Federal Courts stall USWGO News Brian D. Hill’s cases after allegations of CHILD RAPE and MURDER against the Judges!!!

Author: Stanley Bolten

The time to strike while the iron is hot is now. Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News had accused the Federal Judges and State Judges of being blackmailed with child rape and murder and cited attorney L. Lin Wood as the source. Ever since those allegations were brought up, his Federal and State criminal cases have stalled without explanation, no judicial decisions are being made at this time, whatever the case may be. Bringing forth allegations that Judges involved in Brian’s criminal and/or civil cases may have done heinous acts such as raping kids and being videotaping doing such heinous acts, and those type allegations of a criminal nature regarding our Judges in our Courts would cause an internal investigation if not FBI and DOJ investigations if the source is credible. Even informed his Probation Officer of the blackmail and a possible suspect of who may have the motive to frame Brian with child porn to ruin his character with character assassination or the child porn set up may have been a revenge plot against Brian in 2012 over something of Brian having evidence in 2012 against somebody in regards to something involving Brian, but Brian is not at liberty to bring up the suspect’s name until he/she has been charged and convicted in Court in the future. The only Court not stalling Brian’s case is the U.S. Supreme Court unless allegations of child rape and murder are made against the Justices of SCOTUS. The letters not being released are not being released in case the Feds want this kept secret or prefer that it be kept secret until all matters are sorted out. This may be good news for Brian depending on if our suspicions are true, and Brian’s suspicions are proven true.

Brian Hill petitioning in the Fourth Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals had directly or indirectly accused the Judges of having sex with children and raping children in front of video cameras and being blackmailed by such criminal acts. Brian had given no names but have insinuated the blackmail scheme evidence may be found thanks to attorney L. Lin Wood. Brian demands an investigation and informed the U.S. Probation Office that the Judges may be blackmailed with child rape and murder and have two suspects being brought to their attention as to who may have framed Brian Hill with child porn back in 2012 in the corrupt Town of Mayodan in North Carolina. In fact Brian may have found the culprit but if this suspect is indeed the culprit, then it may have nothing to do with Phil Berger and the corrupt Town of Mayodan, although Mayodan is still corrupt in participating in VIOLATING Brian’s rights under the U.S. Constitution with the police raid, violating his Brady rights in his Federal criminal case, coercing Brian and using his Autism against him to make Brian give a false confession to a crime that he never committed, and Mayodan allowed the real child porn set up culprit to run off into the sunset without ever being questioned or charged. Mayodan had still violated Brian’s constitutional and disability rights and they should pay the price for it by any lawful means. We are not encouraging anything criminal against the corrupt Town of Mayodan, even after Brian is fully acquitted of his child porn charge. However Brian should sue the Town of Mayodan INTO BANKRUPTCY. SUE MAYODAN and have them pay Brian restitution as well for victimizing and defaming Brian Hill. Once Brian is acquitted, then he can sue the Town of Mayodan for defamation of character, for making him into A FAKE PEDOPHILE.

Brian always suspected that it could be Phil Berger the North Carolina State Senator and/or his son Phil Berger Junior who was District Attorney in Rockingham County at the time Brian was under investigation may or may not have taken part in a possible plot to frame Brian Hill with child porn but never had any proof other than bits of circumstantial evidence where Phil Berger Junior was named in the State Bureau of Investigation file but his involvement and the length of that District Attorney’s involvement is still a mystery, even till this day. What if Phil Berger was never involved at all in framing Brian Hill even though Brian had suspected such for years but was somebody else entirely knowing that Brian would immediately suspect Phil Berger after the police raid? If this other suspect has clear and convincing evidence of child porn possession in the laptop or laptops or computers which were seized by the Feds this year and would have a motive to come after Brian Hill and his entire family? Could the Bergers or Mayodan Police have still been involved somehow behind the scenes and/or maybe there could still be some kind of evidence sitting somewhere that the suspect may have for some type of purpose including potential blackmail but was never caught or raided by law enforcement since 2012 when the act was perpetuated against Brian David Hill? It is hard to know at this point but the Feds are weighing in on who could have framed Brian David Hill with child porn as We Are Change and ActivistPost had reported on. The suspect’s identity will be disclosed once this individual has been convicted of the crime. In that case, Brian D. Hill will no longer be a registered sex offender and will have permission from the Feds to petition for removal from the Sex Offender Registry as he is innocent and was wrongfully placed on that registry since 2014.

The other suspect, his name will not be made public here unless the Feds okay this information going public. Brian is cooperating with the Feds in this potential investigation, he is willing to disclose limited information to notify all who watch this blog that Brian may be found innocent or acquitted of his sex charge at any time at any hour as of this time period if things go well in the investigation. If the other suspect has child porn in their computers which were seized by the Feds months ago according to the Federal Court records of this individual, somebody who knows Brian and his family well enough to lie about Brian and his family. Somebody who may be responsible for why Alex Jones of Infowars refuses to let Brian talk about his case and Alex Jone’s staff like Darrin McBreen and others just assume that Brian is a pedophile and is guilty of his charge. Owen Shroyer let Brian bring up his case but Alex Jones, the boss of Infowars, likely put pressure on Owen Shroyer to also ignore Brian D. Hill. The Feds will not need to subpoena the limited suspect information mentioned in this article as Brian is already cooperating with the Feds and gave them the information. Brian is releasing limited information to us at this time, and if any further evidence develops then this may end up leading to Brian’s acquittal of his Federal Charge and Conviction. In addition to that, this suspect may have to pay restitution to Brian David Hill for all of his suffering, misery, suicidal thoughts and suicidal statements, years of harm to Brian’s mental health and physical health, deteriorating health, all of the days he was sitting in Federal Prison and Federal Jails, the wrongful Probation Violation charges, the defamation of Brian’s character since 2012. Brian will likely demand RESTITUTION under the Crime Victims Act and demand that the real culprit pay Brian, his family members restitution including PayTel phone bills and Jail expenses. Brian will demand the suspect pay him in the millions of dollars for making him a Sex Offender, a FAKE Sex Offender. So Brian will demand restitution under the Crime Victims Act, and demands that he be informed of the sentencing and imprison phases as well as any possible attempts to request parole. Brian may also demand that the real culprit make a public statement to the media and a public statement to Alex Jones of Infowars that BRIAN IS NOT A PEDOPHILE, and was framed with child porn for the purpose of revenge or character assassination or both.

See the call-ins from Brian D. Hill: https://archive.org/details/USWGO_War_Room_Owen_Shroyer

Call in on January 15, 2018, 1st hour, War Room with Owen Shroyer: https://archive.org/details/uswgo-alt-news-brian-d.-hill-calls-into-war-room-owen-shroyer-in-2018

Anyways, his cases have now been stalled for whatever reason. Either this has something to do with L. Lin Wood’s tweets regarding blackmail of Judges and Politicians with child rape and murder after Brian’s allegations were formally submitted to the Courts, both State and Federal, or the Probation Office may know who framed Brian with child porn and could have informed all Federal Courts and Judges involved in Brian’s cases to stall his cases until the culprit has been proven to have framed Brian with child porn, then his Federal charge will be nullified as Brian was never guilty and thus his charge has no merit, and this also could strike a political dagger into his Martinsville, VA state criminal case as well since Brian would no credible prior charges and Glen Andrew Hall, the corrupt Commonwealth Attorney of Martinsville would have to acknowledge that Brian has no prior criminal charges. Here is the proof that his cases are being stalled.

Brian’s blackmail allegations were brought up in the record of this filing on May 10, 2021.

Usually the Fourth Circuit denies the petitions for rehearing around approximately one month after Brian files them. This has not happened yet in Brian’s 2255 appeal and in Brian’s appeal for denial of Brian’s motions asking for relief from the fraud upon the courts.

Here are the proof screenshots of the Fourth Circuit finally not taking any action for whatever the reason is, but this has definitely happened after Brian’s blackmail allegations against any or all Federal and State Judges ever involved in “Appellant’s cases” as Brian summed it up, were formally submitted in writing. Brian even insinuated that the blackmail could have gone as far as Martinsville Circuit Court and the Appellate Court of Virginia. Those state cases are also stalled as well since then.

Screenshots taken on June 12, 2021. Shows from PACER, that Brian’s 2255 case which was dismissed, with his actual innocence claims, Brian filed a “Petition for Rehearing” in January 5, 2021, a day before the infamous capitol incident on January 6. About 5 months from the date of that initial filing and so far has not been denied or dismissed. Brian’s blackmail allegations and informing the U.S. Probation Office may have started up criminal investigations into these Federal Judges, and such blackmail allegations may force the Courts to reconsider that his criminal conviction was UNLAWFUL all along, regardless of the alleged evidence ever that was used against him. Brian is entitled to acquittal at this interval, regardless of whoever framed Brian with child porn and set him up for indecent exposure charge in the City of Martinsville, referring to the man in the hoodie who threatened to kill Brian’s mother if Brian had not taken his clothes off. If Brian’s prior conviction is overturned, then the Commonwealth Attorney will have to give more weight to Brian’s claims since he would not be a felon. That will jeopardize the Commonwealth of Virginia’s wrongful conviction of Brian.

That is not all, there are more screenshots of recent PACER.GOV entries showing the plausibility that his criminal cases and civil appeals are being stalled right now after Brian uttered that the Judges in his cases may have sexually abused children in videotapes as L. Lin Wood had suggested in his censored Tweets.

It is about a month, so we will wait and see if the corrupt blackmailed Judges attempt to dismiss the Petitions for Rehearing. So far the 2255 appeal is the longest Petition for Rehearing by Brian David Hill that has so-far not been denied or dismissed as of yet, as of the time of this article being filed on Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News campaign blog. Normally the corrupt Appeals Court denies those petitions quickly and then U.S. Supreme Court petitions for Writs of Certiorari have to be filed by Brian in his last ditch efforts to protect his Constitutional rights to be found innocent of possession of child porn. This screenshot was also captured on June 12, 2021. Anybody can confirm the facts issued by this blog by checking PACER.GOV.

Here are the State cases also being stalled.

Brian’s appeal for his Writ of Error Coram Nobis was never contested by Glen Andrew Hall, the corrupt Commonwealth Attorney of Martinsville. It is interesting even though he did file a response brief to his criminal appeals after his court appointed lawyer screwed everything up for Brian, likely on purpose for whatever reason. Anyways, the screenshot was dated as June 12, 2021, and so far no judicial decision was made as of yet by the Court of Appeals of Virginia. I am not a lawyer so maybe his lawyer could only do a minimal thing, but it still allowed the corrupt Commonwealth Attorney Glen Andrew Hall to likely file defamatory information and arguments against Brian Hill. However at some point all of this will be cleared once Brian no longer has a prior Federal Conviction, then Brian can come after Glen Andrew Hall with this information proving that he is not a pervert and politically strong-arm Glen Andrew Hall with this evidence of innocence into letting his state criminal charge go.

The screenshots was dated as of June 12, 2021, and so far no judicial decision was made as of yet by the Court of Appeals of Virginia. Both his criminal appeals and no judicial decisions were made in those cases either. As of yet.

The only case being set for Conference in the U.S. Supreme Court is the case where Brian is challenging the Supreme Court of Virginia where they were arguing that Brian cannot overturn his wrongful conviction in Virginia because he was not in state custody at the time his Writ of Habeas Corpus was filed. Brian argued that he is actually innocent and the repercussions of that decision will be permanent revocation of his Supervised Release as a result of that bad decision on some technicality and thus creates a permanent miscarriage of justice against an innocent man.

Are these being stalled or is this some coincidence??? Will Brian be given a miracle and be acquitted of his wrongful conviction or convictions???

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