Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alt. News files Appeal brief in Court of Appeals of Virginia proving that he was not medically cleared at time of arrest

See articles: Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alt. News files Letter with Virginia Appeals Court over Judges being BLACKMAILED!!!!; and Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alt. News requesting Transcripts from Martinsville Court, bringing up Lin Wood’s claims of Judicial Blackmail

by Laurie Azgard

Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO alternative news had filed his first direct appeal brief for his state criminal case in the Court of Appeals of Virginia. He had cited evidence filed in his case in Circuit Court proving that he was not medically and psychologically cleared on September 21, 2018. This disproves the element of the Martinsville Police criminal charge against him made on September 21, 2018. This can help prove his actual innocence. Also his appeal demonstrates that he never actually plead guilty at all. The Judge struck the words plead guilty as the Judge even knew at the time that Brian never said he was guilty and never thought that Brian was guilty but his lawyer was so ineffective that he had to technically convict Brian even though Brian never plead guilty.

AppealPet3-25-2021.pdf – Petition for appeal
Xfinity Connect VACES eFiling submission for Brian David Hill v_ Commonwealth of Virginia, City of Martinsville has been reviewed and accepted Printout.pdf – Petition filed with Court of Appeals, reviewed and accepted by Clerk
Case records of Court of Appeals of Virginia
Case no. 1295-20-3 and 1294-20-3, Brian David Hill v. Commonwealth of Virginia, case: CR19000009-00, criminal case
case files pdf – 961 pages – This is the record of the appeal that you can review over while reading his appeal petition brief.
Case no. 0242-21-3, Brian David Hill v. Commonwealth of Virginia, case: CL20000089-00, writ of error coram nobis/vobis
case files pdf – 227 pages
Case no. 0219-21-3, Brian David Hill v. Commonwealth of Virginia, case: CL19000331-00, writ of habeas corpus
case files pdf – 348 pages

Why is the State of Virginia and the city of Martinsville continuing to try to keep Brian convicted at all costs? Maybe because of blackmail and/or threats? Maybe because the corrupt Feds and Thomas David Schroeder need to keep Brian convicted at all costs?

So there is a lot of issues going on here. I will also go ahead and reveal to you the entire record of Brian’s state criminal and civil cases concerning his 2018 indecent exposure charge. The clerks office has brought forth the PDF files of his cases for him to prevail in his appeal if he prevails. Brian wants the American people including Tracy Beanz of UncoverDC, General Flynn, and other investigators to review over the entire case records in Virginia. Brian’s mother was able to obtain the entire record. It usually costs $0.50 a page for each page and is not text searchable. The pdf files from the Court of Appeals case records system are text searchable. This will help explain a lot of things. Brian truly thought he was innocent of indecent exposure and thought he was drugged and was threatened with his mother’s death if he didn’t do what a guy in a hoodie had said. Later on the carbon monoxide proof came out and explains why Brian was even out there at night. It was a truly medical reason why Brian was naked and why the police had charged him on September 21, 2018. Maybe he was threatened or it was entirely carbon monoxide poisoning or both. The records are important as Brian had been a target of the Feds since 2013 and was set up with child porn since 2012.

There you have it, if Brian wasn’t innocent then he wouldn’t have used up so much time, filing so many documents, and kept claiming that he has one or more defenses to his state charge. The truth is he does. He was never medically cleared and thus the officer who claimed that Brian was psychologically and medically cleared is untrue. They never even knew Brian’s medical situation when he was found naked, so to charge him with indecent exposure so quickly without even determining his blood levels of any narcotic, alcohol, or substance or gas was moronic. Was Brian D. Hill a target of the CIA???

Brian has a good chance of being found innocent unless they truly are blackmailing the judges of Virginia.

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