Assistant U.S. Attorney pushes for injunction to shut down FOIA/2255 cases – ALERT!!!!!!!

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This blog may be shut down by kangaroo court gag orders in the future if this article isn’t taken seriously and the Court may start coming after public forums and other place where Brian’s criminal case is mentioned or discussed or debated. Brian may go to federal prison and be killed or suicided. This is serious!!! Freedom of Speech at risk here!

Stanley Bolten,

The corrupt and intimidating U.S. Attorney Assistant Anand Prakash Ramaswamy has filed a shocking response to Petitioner’s additional evidence, and a motion for a pre-filing injunction to attempt to shut down both USWGO Alt News reporter Brian D. Hill’s FOIA lawsuit and 2255 Habeas Corpus lawsuit.

If Ramaswamy succeeds, Brian may face imprisonment or financial penalties if he files any motion or proceeding in any federal or state Court inside of the United States, as well as potential supervised release revocations from the U.S. Probation Office from the Western District of Virginia. They are threatening the cases and may even lead to threatening the life of Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News.

This blog may also be shut down if Ramaswamy’s injunction motion succeeds on his face as it will permanently have the Court to order the sealing of almost all or a portion of Brian’s public court filings. If those records become sealed, then the Court may start filing claims against this blog and other websites including forums demanding that all material be shut down due to the Order for Injunction by the corrupt piece of $#it U.S. Attorney Assistant Anand Prakash Ramaswamy the felon committer that is getting away with committing criminal acts against Brian and his family by his actions.

if Ramaswamy’s motion for pre-filing injunction succeeds then Brian will no longer have the legal right o continue his appeal of his Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit and will not be allowed to petition for the U.S. Supreme Court to review his constitutional claims. All because the U.S. Attorney, without presenting any evidence proving such claims, is claiming that Brian is defaming the Government and using the Court system as a public mechanism to spout out opinions and consolatory allegations/accusations without giving any suspect the right to respond to his “defamatory allegations”. However the evidence and actions points towards Ramaswamy oppressing Brian, depriving him of sharing his side of the story about being set up with photos on his computer after his computer was hacked as outlined in the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation forensic case file that backs Brian’s claim of innocence. Ramaswamy along with his Federal Public Defender both fixed it where false allegations were created against Brian and he had no right nor an opportunity to make an informed response. Everything they have accused Brian of in their motion for injunction against Brian, it was the U.S. Attorney Office that has conducted harassing, defamatory (not allowing Brian to fully prove his innocence after proving his confession was false and the forensics are questionable), vexatious, and bullying Brian into committing suicide (his filings bring up suicide quite a bit) like Aaron Swartz who was charged with a computer crime that he felt he wasn’t truly guilty of due to the misuse of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The U.S. Attorney in that case was nasty enough to cause emotional trauma which eventually led to the situation where he hanged himself by the neck and died. I worry that Brian will commit suicide after the granting of the Government’s motion for pre-filing injunction. Brian may even end up assassinated and his death could be ruled as a suicide if anybody does decide to come and kill him for bucking the criminals in the political swamp since 2012.

According to a filing in error entry in the docket sheet, it appeared that Brian had a diabetic seizure which means that somebody had likely attempted to kill him by either overdosing his insulin or not giving him enough food to eat. That court document has disappeared and cannot be accessed on docket to review the details. Brian may likely end up dead or suicided. All of this because he fought against hardcore felony committing criminals inside the U.S. Department of Justice. My God! President Trump needs to file a pardon IMMEDIATELY for Brian David Hill, Middle District of North Carolina, case #1:13-cr-435. I will be pushing for copies of my blog to be posted on the Darknet to prevent the corrupt Federal Courts from trying to shut down this blog. If Brian dies by suicide or murder, this blog needs to be up for people to see what had happened to him.

Brian has never been caught lying because he has never lied on court record. Brian has caught Ramaswamy and Cheryl Sloan both lying or being wrong about things. They are the bullies and the harassers, not Brian. The evidence is in his favor. Ramaswamy doesn’t file any affidavits against Brian, yet Brian and his entire family including Attorney Susan Basko have all filed declarations and/or affidavits. They want Brian to kill himself and shut his cases down. They are getting ready to come after him. The attitude of Ramaswamy’s legal filings on March 23rd all point in that direction.

This sets a dangerous precedent which will create gag orders that will end the freedom of speech and freedom of press all over the internet, except Darknet websites hosted on the TOR network, in regards to any news reporting or opinions regarding Brian D. Hill’s criminal case. They can plaster his criminal offender photo all over the internet calling him a predator for a crime he did not commit but will be barred from telling his side of the story and will be permanently barred from proving his actual innocence, for good ;( too bad Brian, I guess he will be imprisoned and raped by inmates for being framed. I guess he will never be allowed to prove his innocence anymore. With the evidence and affidavits sealed, no blog and no news reporter can discuss his case and nobody can debate about it except to call him a predator, a criminal, a $3ithead to be targeted by vigilantes but not allowed to prove any facts of actual innocence or he will face imprisonment and still be barred from proving his innocence.

What led up to such legal filing confrontation between the U.S. Attorney Office and a guy just trying to prove his actual innocence was that Brian was accusing Ramaswamy of multiple felonies in the United States Code. One was the obstruction of justice for covering up or concealing the existence of the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation forensic case files and the false confession audio CD to prevent Brian from proving his innocence in Federal Court. The other allegations was that Ramaswamy may have committed subornation of perjury for allowing his ex-Probation Office Kristy L. Burton, Western District of Virginia (federal district). He had also allowed his key witness to make multiple false claims on June 30, 2015, at the Winston-Salem U.S. District Courthouse in North Carolina, during the supervised release revocation hearing.

The additional evidence was that Brian had three witnesses that submitted testimony and email content evidence proving, open and shut case, and showing that U.S. Probation Officer Burton of Danville had indeed made multiple false statements while testifying under oath which violates 18 U.S. Code § 1621 – Perjury generally, and can be convicted of perjury and shall, except as otherwise expressly provided by law, be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both. This section is applicable whether the statement or subscription is made within or without the United States.

So Kristy L. Burton should be sitting in a federal prison right now for her crimes on June 30, 2015, and Ramaswamy should face subornation of perjury if he knew that she had already lied under oath and yet he still compelled her to testify against Brian in an attempt to revoke his supervised release to imprison Brian and increase his criminal felony score. Instead Ramaswamy has ignored the evidence of perjury and all other evidence and has accused Brian of threatening to commit suicide or self harm if he doesn’t have his way, accused of violating the All Writs Act (28 U.S.C. § 1651) which creates a situation where the Federal Court can bar Brian from filing any motion, declaration, affidavit, evidence, and can be barred from filing any lawsuit within every courthouse in the United States. Ramaswamy has also accused him of making conclusory allegations and defamatory allegations against his former Probation Officer, against the police Detective, against his court appointed lawyers which is including Asst. Federal Public Defender Eric D. Placke, and against any other persons that were involved in the criminal investigation against Brian. Ramaswamy also brought up a paragraph in regards to Brian being labeled as “delusional disorder” because he was making statements that he was set up with child porn and that the Court was working against him and had protected Eric Placke so that Brian wasn’t allowed to prove his actual innocence before he had falsely taken the guilty plea.

By law, you have to prove ineffective assistance of counsel to overturn a guilty plea agreement, especially if somebody had evidence of actual innocence that counsel had refused to present before the jury trial that was scheduled for June 10, 2014. If being forced into a position where you have to prove ineffective assistance of counsel is just some conclusory allegations or a delusional belief, then every person exonerated by the innocence project that had falsely plead guilty is also delusional and defamatory.

Again, everything the U.S. Attorney is accusing Brian of, they are ones defaming Brian. They railroaded Brian by plea agreement and his side of the story was never brought up before his change of plea from not-guilty to guilty. They never let Brian respond and provide evidence of his side of the story regarding what had happened in the town of Mayodan. They never let him confront the witnesses that was used against him using the compulsory clause of the U.S. Constitution. They never let him review over the entire discovery evidence material of his criminal case until after he was sentenced. They labeled Brian was delusional disorder with no means and no legal recourse to challenged that diagnosis based on ineffective counsel refusing to provide evidence to Dr. Keith Hersh that Brian has a good basis evidence to show that he was framed with the crime that he did not commit. Brian was oppressed and defamed and wasn’t given a fair trial. He would have lost the jury trial due to the “arrangements” by both the federal prosecuting lawyer and his Public Defender. Wow how sweet?

Here are the links to such documents:

Document #148 – filed March 23, 2018 – RESPONSE to Motion AND BRIEF FOR LEAVE TO FILE ADDITIONAL EVIDENCE AND GOVERNMENTS MOTION FOR PRE-FILING INJUNCTION filed by USA as to BRIAN DAVID HILL re [144] MOTION for Leave to File Replies due by 4/9/2018 (RAMASWAMY, ANAND) – PDF at CourtListener, Internet Archive, this blog (save all posts and documents while you can!)

Document #149 – filed March 23, 2018 – MEMORANDUM by USA as to BRIAN DAVID HILL re [144] MOTION for Leave to File filed by BRIAN DAVID HILL (Attachments: # (1) Supplement, # (2) Supplement, # (3) Supplement, # (4) Supplement)(RAMASWAMY, ANAND) – PDF at CourtListener, Internet Archive, this blog (save all posts and documents while you can!)

Supplement 1 – PDF at CourtListener, Internet Archive, this blog (save all posts and documents while you can!)

Supplement 2 – PDF at CourtListener, Internet Archive, this blog (save all posts and documents while you can!)

Supplement 3 – PDF at CourtListener, Internet Archive, this blog (save all posts and documents while you can!)

Supplement 4 – PDF at CourtListener, Internet Archive, this blog (save all posts and documents while you can!)

Ramaswamy may lead to the death of Brian David Hill of USWGO Alternative News forever, but who cares right??? Freedom of speech and freedom of press is overrated in the New World Order, in our Brave New World! I guess Hitler is god now, and we must all do what the Federal Judges of power say right?

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