Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alt. News files Letter with Virginia Appeals Court over Judges being BLACKMAILED!!!!

by Laurie Azgard

Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO alternative news has finally filed evidence with the Court of Appeals of Virginia in a typed letter accusing the Virginia state judges of being possibly blackmailed, with up to nine exhibits concerning attorney L. Lin Wood’s tweets regarding the judges and politicians being blackmailed with child rape and murder, compromised Courts.

Brian has finally asked his mother Roberta Hill to file a pleading with the Court of Appeals of Virginia concerning a letter with nine exhibits attached. Eight of them concerning Attorney Lin Wood’s tweets and another screenshot photograph of his attorney record in the state bar concerning him being clean of any disciplinary actions and being in good standing for at the estimated 40 years that he been practicing law as a lawyer. She filed the pleading earlier today according to her released email. It was also forwarded to the Virginia’s “State Inspector General” to investigate and subpoena Attorney Lin Wood for any evidence as to “Judges” and “Justices” of the Virginia Courts as to them being blackmailed with child rape and murder. Brian wants Lin Wood to release the evidence legally and lawfully, and wants Lin Wood subpoenaed badly after he had persuaded Roger Stone to contact President Trump to have him be given a full pardon for his wrongful conviction of the crime that it is clear he did not commit but was charged with in Federal Court in 2014. Roger Stone had tried but failed. Brian had warned President Trump in his last faxed letter that he wasn’t going to sit on the sex registry forever for a crime that he didn’t do and told President Trump that if he didn’t get the evidence to help clear his name, that he will hire a lawyer or persuade a lawyer to start subpoenaing Attorney Lin Wood and Sidney Powell as well as Donald Trump for the evidence of judges being blackmailed. Brian wants to use this evidence to embarrass the corrupt Federal and State Courts into letting him prove his innocence under a fair and just tribunal with a guarantee of impartiality or be acquitted for good.

Letters and PDF files:
Letter to Court of Appeals of Virginia concerning appeal motion to disqualify(11)(3).pdf – Letter Brian had his mother file with the Court of Appeals of Virginia concerning judges being blackmailed
Xfinity Connect Court of Appeals of Virginia, Letter_Motion, no_ 0219-21-3 Printout.pdf – Printout of filing email to the Clerk of court
Xfinity Connect Fwd_ Court of Appeals of Virginia, Letter_Motion, no_ 0219-21-3 Printout.pdf – forwarded email to Virginia State Inspector General to investigate the blackmail of Judges

Brian has gone the extra mile and is now filing the claims of Judges being blackmailed type of evidence with the Courts and is refusing to wait for QAnon in the case that they were acting similar to Operation Trust with the Soviet Russians. If QAnon ever turned out to be a fake and a psy-op, Brian wants ti fight tooth and nail for his acquittal and will no longer wait for a hope that will never come to save him from his nightmare. Brian is afraid that help may not come and that they will keep trying to throw him in Prison over and over again in the future without hope, and he will probably be raped at some point if they continue trying to throw him in Prison over and over again. Brian knows he doesn’t have to be proven guilty to be imprisoned now. The judicial corruption is out of control now. He wants the clerks to know how bad the blackmail situation is getting while Lin Wood sits on his butt and does absolutely nothing to end the Judicial corruption and drain the SWAMP. Donald Trump promised that he would “drain the swamp” but had failed to do so. In fact the judicial corruption is ten times worse than it ever has been before.

Brian is in fact telling the truth. All any decent FBI Agent has to do is subpoena Brian’s hospital records from Sovah Hospital back in September 21, 2018, as well as subpoena Martinsville Police for any laboratory results and they clearly would have found no laboratory results, there is none when there should have been. Then this proves that Martinsville Police had no real evidence of whether Brian was confirmed medically clear or not when they charged him with indecent exposure, in fact they didn’t even drug test him when he wanted a drug test all along, something many Americans refuse and resist when a cop pushes for a drug test. In this case Brian wanted a drug test because he thought that he was drugged and that would cause the indecent exposure so he could not legally be held culpable under the criminal statutes but carbon monoxide was likely the real culprit. Even that should show that there was lack of intent and that he should never have been convicted in Virginia, he should never have been held culpable with the evidence that was filed. That makes Investigator Robert Jones a liar at Martinsville Police Department, that is Sergeant Robert Jones. Not a surprise as corrupt cops all over the country seem to have a reputation for LYING, LYING, and more LYING to help support the State’s case. I am not being entirely Anti-cop here, but police clearly need to be held accountable by independent watchdogs with subpoena power. There needs to be those who investigate the police to see that they are obeying the exact same laws they expect that of the citizens they are supposed to serve. Instead likely cops just plant evidence including child porn. Brian even said in his filing that Commonwealth Attorney Glen Andrew Hall or Sgt. Robert Jones is a liar, that he lied about Brian being medically cleared and that he knows it.

The Martinsville Police had no evidence as to whether I was medically cleared or not because that same Police Officer Robert Jones admitted in Federal Court during my Supervised Release Violation hearing in the U.S. District Court in Winston-Salem, NC, on September 12, 2019, he admitted that he thought laboratory tests and other stuff was done and that when they decided to release me that I was medically cleared. That is a LIE and Glen Andrew Hall, Esq. knows that it is a lie. There was no laboratory tests and there is a slim amount of evidence in the medical record of September, 21, 2018, the day I was charged with Indecent Exposure, the slim evidence proving that I had resting blood pulses of over 100 multiple times before I was discharged. So they discharged me knowing I had sinus tachycardia readings and they never actually checked my blood sugar before discharging me knowing in that same Medical Record that I was a Type 1 Brittle Diabetic. I was not medically cleared so even the whole charge of indecent exposure was FRAUDULENT and based on shaky evidence. Absent any evidence of Judges being blackmailed, the whole case was clearly a set up by the Government. A set up for revoking my Supervised Release. Therefore I ask for an investigation into the Judges of this commonwealth and into the Police involved in my criminal case appealed before this Court. They all need to be inquired as to whether any of them were targets of blackmail and whether Lin Wood has the evidence proving such. Subpoenas should clearly be issued and the evidence documented and the offending Judges arrested.

Quoted from pages 8 to 9 of Brian’s filed letter dated March 14, 2021.

Brian has really taken jabs at the Commonwealth’s Attorney calling him a liar. Brian is taking jabs at the Court system like never before because he is still waiting for Donald Trump and QAnon to drain the damn swamp.

In fact Brian filed in Federal Court in Roanoke, Virginia the claims of Lin Wood a few months ago and said that he doesn’t believe in the court system anymore and wants a pardon as his only hope because judges are being blackmailed with child porn aka child snuff and rape videos. Child rape and murder is clearly worse than child porn, it is snuff videos, the worst kind to ever exist. It is abhorrent.

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