Federal Judges have become Corrupted, as shown also in Electi0n Fr@ud Cases #DigitalSoldiers @GenFlynn @SidneyPowell1 @LLinWood

Note: Now is the time for the U.S. Military to arrest the Federal Judges and interrogate them about being blackmailed and threatened, then arrest who threatening and influecing our Federal Judges to making bad decisions within their Courts. We need to restore the integrity of our Courts, Congress refuses to do it because they claim impeaching them is unethical. It is unethical to allow Federal Judges to commit high treason. See Federal Judges have become Corrupted, as shown also in Electi0n Fr@ud Cases #DigitalSoldiers @GenFlynn @SidneyPowell1 @LLinWood – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

by Laurie Azgard

Some interesting tweets have come out now about the widespread Federal Judicial Corruption. It has gotten so convincing in all of their lies, fraud, junk, and abuse against criminal defendants and civil litigants are being praised by people like Zach Vorhie with his message attacking Stanley Bolten’s secondary Twitter account @BenGate61221661, the former Google employee who claimed to have blown the whistle. Yes, Zach Vorhies, through Direct Messaging had criticized and ATTACKED our blog articles, and claiming that Laurie and I are being inflammatory against these nice little tyrannical Judges who have violated their oaths of office publicly in their actions and behavior.

I will upload and release the screenshots of what Zach Vorhies have said in Private Message as it is relevant to this article. These Federal Judges know how to lie and make themselves look like the victim if you dare to criticize them. We didn’t just outright called these tyrants Nazis just for the heck of it. Historically in Nazi Germany before the Holocaust with millions dying in concentration camps in false allegations against all Jews (they died as murdered by the authorities the GESTAPO, no due process of any kind), Judges during that time period during the rise of Hitler have laid down and catered to Adolf Hitler, letting him violate and ignore the Weimer Republic Constitution where Adolf Hitler was elected as Chancellor, then he became the Dictator of NAZI Germany. Maked me wonder if Joe Biden will become dictator after he successfully enters the White House as our new Over-Lord. These Judges have openly ignored their own procedures when it comes to the criminal case of Brian David Hill, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn. They refuse evidentiary hearings for any and all of his claims if any are favorable to the defendant and against the Government. Judge Schroeder had done that. Jackson Kiser had done that. Giles Carter Greer had done that. Usually Courts start an investigation and evidentiary hearing into any claim of fraud upon the court, and if that claim was false then the claimant will face criminal contempt of court charges. That is a fact that Courts have the absolute right to investigate fraud upon their courts and if the fraud claims are fraudulent then the Movant can face a fraud sanction. Instead, Brian isn’t being called a liar, he is just being ignored by these corrupt tyrannical Federal Judges. Instead they just brand his claims, affidavits, video dvds, audio cds, and any other evidence as just simply “MERITLESS”. That is not inflammatory when it is the TRUTH, THE COLD HARD FACTS. FACTS where Judges openly ignore evidence. They have done it to General Flynn, they have done it to Roger Stone, they have done it to Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News, and they have done it to Donald John Trump.

Here is the message with the inflammatory attack comments from Zach Vorhies who seems to be supportive of the judicial corruption and doesn’t like anybody saying anything negative about our corrupt Judges in black robes.

No, you are hurting your cause Zach Vorhies by outright making these outright outrageous judgments against the Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News blog, then ignoring all of the MOUNTAIN of evidence that Brian ever filed in his criminal case and defending the very Judges who ignore it and ignore the affidavits. We don’t take these type of attacks on Brian’s character and our characters lightly. Yes they are fascist when they ignore evidence. They are fascist when they try to throw as many people into prisons as possible while ignoring the case law, ignoring the evidence, and ignoring anything favorable to a criminal defendant. That is by very definition a very convincing sign of BIAS, PREJUDICE, and PARTIALITY. It is dereliction of duty of the very offices that they hold after swearing under oath that they will faithfully discharge their duties of the very office they were about to enter.

Oh so Zach Vorhies wants the first amendment but doesn’t like any Federal Judges being called “Fascist” by the common folk. Uh, well even victims attack their abusers if the abuse is ongoing and constant, that doesn’t make them not victims anymore. Any sane human can only take but so much abuse before they lose it and attack their abusers. Just because we reveal the truth Zach Vorhies does not mean that we are not victims. Just because we reveal what others want to conceal does not mean we are not victims. Just because Brian has been through constant judicial abuse, being lied about, the U.S. Court of Appeals dismisses as much as ten appeals in Brian’s criminal and civil cases and always does an unpublished opinion. It is as if they do not want Brian to win any argument or any case whatsoever, or get any kind of media coverage by simply giving a published opinion even if it isn’t favorable to Brian D. Hill. Zach Vorhies probably didn’t even take the time to read each of Brian’s appeal briefs, probably didn’t review over the evidence, he simply doesn’t have the time for it but has the time to sit around and attack this campaign blog, acting as though the judges are the victims when we criticize them or we are making it look like Brian ain’t the victim when he had been abused mentally and physically by the State. We aren’t wrong Zach Vorhies when you write that kind of messages you have sent me. It is clear that you are not part of the QAnon PLAN, your not for actual justice, when you act like criticizing Judges who ignore evidence is wrong itself, as well as when Judges ignore Supreme Court case law that other Courts have followed but there are Courts openly rebelling against the Supreme Court past case law precedents out of disagreement which invalidates the Supreme Court as then their case law is virtually unenforceable. That itself is by very definition is tyranny. It is fascism when all Federal Prisoners by UNICOR get paid about pocket change for each hour of hard work instead of minimum wage under the supervision of armed guards. Even the Commissary items from the Federal Bureau of Prisons are more expensive than what you would buy at any regular conventional store or at a Dollar Tree or Dollar General. Judges have thrown innocent people into Federal Prisons who they knew had irregularities in their criminal cases, Constitutional issues that should not have been ignored by past case law authorities, and yet these very Judges ignore the case law and evidence, they ignore or refuse to enforce a Constitutionally created law itself, and harshly punish criminal defendants if they say anything against their alleged guilt accusation at all, and that is not fascism??????

The fact that the corrupt judicial system has even Zach Vorhies an Google whistleblower defending the court system entirely including all corrupt judges too, it shows how powerful that they are. They are run by the British Accredited Registry, aka the BAR Association. I do believe the court system acts like the British system of governance. Judges are given titles of nobility like “your Honor” and are given sovereign immunity. So if they act against their oaths of office, they are A-okay. If Judges commit evidence destruction, allow perjury and subornation of perjury within their courts, then that is A-okay too. Sovereign immunity is the same immunity arguably given to KINGS and those of nobility. So judges are given titles of nobility when the founding fathers Thomas Jefferson and George Washington advocated independence from Great Britain because one of the issues of corruption in the Government Aristocracy was that nobility was above the law as long as the king was okay with the law breaking. So as long as Federal Judges are okay with evidence tampering, evidence manufacturing, perjury, subornation of perjury, outright lies, and other frauds, Government is essentially above the law and the criminal defendant has become a slave under the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Slavery is LEGAL for prisoners. When Judges do not care about convicting an innocent person and depriving them of due process, it is fascism and a new form of slavery, a way to completely disrobe the Constitutional rights of any or all Americans ever who appears before their dirty tribunals. The fact that Zach Vorhies is okay with all of this shows me the kind of character he is, he is not distrusting of authority even if that authority is proven corrupt and out of control. I wonder who he really is, makes me wonder what he writes. Anybody who attacks this campaign for Brian’s acquittal will be debated and argued against with a mirror showing their contradictions.


A Corrupt Federal Agency aided and abetted by a Corrupt Federal Court is a travesty of justice for American Democracy an Insult to the U.S. Judicial system, to the constitution of the United States of America, and to Life, Liberty, and Justice for all. It results in tyranny, oppression, and absolute despotism of the people, justifying completely and succinctly the second amendment to the constitution of the United States. There is no greater criminal than the criminal that sits on the bench robbing America of its foundations.

Anyways, here is the Tweet from Sidney Powell who is basically acknowledging the very corruption of our judicial system.

Tweet is also at this link the source of the retweet from the Honorable Sidney Powell, she deserves honor for risking her life for the sake of America, this great country. Anyways, Doesn’t that sound like the very things happening to Powell and Donald Trump in our judicial system sound familiar to Brian’s case. They use the excuse of the one-year 2255 statute of limitations against Brian and refusing to even have an evidentiary hearing to investigate Brian’s claims of actual innocence and fraud upon the court. The Supreme Court had made rulings in the cases of Murray v. Carrier, Schlup v. Delo, and other case laws where a Court must allow a criminal defendant to be able to prove factual innocence which includes a period of discovery of the Government’s evidence and an evidentiary hearings to address the issues of fact. None of that happened in Brian’s case, it was simply dismiss and deny everything. Arguably, If Brian had lied at all about any of his claims, he would have been given a ton of criminal charges of contempt, perjury, and obstruction of justice charges if any of that were the case in a legitimate court system. He receive none of that because Brian hasn’t lied, he never been caught lying except he did falsely plead guilty and falsely confess but those were not just simply telling a falsehood but when there is coercion involved like Brian would be given a harsher sentence if he doesn’t just confess even if the confession is later found untruthful. So it is a fact that in Donald Trump’s election fraud attorneys, the judges ignored the evidence, just like in Brian’s case. The similarities show that the Judicial corruption isn’t just against Brian, it is against Donald Trump too, Sidney Powell. The judicial corruption affects ALL OF US.

Then saying no standing to sue, Judge Jackson L. Kiser is allowing the corrupt Commonwealth of Virginia to steal Brian’s SSI money when Federal Law says it is unlawful for any court to garnish SSI money, levy SSI money, or take somebodies SSI money by using any other legal process. That is another tactic done by Deep State Federal Judges. To simply think they cannot be blackmailed, threatened, or bribed, anybody who doesn’t believe that ever happens is an IDIOT, and is ignorant. It is evident that any Federal Judges that could hurt the Deep State Swamp and it’s actors could be killed or have their family members killed by assassins by the Deep State Shadow Government. This is a real probability, not just some possibility considering that going up against corruption, one of the tactics is killing that person or killing their family members or closest friends, that is after ignoring the threats that come their way by the Deep State Thugs. That is one way the Deep State Swamp keep their judges in line, so per say, we aren’t attacking these Federal Judges by calling them fascist if they are being threatened or blackmailed as it is the ones threatening them and blackmailing them who are the fascists. Judges can be threatened, blackmailed, or bribed. That is a fact of any human society, the era of human greed and lust. The need to kill to maintain one’s power and control. The need to kill to protect one’s vested interests. Pure sheer corruption at it’s finest. See https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/8/3/us-judge-speaks-weeks-after-attacker-kills-son-at-her-home

This is one example of why Federal Judges have become compromised and corrupted. The Deep State can kill any Federal Judge at any time, because they have insiders, that is not simply Conspiracy Theory when these terroristic acts do in fact happen against public officials that do what the Deep State does not want them to do. It doesn’t matter about metal detectors, they can probably bribe U.S. Marshals or bribe a court security official to allow weapons from one of their assassins. There are corrupt U.S. Marshals too, they are not all goody boys who just simply act like wannabe Dog the Bounty Hunters transporting criminals around all day. There are corrupt FBI agents too like Robert Mueller III and James Comey (Nobody’s Homey Comey as what In Pursuit of Truth says). So the Deep State has the power to assassinate whoever they want, or they just simply engage in a lesser form of assassination, which is that of character assassination. They can label you a child molester when you never molested a child in your life. See article: Can rogue law enforcement or politicians plant child pornography? #PizzaGate

See article: ALERT!!!! ALERT!!! Attempted Set Up of Millie Weaver with Child Pornography

Millie Weaver child pornography set up operation target sniper

Character assassination is yet another way to force Federal Judges or any Government official or citizen of the public even to become a puppet of the Deep State Swamp. Look at the name of “John Roberts” found multiple times inside of the flight logs of Jeffrey Eptein’s Lolita Express pedophile airplane. If this is indeed John Roberts, the Chief Justice of our Supreme Court, then he is a victim of blackmail criminal operations through either setting him up or the usual tactic of drugging his drink which will thwart his ability to make a sound judgment and then have him have sex with children while he is drunk or drugged, then they likely take photos and videos, and then the Deep State can blackmail our highest Judge of our courts. The corrupt FBI will allow it as well, the criminal blackmail operations continue to NO END. That is why Donald Trump cannot drain the swamp by any legal means such as police, FBI, and DOJ. It is impossible when thoroughly corrupted and blackmail-able.

See article: QAnon dates match death of Justice Ruth Ginsburg, USWGO news letter to Justice Thomas, John Roberts mentioned twice in Jeffrey Epstein flight logs

There you have it. Judges can become corrupted, and they were corrupted even during the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Judges advocated raping women that wasn’t their wives if they were able to go in a strangers home then they can make that woman have sex with them by laying in bed with somebody else’s wife. So Judges started allowing horrible things during that time. If judges can become corrupt throughout history, then it can happen yet again, even in America. See video: Exposing America’s Unjust Judges | Perry Stone

Zach Vorhies is WRONG. When it is evident that judges ignore evidence and ignore case law as well as making excuses to throw a case out improperly, that even Attorneys like Sidney Powell ReTweet a tweet on Twitter actually acknowledging any if at all that Judicial Corruption exists in our country of the United States of America. I cannot stand silent on this anymore, sorry Zach. You will hate me for writing this article and will probably declare us all enemies but we speak the truth, we truly exercise our first Amendment. We understand the infighting of the Truth Movement. We will not just sit back and take the attacks on us by our supposed allies by infighting. We are defending against your harsh judgments, Zach Vorhies. We don’t understand why we cannot criticize our Judges when that is our First Amendment right guarantee. As long as we don’t threaten people, don’t talk about committing a crime against people, we have every right to bring up any criticism and opinions. If I feel that Judges are being blackmailed and threatened by criminals, I have the First Amendment right to bring that up without ghastly consequences.

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