@LLinWood L. Lin Wood’s Tweets makes it clear, it is HIGHLY LIKELY our Federal/State Judges and Politicians are being Blackmailed, Threatened; possibly with Child Rape and Murder!!!!!!

Note from Stanley Bolten Jan-7-2021-4:15PM: Lin Wood has been permanently destroy on Twitter: @LLinWood L. Lin Wood’s Twitter account censored and disappeared today – Jan 7-2021, Archived Tweets still exist — Any comments @SidneyPowell1 and @GenFlynn – Also see the article Lin Wood re: Isaac Kappy’s discovery of pedo blackmail tapes | The Radio Patriot

by Laurie Azgard

Lin Wood had recently put out Tweets on Twitter, that reflect how seriously and thoroughly corrupt and compromised our federal politicians, federal Judges, maybe even state judges and state politicians, and our local politicians and local judges are. This is seriously dangerous to the rule of law, our democratic republic. The United States of America in jeopardy like never before proven. Our Constitution in jeopardy.

Wonder why Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO alternative news loses every one of his federal criminal case and civil case appeals all on complete BS reasons by judges or panels of judges why each appeal is dismissed? Corrupt Federal Judges are likely targets of blackmail operations. That would explain why those who have been in federal prisons give rumors about how scary the feds are, that they would disappear people. Those who have ever experienced federal prisons know the tales of federal court corruption and how nasty the feds are. Some bring up about the Masons, some about the Bilderbergs and the elites. A lot of talk goes on in these prisons. By both guilty people and innocent people wrongfully thrown away in a cell until being acquitted decades later by organizations like The Innocence Project, the Rutherford Institute, ACLJ, EFF, or even the ACLU.

Now it is all making sense. Maybe that was why Zach Vorhies appeared in his Direct-message to have defended the corrupt federal judges in his Twitter message to Stanley Bolten, maybe that wasn’t why Zach said what he had said, maybe it was because they aren’t all trying to be corrupt altogether, maybe they are all targets of frame up operations, or blackmailing operations which may include child rape, child molestation, child torture, and child murder. All of it in front of a video camera by the perpetrator. That would explain why every judge in the Fourth Circuit dismisses every appeal of Brian D. Hill, a victim and target of the Deep State Swamp in 2012. That would explain why federal judges like Thomas David Schroeder was cruel to Brian and denied every one of his motions no matter what evidence, witnesses, and affidavits were filed and offered. That would explain why the Virginia Supreme Court would throw out his actual innocence claims over a technicality that Brian wasn’t in state custody when they know that it conflicts with the “Actual Innocence” Doctrine where all habeas petitioners claiming actual innocence have a right to prove their innocence when convicted of a crime and have a right to vacate their wrongful convictions when the facts of their innocence to the crime are proven.

It may make Brian look bad that he loses every appeal but those who can take the time to research the merits of each of his appeals, especially lawyers, may feel that Brian should have won his appeal or that it should have at least been granted in part and dismissed in part. The fact that Brian lost every one of his appeals, even when he shown valid case law in each of his formal and informal appeal briefs, makes you wonder why he would lose every appeal no matter what case law was offered, no matter what evidence and areas of the record were correctly cited and no matter what witnesses were offered and affidavits filed but entirely ignored as if that evidence has never existed. If the Supreme Court of Virginia thought Brian had no chance of winning due to not being in state custody, then why would they waste their time to make Brian’s case the first for oral argument? Lin Wood had recently put out Tweets about alleged blackmail operations which apply to judges and politicians. Saying that “Many issues in our world may be tied to blackmail scheme I described tonight, including bizarre behavior of officials & judges in recent election.” The blackmail operations is described as “The blackmail targets are approached with a gun, a child, & a camera. The target is ordered to rape the child on video. The target is then ordered to shoot the child on video. The target is then owned & controlled by the blackmailers until blackmail evidence loses its value.”

See his tweets for yourself. Don’t just take my word for it.

Tweet #1 from Attorney Lin Wood. Wayback machine archived

Tweet #2 from Attorney Lin Wood. Wayback machine archived

Tweet #3 from Attorney Lin Wood. Wayback machine archived

Tweet #4 from Attorney Lin Wood. Wayback machine archived

Tweet #5 from Attorney Lin Wood. Wayback machine archived

Tweet #6 from Attorney Lin Wood. Wayback machine archived

This definitely backs the information in regards to John Robert’s name being on the Jeffrey Epstein flight log. Once Attorney Lin Wood decides to bring out this information carefully and legally, this can exonerate many victims of the Deep State Swamp including Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news. This can bring vindication, the acquittal of this innocent man, then he can move on with his life at the age of 30 or 31 and finally have a girlfriend or wife without the horrible criminal convictions hanging over his shoulder. He’s been suffering from this set up from Mayodan, North Carolina since late 2012. That is about 8 to 9 years to suffer such a horrible defeat in him fighting against the New-World-Order.

Photograph of Brian D. Hill, Alex Jones, and Stewart Rhodes – dated June, 2012

When you go to his official attorney website, he is not even a criminal defense lawyer but is a civil ligation attorney. He is however highly credible and has received awards for his attorney work. Even the Georgia State Bar search reveals [Wayback machine archive backup] that this exact attorney has been an “Active Member in Good Standing”, and as to “Public Discipline”, there is “None on Record”. He was admitted to law practice in 06/10/1977. So for 53 years he has been a good lawyer, never disciplined in his entire 53 years of practicing law, and has always been in good standing as an attorney at law of his practice.

Why would an attorney with a highly successful record of being a lawyer without ever receiving a discipline, and never been outside of good standing, with awards, and yet risk his entire career and reputation by simply putting out Tweets that some ignorant people may claim is “Off the Wall!”, “Bad$#it crazy”, or just plain crazy?

Why would an attorney with a highly successful record of being a lawyer without ever receiving a discipline, and never been outside of good standing, with awards, and then go around making things up on Twitter knowing that it would not do anything against Joe Biden or any part of the deep state but that would destroy his character, his career, and maybe even his family and marriage? It doesn’t make any sense.

Let’s go on to his last Tweet posted on this article, for this campaign blog. Also archived at wayback machine.

He is an attorney, and attorneys have to make claims that are only based on fact and truth, otherwise they risk defrauding the court aka perpetuating a fraud on the court. He has 53 years of never being disciplined for his service. I believe he is telling the truth and has credible evidence to backup his claims. He just can’t release the videotapes or photographs because doing such would constitute distribution of child pornography which includes the murder and rape of a child or of multiple children in addition to it being a pornographic rape and murder video. People demand the actual proof but showing the actual proof to the American people and the world would violate international and national child pornography laws. Attorney at law L. Lin Wood would never do that. Instead he has the evidence secured in a lawful manner such as being secured by a law enforcement officer which can be of any agency whether local or national or international, and likely has permission from somebody in a law enforcement position, maybe William Barr or John Durham, who knows?, or somebody in a law enforcement position is retaining this evidence and thus it is being used only for the purposes of future prosecution of crimes against humanity and crimes against children, and therefore would not violate the child pornography laws. So the proof will likely be surfaced in a way that does not violate the laws. I do not believe Lin Wood is making any of this stuff up.

As to Brian Hill, he is asking for an investigation into his child porn case by the U.S. Military and QAnon. Why would he do that if he were actually guilty???? Why would he buck his sentence or even his conviction on mere claims of actual innocence when producing false claims of innocence over and over again may constitute federal crimes such as obstruction of justice, multiple counts of perjury times 10 or more, and failure to accept responsibility??? Brian got a sentence of time served yet he continues bucking his guilt and keeps arguing his innocence every step of his case post-conviction. He had asked QAnon for help in his bid to proving his innocence since he is being stonewalled by all federal judges ever involved in his case or federal appeals. I learned from Brian’s family years ago that Attorney Susan Basko had assumed that the Government had a weak case and that was why they bargained with a time served sentence, but kept the probation long enough to keep Brian under control so that he could never operate USWGO alternative news again at uswgo.com.

You can believe different possibilities of why Brian would continue fighting to prove his innocence for years and years. It would make logical sense that Brian is only losing in the courts over and over again is because the judges are likely being blackmailed, threatened or even family members threatened, or bribed. The fact that a good attorney for 53 years with good standing and never disciplined by the Bar Association’s Grievance Council or committee shows that he may actually be telling the truth. If Lin Wood had ever defrauded anybody under his legal title and professionalism, he would have clearly been punished by the BAR, the disciplinary council or committee. He would not have been in good standing for long if he made any off the wall claims of pedophilia compromising our judges and corrupting our courts integrity. Good honest courts do not like fraud, no courts like fraud unless they are corrupt courts that are compromised or knowingly wish to collude with the fraud. Either he is telling the truth or he can be sued for false claims under defamation of character, libel, and slander, as well as disciplinary actions and attorney disbarment. He would lose the support of his family if he was that deceitful and a liar. He would lose his home, his practice, his law office, and would be known as a quack, quack-quack, coo-coo-bird. That doesn’t seem to be the case here.

See for yourself the name of Chief Justice John Roberts in the Epstein log and the video on Twitter about a Justice in the Supreme Court being known to have engaged in illicit sexual relations with children, in other words child abuse which is pedophilia. That and probably Satanism, child abuse and child sacrifice.

18-2868, Document 278(2) 429
18-2868, Document 278(2) 426

The evidence is here. If the judicial corruption is taken down and tried in military tribunals, then Brian may finally be acquitted once and for all. Any criminal cases tried in front of corrupt judges, especially ones blackmailed by something as heinous as child sexual abuse crimes, then all criminal defendants ever tried in front of this judge or that judge may be acquitted under the ground of unconstitutional structural defect, especially if a criminal defendant like Brian Hill for example keeps claiming his innocence and arguing facts in support of his claims of innocence of his charged crime allegations back in 2013. Brian may finally be able to prosecute his fraud on the court claims and his criminal conviction will be overturned forever more, Brian will be free to marry and go on dates, make friends, and be able to live the rest of his life without fear, and without risking a probation violation over something little like an Autistic meltdown or an infraction or misdemeanor charge. Although again if both charges were not wilful acts of committing a crime, then highly likely Brian will never be accused of a crime again for the rest of his life as his life will begin a new. Brian will be free of criminal records once his claims are fully proven by a non-corrupt tribunal/court.

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