Brian’s second mailing to Defense Secretary SUCCESSFULLY DELIVERED asking to ARREST FEDERAL JUDGES for HIGH TREASON!!!! ATTN: @GenFlynn @SidneyPowell1 @LLinWood #DigitalSoldiers @tracybeanz

Note: Brian anticipated the first mailing being intercepted. He had a second one being mailed under their very noses. See the article Brian’s second mailing to Defense Secretary SUCCESSFULLY DELIVERED asking to ARREST FEDERAL JUDGES for HIGH TREASON!!!! ATTN: @GenFlynn @SidneyPowell1 @LLinWood #DigitalSoldiers @tracybeanz

by Laurie Azgard

See Articles: Mailing to U.S. Defense Secretary from Brian D. Hill [USWGO news] INTERCEPTED by Deep State SWAMP, Possibly CIA or NSA – ATTN: @GenFlynn @SidneyPowell1 @LLinWood @tracybeanz #DigitalSoldiers #GenFlynn #SecDefense #Pentagon #ChrisMiller ; Brian D. Hill of USWGO news asks U.S. Defense Secretary for TREASON CHARGES on FEDERAL JUDGES!!!!!!!!!!!!! #DigitalSoldiers #SidneyPowell #GenFlynn #SecDefense #Pentagon #ChrisMiller @GenFlynn @SidneyPowell1 @LLinWood

Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news has successfully mailed the U.S. Defense Secretary in a second secret mailing as he knew the first one would be intercepted as an ally of QAnon. This second mailing was received at the U.S. Pentagon, Brian is asking the Defense Secretary and the Digital Soldiers of General Flynn to take action to arrest these highly treasonous Federal Judges and other Judges who are completely committing a judicial coup d’etat against the United States Supreme Court. In regards to Article III of the U.S. Constitution, our Federal Courts are not the original interpreters of our Constitution but only the Supreme Court has that original authority. The Federal Courts and U.S. Appeal Courts were only created by statute due to the high burden of case loads across the country. That was to get rid of a potential high case load burden upon the only Constitutional Court of interpreting the laws of the law and how Government actions apply or are restricted under the Constitutional limits of authority.

Brian has requested the Pentagon through Defense Secretary and President Trump to charge the Federal Judges with high treason including all judges of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in Richmond, Virginia.

First mailing wave that was sent, the tracking numbers both reported that they could not locate the location of the mailing and no further updates were reported for two weeks or more. Brian anticipated that the first two mailings in regards to requesting that the Defense Secretary charge the Federal Judges with HIGH TREASON and try them all in Military Tribunals since civilian laws would not protect these judges with things like “Sovereign Immunity” that allows Federal Judges to commit whatever crimes they want and they never get in trouble. Attorney Lin Wood had suggested that these judges may have been blackmailed by those making them have sex with children and rape them on video cameras and then being ordered to shoot the very kids that were raped by the blackmail targets.

This is very dangerous and jeopardizes our entire Article III Judicial System. That is why Brian advocated use of military force to arrest these Federal Judges, because if they are blackmailed then they are nothing more than puppets of a powerful and evil political force that advocates child rape and murder for power and control.

Here is Brian’s letter to the Defense Secretary.

Here are the documents proving that this is the exact same letter mailed twice but this time through UPS, because Brian knew it was being intercepted after the updates have stopped and had decided to mail them again but under a different mail carrier. Very smart for a guy with Autism to do such a thing. It worked.

uswgo_20201231_094337ocr_redacted.pdf – Scan of mailing of letter and secret letter to defense Pentagon
tracking-_-ups-united-states.pdf – Proof of delivery by UPS
tracking-_-ups-united-states-jan-6-2021-11_23am.pdf – UPS tracking information detailed
xfinity-connect-ups-update_-package-delivered-printout.pdf – Brian’s mother had been emailed the tracking updates in regards to her son mailing the Defense Secretary

That was a very smart idea by Brian to have his mother produce a mailing from UPS to mail the U.S. Defense Secretary through UPS after the first initial mailings under USPS had disappeared from tracking as soon as it had left the Roanoke, VA mail distribution center.

Brian wants various judges arrested for HIGH TREASON for not following the Constitution and not following the Supreme Court authorities. The various judges Brian is calling for their arrests for treason charges are: Giles Carter Greer, Thomas David Schroeder, Jackson L. Kiser, and the ones all within the U.S. Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia. Brian is calling formally or non-formally for all of their arrests.

Uhhhhhh! Secret letter, wonder what Brian has written the Secretary of Defense in this secret classified letter???? I’m sure this secret letter is really scaring the deep state considering that they all probably monitor this blog closely. Whatever Brian is writing them, he does not want this to be made public. Is this about the corrupt judges or is this something else Brian wants the Pentagon to know about??????

Also the mailing was delivered to a special area called the “Correspondence Management Division” located at 1155 Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC. So they have got the letters this time. Whatever is in Brian’s secret letter, it is up to the Pentagon now to see what Brian is asking for or even saying in his letters to the Defense Secretary. The secret letter will remain a mystery for now until something comes up when the time is right.

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  1. Sadly, you are attacking the wrong people. Gen Flynn is likely to be our next vice president. (yay) The other lawyers are the best at uncovering all the democrat voting fraud.


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