“We need to reform our Federal Judicial System” Comment on Reddit!

Stanley Bolten.

This comment I made on a Reddit post regarding the Federal Courts. I made this opinion because I have seen the riskless abuse of Judges, as with those who have followed my blog. Some may agree with me, some my disagree with me, but that is okay. We have free thought, freedom of speech, and freedom of press. People need to understand how corrupt the Federal Judiciary is:

The full comment is this:

Stanley Bolten (May 4, 2018) —

We need to reform our Federal Judicial System. Judges don’t need permanent terms and positions of office. We need term limits on Judges and we need to make it where we can elect Judges instead of appoint them. The issue is that we won’t always have Trump, Presidents shouldn’t have the power to appoint Judges because they are loyal to the agendas of Presidents, even if such agendas are morally and ethically wrong. Judges need to be elected instead of appointed or we need maybe Congress to appoint them instead of just confirming Judges. We won’t always have Trump, even those that think Trump is a great President should think that we will have good Presidents and bad Presidents. Giving them the appointment power of Judges is too dangerous and centralizes the Judiciary to the Executive Branch.
Also there is no real agency to hold corrupt Judges accountable with making riskless decisions. The only agency that exists is the “Administrative Office of the United States Courts” and they do virtually nothing about corrupt Judges. The Courts of Appeals conducts reviews, conducts investigations, and makes decisions involving complaints against Judges are looked into by other Judges or judicial officials. The only other hope of trying to hold a corrupt Judge accountable through an impeachment proceeding, that rarely happens at all or never happens for corrupt Judges, is through the Judiciary Committee. It is nearly impossible to persuade our current U.S. Senators and Congresspeople to hold a corrupt Federal Judge accountable as they just send formal letters stating that they cannot get involved with the Judiciary as it violates the ethical conduct of Congress. So they are supposed to hold the Judges accountable, yet they have rules of ethics barring them from getting involved with the Judiciary.
The Judiciary is the highest branch of Government and has more power than the two other branches of Government. They have the thug-work and violence work by the U.S. Marshals Service that can arrest, taser, threaten, intimidate, investigate, or harass anybody the Judges do not like. They got the U.S. Department of Justice protecting the corrupt Judges and the corrupt Federal Prosecutors/Persecutors. It is all centralized power operations and the Federal Courts have become nothing more than lying show tribunals treating every American charged with a crime as a suspected terrorist. They force every American citizen that is released on bond/bail to be forced onto mandatory GPS bracelet ankle monitoring and home detention, even though we are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The jails can literally abuse and torture aka mistreat federal prisoners. Make people take guilty pleas, even if they can be found not guilty by a jury or even be found innocent by DNA evidence.

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