USWGO news Brian D. Hill tells President Trump that he doesn’t blame Roger Stone for failing to have him PARDONED

by Laurie Azgard

Brian D. hill, formerly of USWGO alternative news written in his 3rd faxed letter to 19th U.S. President Donald Trump and said that he doesn’t blame Roger Stone for failing to have Brian fully pardoned. President Trump will be elected as the 19th President of the United States of America if the Corporation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is ever dissolved as unconstitutional by the U.S. Military.

Brian tells the President Trump why a full pardon should have been issued on his wrongful conviction before he had left the District of Columbia.

“Roger Stone told me what was really going on, that things are being blocked from your attention including stuff from Roger Stone. So again I am not angry at him and he did the best that he could to try to get you to give me a full pardon. With how complex my criminal case was, you didn’t have enough time to investigate every facet of wrongness done in my case before you even felt like such pardon is warranted. You have been so busy simply being the President. I wish Roger Stone had sent you this information two years ago but he was arrested and his hands were tied. Roger Stone was too late in trying to persuade you to pardon me with the facts in my 30 page letter to you, that is 26 page Affidavit and 4 page Letter. You didn’t have the time to simply verify everything I have claimed to you why a pardon is warranted.”

Brian Hill’s letter to 19th President of the United States of America, Donald John Trump, dated January 28, 2021.

Brian again explains that he is not angry at Roger Stone at all. That is Roger Stone of Donald Trump’s confidant and friend for decades. Brian explains that he had the evidence proving his innocence but the corrupt federal judges and the U.S. Attorney made sure to keep him wrongfully convicted forever. They don’t want it coming out that there was no affidavit from Special Agent Rodney V. White of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation office in Greensboro, North Carolina concerning the forensic analysis of his seized computer. The download dates showing that for 11 months it was downloading when under the custody of Mayodan Police and NC SBI. That is outright evidence planting and tampering in his case in the very prosecution documents, destroyed by the prosecutor. Trump didn’t know that Brian had made false confession statements proven on the record such as saying that he had child porn in a ASUS netbook computer that the police didn’t get in their search and seizure, and Brian voluntarily gave it over to the police detectives and later the SBI forensic report said no files of interest were noted. So Brian said there was child porn on a netbook computer that was reported that it didn’t have any. Brian explained that the Government destroyed the forensic evidence which would prevent Brian from ever being allowed to prove his actual innocence to his 2013 charge and 2014 conviction of possession of child pornography.

Brian specifically explained to President Trump that he knew Trump didn’t have the time and resources to thoroughly investigate the very nature of his criminal charge and wrongful conviction. He acknowledged that the President is busy and isn’t mad at President Trump and Roger Stone that Trump wasn’t able to relieve Brian of his wrongful conviction once and for all. It was White House Counselor Pasquale Anthony “Pat” Cipollone who is at fault according to what Brian read from Roger stone’s response, this lawyer prevented Brian from ever being pardoned. This lawyer is an additional person who is ruining Brian’s life forever. Nothing but cowardly pieces of crap lawyers. There are good lawyers but few that have balls and a backbone.

Review over the documents and learn the truth about Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news:
3RD LETTER TO US PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP(3).pdf or Wayback machine mirror – Brian’s 3rd letter to Donald J. Trump at his Mar-A-Lago Residence aka the Winter White House warning about Alex Jones
{2021-01-28}.pdf or Wayback machine mirror – Successful transmission ticket to Donald J. Trump at his Mar-A-Lago Residence aka the Winter White House
{2021-01-28} (2) .pdf or Wayback machine mirror – Successful transmission ticket to attorney office of L. Lin Wood

It is clear that Brian wants U.S. Military intervention in his case. That is not insurrection that Brian wants Military involvement against the judges in his cases when federal judges may be blackmailed with child rape and murder videotapes by corrupt elements within the U.S. Government and when Brian was clearly unconstitutionally being deprived of all constitutional rights ever guaranteed to all criminal defendants which include even serial killers, drug dealers, and even Al Capone the gangster mafia man. Brian is being given no constitutional rights including the right to prove actual innocence to a serious felony charge and conviction. Brian is being given less constitutional rights than serial killers, gang bangers, and even Al Capone. Even Michael Jackson accused of child molestation had more Constitutional rights in his case than Brian D. Hill who is a virgin and was never accused of molesting anybody.

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