Federal Courts ‘continue to stall’ USWGO News Brian D. Hill’s cases after allegations of CHILD RAPE and MURDER against the Judges!!!

Author: Stanley Bolten

The Corrupt Middle District of North Carolina and Corrupt Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Richmond, VA continue stalling all Federal criminal and civil appeals after Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News had accused any or all Judges involved in his cases of raping kids and being videotaped doing such behavior and being blackmailed with such behavior, citing Lin Wood’s statements in January, 2021.

An article was typed up on June 13, 2021, about the Courts of both the State and Federal all are stalling Brian’s federal criminal and 2255 federal civil appeals, as well as the Virginia Court of Appeals, also in the City of Richmond, are stalling Brian’s appeals for his state criminal case of which he is also asserting his Actual Innocence to that state charge due to being under carbon monoxide poisoning and not being obscene. Evidence had surfaced in the appeal briefs proving that Brian was not medically cleared and lab tests were never conducted when Brian was arrested for indecent exposure. Somebody that night when Brian was walking out late at night naked may have shared cocaine with Brian, or shot a drug needle in him when Brian wasn’t looking, but Martinsville Police cowardly did nothing about it and conducted no drug testing on Brian while claiming under Affidavit that Brian was medically cleared. Could the Deep State Swamp very well be involved in that incident as well since Brian was fighting to be found innocent of his federal conviction at the time this incident happened on September 21, 2018, during the fall Equinox which is normally a sacred day for those who are in the Secret Societies who do rituals. Martinsville does exclusively have a Masonic Lodge and a Stella Matutina (Order of the Morning Star) at that same lodge. So Martinsville has a secret society lodge as well, so the Martinsville Police acting weird by not conducting drug tests and not setting up any checkpoints in any attempt to find this guy wearing a hoodie who had threatened Brian to get naked or his mother would be murdered. Sounds like some kind of local corruption in the City of Martinsville, that matter must be investigated thoroughly for Brian to be acquitted of his state charge/conviction and found Actually Innocent. The corrupt people in Martinsville must be arrested for Brian to finally have justice for his life to turn back around. His indecent exposure charge and conviction MUST be annulled due to the lack of drug testing when they usually and forcefully drug test every DUI and DWI accused car driver. Why didn’t they drug test Brian for being naked out in very late hours without a good explanation. For them to refuse to drug test Brian is VERY SUSPICIOUS. Then they push so hard to convict Brian over a damn misdemeanor, they are fighting him tooth and nail, trying to throw the book at him. They refused to investigate the carbon monoxide evidence in Brian’s Apartment according to information obtained from Brian’s family members, they are the source. So the whole thing stinks of Deep State involvement. Not just some big-shot corrupt Commonwealth Attorney trying to make a name for himself, this has to be connected with the Deep State swamp since the Corrupt Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is also located in Langley, Virginia, Fairfax County.

The allegations of child rape and murder were derived from the claims made by Georgia Attorney L. Lin Wood, who claimed that politicians and judges are being blackmailed by the U.S. Intelligence Agencies. Although there is a plan in action right now pushing to suspend or revoke the law license of Lin Wood, and it is still ongoing. The State Bar is pushing a mandatory mental evaluation which may be an attempt to dismantle his reputation and make him look non-credible.

It will be difficult for them to use Coronavirus/Covid-19 as an excuse as any Federal Judge has direct access to the online Federal Court records management system known as CM/ECF, which presumably stands for Case Management/Electronic Court Filing. Americans also can get access to this system by registering for a PACER.GOV account to be able to view the court filings and Docket sheet, and it is also mirrored at Courtlistener.com for those who don’t wish to pay $0.10 per page, but not every Federal case and not every document is available at Courtlistener as of this time. Appeals can be reviewed electronically, access to Federal Court records is as easy as accessing each U.S. District Court’s ECF system. Except Appeal Court Judges can even access the sealed documents pertaining to the particular Appeal which concerns even sealed documents, and sealed documents are not available to the average American citizen and is not available on Courtlistener.

Anyways here is the proof that the appeals are continuing to be stalled. Same as the other article on June 13th. Here are the three appeals in the tables below. 20-7737 concerns Brian’s fraud on the court claims, through Hazel Atlas Motions. APpeals 19-7755, and 20-6034 concern Brian’s 2255 civil/criminal case. 2255 is a statutory remedy of the Federal Writ of Habeas Corpus. The statute was created to replace Habeas Corpus and then was limited permanently under the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA).

Court of Appeals Docket #: 20-7737Docketed: 11/24/2020
Termed: 04/27/2021
US v. Brian Hill
Appeal From: United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina at Greensboro
Fee Status: cja
Case continually stalled, the very case where Brian D. Hill brought up the child rape and murder claims insinuating that Judges involved in his cases were blackmailed after raping kids, stalled ever since. See article: USWGO Alt. News Brian D. Hill files Petition for Rehearing accusing Federal Judges of being BLACKMAILED with Child Rape and Murder; cites Lin Wood as source
Court of Appeals Docket #: 19-7755Docketed: 11/27/2019
Termed: 12/18/2020
Nature of Suit: 2510 Prisoner Petition-Vacate Sentence
US v. Brian Hill
Appeal From: United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina at Greensboro
Fee Status: in forma pauperis
Mandate stayed and Appeal continues being stalled
Court of Appeals Docket #: 20-6034Docketed: 01/06/2020
Termed: 12/18/2020
Nature of Suit: 2510 Prisoner Petition-Vacate Sentence
US v. Brian Hill
Appeal From: United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina at Greensboro
Fee Status: in forma pauperis
Mandate stayed and Appeal continues being stalled

Screenshot taken on July 24, 2021 from PACER.GOV on Brian’s remaining appeals continually being stalled:

There you have it, the cases are still being stalled in the Federal Sector of the Court of Appeals.

A video had been released recently by myself, Stanley Bolten, on the old official USWGO YouTube channel about Brian being held hostage by the corrupt Federal Judge Thomas David Schroeder while the U.S. Court of Appeals seem to want to back this hostage situation by backing this corrupt Judge every step of the way and go against Brian D. Hill, simply because he used to run and operate USWGO Alternative News, an Anti-New-World-Order alternative media website blog.

Now let’s take a look at the four State Appeals in the Court of Appeals of Virginia in Richmond, VA after Brian brought forth allegations in a VACES filing (by Brian’s mother Roberta Hill) with screenshot snippets of Lin Wood’s tweets about judges and politicians being ordered to rape and murder children on videotapes and to be blackmailed by them. Brian then made insinuations at that time that any or all Judges involved in his cases were raping kids and were blackmailed after doing such criminal lewd behavior. Those cases have been stalled too. Brian even filed a copy with the Clerk of the Circuit Court of City of Martinsville, they were flabbergasted, they were so shocked that Brian brought forth the blackmail allegations even at Judge Giles Carter Greer by making the same insinuations, that the Clerk didn’t want to be involved anymore and wanted all communications directed only with the Court of Appeals of Virginia. There was a letter from the Clerk of the Circuit Court wanting all future correspondence to be with the Court of Appeals of Virginia. Brian has that letter somewhere and Brian’s mother can send it to us upon request. Still that letter coming right after the blackmail evidence was filed scared the crap out of the Clerk’s office. Gotta wonder why?????? Is Giles Carter Greer being blackmailed here??????? Hmmmmmmm

So all cases arising from the Corrupt City of Martinsville and their Kangaroo Circuit Court are all being stalled as well after the blackmail allegations provided by FAX to the Clerk of Martinsville Court, and to the Clerk of Court of Appeals of Virginia by VACES system.

Here are the screenshots:

CAV Appeal no. 0219-21-3, this was the case where Brian filed the allegations of child rape and murder and using L. Lin Wood as the source.

CAV Appeal no. 0242-21-3, this was the case filed of Writ of Error Coram Nobis (Virginia may use the term, Vobis) where Brian D. Hill exposed the corrupt behavior of Glen Andrew Hall, Esq., of the Martinsville Commonwealth Attorney’s Office and the corruption of Martinsville Police Department, that appeal was never responded to by Glen Andrew Hall as he knew Brian had enough factual evidence and legal case law cited in the appeal brief to make it extremely difficult for the Commonwealth Attorney to justify the corruption and it’s bad behavior against Brian through his state criminal case legal process from the very beginning.

CAV Appeal no. 1294-20-3, this was the direct appeal of Brian’s criminal case and was timely filed and thus was a timely criminal appeal.

CAV Appeal no. 1295-20-3, this was the direct appeal of Brian’s criminal case and was timely filed and thus was a timely criminal appeal.

The proof is there, the evidence is there. All appeals are being stalled after Brian brought forth those allegations. They cannot use Covid-19 as an excuse when they have access to Electronic filing systems. Same with the Court of Appeals of Virginia. Brian’s mother, Roberta Hill, filed Brian’s appeal pleadings through the Virginia Access to Court’s Electronic System, the VACES system. Clerks and Judges have PDF file access to the entire court records and all filings since they are also in PDF Format and not just in paper Format upon request when requesting printout of Court documents. They can conduct all rulings electronically. In fact Brian Hill had to call in to the Supreme Court of Virginia when he was making oral argument on December 1, 2020. The average citizens knows that the Court systems are all using electronic communications and the Internet to conduct regular Court business now whether it is making oral arguments or filing pleadings or even reviewing over the records of the lower Tribunals/Courts. Therefore this article makes a good point, that Covid-19 cannot be used as an excuse to merely justify why Brian’s cases are continually being stalled. In fact the Courts are all not making any defenses and are not even responding to Brian’s allegations of child rape and murder blackmail videotapes. They are all just waiting until Lin Wood is declared mentally insane or mentally incompetent before they start attempting to throw out Brian’s accusations as they all derived from L. Lin Wood. Until then, they just stall Brian’s appeal cases until they can find an excuse to throw them all out. How corrupt and wicked!

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