio deleted emails about the Blackmail Scheme Case in the U.S. Supreme Court (case no. 22-6123)??? More infighting and betrayals in the patriot community???

Author: Stanley Bolten I have received emails as well as Brian's family that The Mig Big who is supposedly part of this Q movement or QAnon movement had deleted evidence emails from Stanley Bolten (myself) and had deleted evidence emails from Brian's family with Lance Migliaccio aka The Big Mig. He deleted emails about the... Continue Reading →

Petition for Rehearing docketed in Blackmail Scheme Case in U.S. Supreme Court (case no. 22-6123), Motion for Review and Disqualification filed but not publicly docketed for the general public, what are they hiding???

ALERT: Read the very documents filed but not publicly listed in PDF Format on the Supreme Court's docket page. What is SCOTUS not wanting publicly listed??? Declaration-support-Motion-review-disqualification.pdf – Declaration in support of Motion for Review and Disqualification (PDF). Read the letter begging the Clerk to file publicly in pdf format the filings, they were very... Continue Reading →

Brian D. Hill files a Motion for setting aside or vacating wrongful conviction in Martinsville Circuit Court on the basis of Fraud on the Court, evidence destruction, and factual errors or factual fraud

Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News, had filed a Motion to set aside wrongful conviction or vacate the wrongful conviction in the Circuit Court for the City of Martinsville over issues of evidence destruction, factual errors or factual fraud, and fraud on the court.

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