Can rogue law enforcement or politicians plant child pornography? #PizzaGate

Disclaimer: All material here is protected under Fair Use doctrine under the U.S. Copyright Act, First Amendment under the United States Constitution. Image titled “Police Officers Will Plant Drugs On You” is not by Stanley Bolten but is sourced from This image was reposted under fair use for the purpose of educational and political purposes, including freedom of press. Second Disclaimer: This article is not intending to demonize police. This article focuses on the Pedophile Rings and the pedophiles that have infiltrated Police Departments and other law enforcement agencies to expose that the PizzaGate issue is really about pedophiles inside of Government offices to protect their interests and frame up individuals to assassinate their character. Again, I respect the police that follow their Oaths of office and risk their lives to enforce the law while not breaking them. There are pockets of law enforcement that are involved in serious criminal behavior, so again, this article does not demonize law enforcement generally but only mentions about rogue law enforcement officers engaged in corrupt activities and criminal behavior. God Bless the honorable police and U.S. President Trump for busting up the pedophile rings inside of Government.

Stanley Bolten,

After the successful frame up of Brian D. Hill and retaliation by the U.S. Attorney Office through Assistant Anand Prakash Ramaswamy (Brian responded back), I have decided to bring up this article about the REAL #PizzaGate.

The issue of PizzaGate, referring to pedophile rings that have infiltrated the offices of Government, offices of law enforcement, public schools, and any other positions of authority and respect. The whole issue was diverted into some random pizza place called “Comet Ping Pong” pizza restaurant that was located in Washington, DC. Thus the whole entire issue was diverted to some pizza place which discredited the whole PizzaGate conspiracy, however the issue of pedophiles inside of Government is AN ISSUE and needs to be thoroughly investigated. Pedophiles inside of law enforcement is the very heart of what some may have referred to as #PizzaGate. So PizzaGate itself, if referred to pedophiles inside of Government offices and part of the international, national, or even local pedophile rings, then it is true and is a FACT and not a conspiracy theory. There are mentions of “pizza” or “cheese pizza” being one of the code-words for child pornography (Read Footnotes [1], [2]), thus the term PizzaGate was born. However the issue involving this cannot be ascertained in one blog article but more of will need an investigation, whether private investigations or by law enforcement agencies, to uncover how many pedophiles could be working inside of Federal, State, and local governments including but not limited to law enforcement agencies.

The frame up attempts on Luke Rudkowski, Stewart Rhodes, Melissa Melton, Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live (Read Footnotes [3], [4]), Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News, and others really make me wonder if there are people in the Government involved with planting child pornography since none of those people have ever received word from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that the culprit or culprits have been caught. That may suggest that people inside of Government could be involved in the child pornography frame up operations. They have the National Security Agency (NSA) which can track all electronic communications since the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and the leaks by Edward Snowden, and yet the FBI has failed or refused to find out who is trying to frame political activists, journalists, and other innocent people with child pornography material. Even the Associated Press (AP) forewarned years ago in 2009 that computer viruses and Trojans can frame computer users with child sexual abuse images.

Now what would be the proof, the rationale to persuade readers of this blog that do their own research, to show them the proof that there are rogue law enforcement officers that have the ability to plant child pornography and can do such because of being in a position of authority, a position of respect and gratitude by the populace.

There are cops that have been caught with child pornography and that is a FACT, however what those articles do not tell the average American citizen is whether any of those rogue police officers, that were caught with child porn images, could have been involved in any criminal investigations of any suspects accused of child pornography. Thus opens the question of whether rogue police officers have the ability to plant such evidence material on criminal suspects in order to either protect themselves from facing prosecution fore their stash of child sexual abuse images, or may have been blackmailed or directed to plant such materials by whoever could have directed a rogue law enforcement officer or Agent to conduct such misconduct. For that, we will never truly know as even being charged with planting child porn on a innocent person’s computer is a serious crime with far worse penalties than simply possessing and receiving such material. Planting those abuse images can receive a criminal charge of distribution, possession, and even receipt of child pornography. That can carry a mandatory minimum prison sentence. Thus even law enforcement officers caught with such child abuse imagery will not admit to planting such images, even if their backs are against the wall because they are already facing a hefty prison sentence just for the possession, and if any rogue police officers are stupid enough to admit to planting child porn on a criminal suspect they ever had involved with, that person won’t just go down for distribution but it will also embarrass the Police Department, as well as allow the imprisoned set up victim to sue for damages and restitution against the rogue cop that would have admitted to planting such material. It will never happen usually.

So now I will give ten (10) examples of police officers and federal law enforcement officers/agents that have been caught with child pornography material including distribution (planting child porn is considered distribution), three (3) examples of Mayors or any other public officials that have been caught with that material, and four (4) examples of a Judge aka a Judicial official of a Courthouse that has been caught either with that material or even involved in human trafficking or sexual abuse misconduct that involves minors. Another example I could bring up is the teen sexting indictment of former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner, and the issue that he may face child pornography charges.

The rationale for why there would be law enforcement officials

With such proof, how could anybody refuse to accept that a law enforcement officer that has gone rogue or always has been rogue, can plant child pornography material on any of us, at any time, and our reputations can be ruined, our freedom lost, the loss of parenting rights, and loss of property by seizure and forfeiture of property as a result of a sex abuse investigation that follows a frame up attempt.

Multiple Court Judges have been caught with child pornography or have been involved with human trafficking which may include minors and that is documented (Read Footnotes [5], [6], [7]. [8]).

Multiple Police Officers have been caught with child pornography as documented (Read Footnotes [9], [10], [11]. [12], [13], [14], [15], [16], [17], [18]). Not just Police Officers but somebody in U.S. Secret Service, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and even a former top FBI Agent. SO if anybody thinks pedophiles inside of large scale law enforcement agencies isn’t scary and if anybody that is part of the #BlueLivesMatter (Some inf that belief all police are perfect and commit no crimes when evidence and the facts are different) thinks that cops will not plant child porn is a narrow minded viewpoint. They plant drugs and there are a lot of court cases throughout history of cops planting/manufacturing evidence or tampering with evidence, then cops can plant child pornography. They have access to such material, they are in a position of power, a position of authority, and in a position of respect. I do respect the police that do their duty, protect the American people, held old ladies, and help locate missing kids. I respect the police that bust the pedophile rings. My concern is that are are rogue law enforcement officers that may be involved with the Pedophile Rings or are directly or indirectly involved with such rings.

Think about it, if anybody was involved with human trafficking, child kidnapping, child pornography distribution, and anything like that, then they are going to face a lot of years in prison for their serious crimes against children. Any pedophile that has no criminal record can sign up for law enforcement training or even try to run for office or go to law school. Anybody involved in the Pedophile rings are going to want to be involved in Governmental positions in order to protect themselves and pedophiles that they know that will back them up and visa versa. The pedophiles can become rogue members of law enforcement agencies in order to have access to evidence and criminal investigations material which they can destroy, plant, or tampering with such material. There is a major cause for concern here.

Multiple Mayors have been caught with child pornography as documented (Read Footnotes [19], [20], [21], [22]).

So could police officers or anybody involved in Government offices ever attempt to plant such child porn material? Well the ones caught with such material and indicted, convicted, and sentenced, have access to such material. They had access to it, they worked inside of law enforcement agencies/offices and/or Government offices. They had the means to plant such material if they wanted to do such a horrible, terrible thing. It is possible, it is probable, and the footnotes to so many documented articles and other investigative material show that the FACT that rogue law enforcement officers have been caught with child pornography can plant such material if they wanted to, and who would stop them? Would any rogue officer that was caught with such material ever admit to framing one of their suspects with child porn knowing that it would be likely up to life in prison without parole? NO, they will never admit to planting such material, even if they are charged already. Only somebody stupid will ever admit to such conspiracy. This is dangerous and people need to investigate the pedophile rings involvement with any rogue law enforcement.

Officers were caught planting drugs (Title: Baltimore Police Caught Planting Drugs In Body-Cam Footage, Public Defender Says : The Two-Way : NPR), so why not child porn?


[1] – – ““Cheese pizza” in particular is an on-line code word for child pornography, and strange out-of-place references to pizza keep appearing in the Podesta and other leaked government emails.

[2] – – Man busted for child porn after ‘cheese pizza’ Craigslist post  – “NEWARK, N.J. — Authorities say a New Jersey corrections officer has been charged with receiving images of child sexual abuse.”

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[4] – ( mirror) – Threatening email that Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live had received regarding the child pornography frame up attempt – Source: Federal case file: Case # 1:13-cr-00435-TDS, Document #145-3, Filed 03/07/18, Page 2 of 2, Middle District of North Carolina, United States District Court, Brian David Hill v. United States of America

[5] – – Ohio Judge Caught with 1 Million Child Porn Images – Slapped on Wrist – YouTube

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[22] – – Former Casper mayor arrested for child pornography | Casper |


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