Brian D. Hill of USWGO news WARNING: Corrupt Feds will Frame Up Patriots and Activists to ASSASSINATE CHARACTERS

Author: Stanley Bolten

Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News had made a audio statement on July 13, 2021, warning all Patriots and Activists of what the Feds can start doing to them. He warns they got control of the FBI, DOJ, and they can start framing more patriots and activists with child pornography if the Swamp isn’t drained and the pedophiles aren’t removed from Government offices of the United States of America. We need to drain the swamp and soon. We need to stop the Drag Queen story times. We need to stop the pedophiles in High Offices of Power because they have the child porn, they diddle the kids, and they will diddle us all with child porn frame ups and have us raped in prisons. They are out of control and must be ARRESTED and Military Tribunal Nuremberg trials.

The child porn frame ups, most of them, were during the Obama Administration. Only a few during the Trump Administration because he was a good President but he wasn’t able to Drain the Swamp. The Swamp just continued committing their crimes but couldn’t do it as much or openly. Now with a Pedophile as President, a possible pedophile working as Chief Justice in the U.S. Supreme Court as his name is mentioned twice in the Jeffrey Epstein flight logs.

Brian warns that with Pedophiles in the FBI, DOJ, CIA, they, the FEDS, the Feds, FEDS, will start framing more and more people with child porn. In fact there is an article I had typed up in 2018 about Dirty Cops planting drugs and a lot of cops and Law Enforcement caught with watching child porn or caught with child porn, it is clear that they can plant child porn on any of us. They can plant drugs, they can plant guns or bombs, they can plant child porn.

It is not easy to frame up somebody as a terrorist as the Feds monitor things and make it more difficult to ever see many just becomes Timothy McVeighs. They can’t just make millions of patriots into terrorists. Instead they have tried to just plant child porn, using things like malware or trick emails, hacking or physical child porn planting. They do these things and can ruin people. Brian can’t stand being a fake sex registry person anymore, Brian has the proof he was framed, he has the evidence, the Judges ignore it. Brian has the evidence and will go public. Bran has the proof that it was downloading for 11 months after it was seized by Town of Mayodan Police Department, from the SBI case file document. Brian has the evidence and is going public right now.

It is on BitChute too. Click on the image below to watch this video on BitChute.

Also watch the Melissa Melton set up attempt. She censored her own video without explanation but it has been re-uploaded on YouTube.

Look at the attempted Frame Up of Ian Freeman of Free Talk LIve, a Libertarian candidate. Tried to frame him in 2016 with child porn. So this has been happening to quite a lot of patriots. Ian Freeman never tried to speak out like Luke Rudkowski did except probably mentioning about this threatening email one time on his radio show, but Brian Hill filed the threatening email that Ian received, was filed in Federal Court documents by Brian and so this threatening email copy is published on the blog to show the proof that many are being harassed, threatened, framed, set up, and even jailed. See

What a synchronicity. Owen Shroyer at InfoWars, he had read an article about the FBI covering up actually pedophile child sex abusers and mentions about the U.S. FBI protecting some coach who molested children. See and Go to the 16 minute mark. Brian said in his audio a few days ago that the FBI are dangerous people and says not to trust the FBI. Brian even went to the FBI and kept writing letters to them. It’s in his Federal Court filings. Brian admitted to writing the FBI a lot and they never did anything for him, never investigated anything Brian and Attorney Susan Basko ever mailed them. Susan Basko emailed the FBI every time she received a threatening email, TORMAIL stuff, and the FBI ignored it too. So that tells you how much Brian has been set up and the corrupt FBI knows it but doesn’t care. Brian is a real virgin, sits on a Sex Registry, yet real child molesters get off scott-free as long as they know the right people. They want pedophilia to blackmail people with, to control and compromise important prominent people. This is very dangerous in America. ARRESTS need to be made against those corrupt people working inside our Governments. Brian had tried for years to find a girlfriend, flirts with pretty girls, a few actually want to consider going on dates with him, but they see his Sex Registry status and off they run, they run away while Brian remains an INCEL. So yeah FBI, BURN IN HELL FBI, BURN IN HELL CIA. Brian molested nobody. The Government corrupt Actors need to BURN IN HELL. DRAIN THE SWAMP.

Also the video of Brian’s audio statement is also released on Rumble too. It needs to be on every file sharing site, every video site, NEEDS TO BE EVERYWHERE. See

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