OP-ED: Alex Jones is a LIAR; Military Tribunals are Constitutional for high traitors

by Laurie Azgard

Alex Jones again attacks the QAnon movement and having Attorney Robert Barnes, another lawyer, simply argue and claim that martial law is not constitutional, that military tribunals are not constitutional and must be done through our corrupt Federal Courts, through our corrupt Department of InJustice, and our corrupt FBI. That same Robert Barnes does not even want to represent Brian D. Hill to free him from his nightmare, no matter how much evidence we have of judicial corruption. No matter how much evidence we have of the federal prosecutor had defrauded the court and the facts of guilt are fraudulent. We have evidence from Stanley using Twitter that Robert Barnes is in the know of Brian’s federal criminal case, that Alex Jones and Infowars staff did betray Brian Hill and his family, and Robert Barnes is yet another good-for-nothing tool of a lawyer all for Alex Jones and Co. who doesn’t care about Brian being ruined for a crime that he never committed. They love attacking QAnon because it is competition to Alex Jone’s monopoly and control over his partners, associates, allies, his patriots, and employees, like David Knight for example.

In fact Alex Jones is so powerful that Ron Paul Forums banned StanleyBolten under the guise of telling him to stop “self promoting and take it somewhere else” after the David Knight article on Alex Jones betraying him was posted to Ron Paul Forums. We have the evidence. Alex Jones is a manipulator, a traitor, likely is MOSSAD or CIA Mockingbird trap, a shill. Alex Jone’s cult follows to many websites, and forums, and if you show proof that Alex Jones is a liar and a traitor to his fellow patriots then you get banned off of platforms like Ron Paul Forums, as Dr. Ron Paul had been a frequent guest of the Alex Jones Show for many years. Wonder what influence Alex Jones may have had over Ron Paul Forums as of late?????????????

Many articles were posted at Ron Paul Forums to show proof of judicial corruption that is such a issue of liberty and due process which is what Ron Paul would have wanted to discuss judicial corruption and how it affects our Constitutional liberties that Dr. Ron Paul advocated, and they never complained about over 100 articles posted on their forums, they never banned StanleyBolten for months or years until after the article about David Knight being fired was posted on there. Such hypocrites and liars, they are just as corrupt at Ron Paul Forums as Alex Jones the GREAT TRAITOR, THE GREAT LIAR, THE GREAT JUDAS.

Actually what Alex Jones is doing is he wants to maintain control and monopoly over the alternative media. He wanted to get rid of his competition Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news after he was framed with child pornography by the deep state swamp. He does not want this so-called martial law because he wants corrupt Federal and State Judges to continue throwing innocent patriots into prisons and prevent them from ever attaining any kind of constitutional relief or remedy whatsoever like in Brian’s case.

What Robert Barnes says may be true but may also be false under certain circumstances. In fact the Supreme Court had ruled that enemy combatants and those that work to betray the United States and work against it as enemies can be held in a military tribunals. Enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC. There are domestic enemies working in our Federal Government for the purposes of evasion or eroding the United States of America till it’s dissolved. Even Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh acknowledged the constitutionality of military tribunals. It ain’t just enemy combatants. Since the Nuremberg trial of the Nazis, military tribunals are constitutional and can be conducted under Article III standards since our federal judges are corrupt, bought and paid for, or compromised, or family members threatened. It is more difficult to threaten a military judge as military officers are trained in firearms and the military families are trained in firearms and know how to fight back. Robert Barnes doesn’t want the enemies of America tried through constitutional Military tribunals but through our corrupt kangaroo federal courthouses with corrupt judges that kiss ass and take names against the citizenry. Alex Jones and Robert Barnes want us all in a perpetual nightmare kangaroo court game system where it is all a game, where there is no fairness and everything is fixed in the court system. Robert Barnes is okay with kangaroo courts being fixed and ignore evidence and witnesses. He is okay with that kind of corruption, as Alex Jones wants to continue throwing people in prison based upon advice that we must fight the New-World-Order, get in legal trouble via civil disobedience, and head off to prisons.

https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4747307/user-clip-sen-graham-asks-military-tribunals – The justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh said that military tribunals are legitimate and can be constitutional, that is the law. QAnon followers are right, military tribunals can be used and conducted in the stead of our corrupt dysfunctional federal courts.

When federal judges are openly acting defiant of the Supreme Court, acting defiant of the Constitution, and refuse to review over all evidence, refuse to investigate any corruption or allegations of fraud or any misconduct, then a court in a particular jurisdiction is dysfunctional and is not functioning properly as it is supposed to be under the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson had forewarned of a corrupt judicial system overpowering of our republic by unconstitutional and unlawful usurprations. Military tribunals are the only remedy for corrupt federal judges who completely disregard the law and disregard any or all evidence that may prove that a criminal defendant is particularly entitled to relief as a matter of law.

Alex Jones wants to steer Donald Trump away from military tribunals so that he has to run everything through the corrupt Department of Justice and corrupt FBI, corrupt federal judges who protect the pedophiles, the wicked, and the corrupt. Yet they are harsh against Brian D. Hill for simply claiming over and over again for years that he was actually innocent and is a victim of ineffective assistance of counsel but judges ignore that too because they are buddies with the very corrupt lawyers that they appoint in criminal cases.

The Supreme Court is compromised and rarely grants relief to anybody.

We sadly disagree with Robert Barnes but if he didn’t also betray Brian by refusing to help him prove his innocence and get his reputation back, well then Alex Jones probably will not ever have Attorney Robert Barnes on his show ever again if he ever helped Brian. We see these traitorous cowardly lawyers like Robert Barnes and others who plead to Alex Jones secretly behind the scenes to serve him and be his comrades while shunning people like Brian Hill of USWGO alternative news.

Robert Barnes knows that Brian was wrongfully convicted of possession of child pornography. That is because there are pedophiles within our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, yes PEDOPHILES IN OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and POLICE DEPARTMENTS INCLUDING OUR COURTS.

See the Tweets by Attorney Lin Wood:

The Chief Justice has the power to appoint people within the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts which includes the “Probation Oversight Branch”. So if John Roberts is indeed a compromised pedophile, then he is over the entire DC Circuit and the CORRUPT Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

So we have a compromised Chief Justice over the very same Circuit Court that keeps dismissing all ten of Brian’s federal appeals as if none of them even mattered. Such judicial corruption, abuse, fraud, and malfeasance.

When the Court of Appeals and the District Courts including Judge Urbanski and Judge Schroeder, they all protect the fraud against Brian D. Hill, and they all repeatedly want to punish Brian and keep throwing him in prison over and over again by stupid reasons and continue symbolically raping and abusing this man mentally until he commits suicide. When there is no way, shape, or form to obtain any remedy there are only two extraordinary extrajudicial remedies that Brian has left that he could technically push for to restore the courts from its inherit corruption and abuse back to the original constitutional and legal interpretation of a valid Article III court.

First remedy is a full unconditional pardon from the President of the United States of America to undo the repeated and aggravated, and systematic miscarriages of justice that are never-ending against Brian and his family.

Second remedy is for U.S. Military intervention through the usage of Military Tribunals when they can act impartial and act as Article III Courts. A military tribunal can happen anywhere on U.S. soil or any other soil authorized by the United States as a matter of law as it requires such as for example: The Nuremberg trial in Germany after the end of World War II. When the DOJ and FBI systemically refuse to investigate corruption and refuse to prosecute clear and convincing evidence of judicial and prosecutorial corruption and abuse, the only other force that can try them for their crimes are the U.S. Military in the cases of rebellion, invasion and infiltration, and high treason. Congress will not hold anybody accountable for high treason because of the many corrupt members of Congress by blackmail, extortion, or threats. So Congress cannot and will not hold corrupt deep state actors accountable ever in these modern times, and these aren’t the same brave Congresspeople back in the late 1700’s after the successful American Revolution of 1776. These aren’t the same members of Congress who would shrug off threats against their family members and threats made against their children being murdered or their wives being murdered. Back then they said “Give me liberty or give me death!”. Now Congress is both ceremonial and corrupt. The corruption is deep and even the staffers are corrupt as well, corrupt clerks, corrupt secretaries, corrupt staff corrupt government officer workers. Corruption is rampant in America. One President who vowed to drain the swamp cannot get rid of the corruption by our corrupt federal courthouses with corrupt clerks, secretaries, corrupt lawyers, and corrupt bureaucrats, and corrupt probation officers. Corruption has plagued our courts and they cannot function as impartial tribunals of justice anymore, it is IMPOSSIBLE. You can’t fight a corrupt system with a corrupt system. That why Brian lost every appeal he ever filed. Brian has played their games for so many years, following each and every one of their stupid rules for fools, and they keep letting him down, even the Supreme Court had let him down too, all is corrupt and unmanageable.

No, Robert Barnes is YET ANOTHER TOOL of Alex Jones propaganda campaigns to make patriots feel that it is his way or the highway, and when you get set up and go to prison you will never get any remedy at all, your reputation will be ruined when your framed with child porn or worse. You just keep filing one appeal after another, filing one motion after another and all of them usually fail.

At this point, Brian has no choice but to push for either of those two remedies. Pardon or military tribunals on the very corrupt unconstitutionally behaving judges HOLDING HIM CAPTIVE with the armed U.S. Marshals holding him at gunpoint politically. Military tribunals are constitutional when it comes to cases of rebellion, invasion or infiltration by ab enemy of the United States of America, or in cases of high treason when such treason cannot be prosecuted or resolved through our corrupt federal courts. When courts are severely corrupted, Military Tribunals can play the role of a Constitutional Article III in its stead. An honorable military judge can try a corrupt federal judge for high treason. If a federal judge is proven to have acted outside of law and acted outside of his/her bounds of our Constitution and Congress refuses to act to put the judge in line with following the Constitution, then a military court can legally try a federal judge for high treason with all constitutional rights guaranteed including the right to a jury trial and military judges can be more flexible and not easy to corrupt them like it is easy to corrupt and blackmail or threaten sitting federal judges to being nothing more than political puppets who make people suffer when they stand out of line against the traitors.

We disagree Robert Barnes, Military Tribunals are constitutional and Military Tribunals can act as Article III courts during an exercise of martial law, especially federal judges committing high treason and are protected under the civilian law of sovereign immunity. Sovereign immunity should not apply to acts of high treason.

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