Infowars? Just admit it Alex Jones that you wanted Brian D. Hill to be framed and targeted and persecuted????

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Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alt. News requests Donald Trump for Affidavits from L. Lin Wood about Evidence of Blackmail of Federal Judges and Politicians


@Infowars Please stop ignoring Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News. YOU KNOW he is innocent of his charge and is being held hostage to corrupt Federal Judges who are being blackmailed by child rape and murder videotapes as L. Lin Wood had suggested.

So Infowars please quit ignoring Brian D. Hill’s case. You could have rectified things a long time ago. You keep acting like he is guilty without ever looking at any of the so called alleged evidence. Brian has proven his innocence but you don’t want USWGO Alternative News coming back from the dead like when Righthaven LLC sued Alex Jones and Alex settled but Brian did not. You hated Brian for that. You must still resent Brian for beating Righthaven LLC and not settling with them. That was why you never ever wanted Brian on your show. Oh but Owen Shroyer did let Brian on his show when the War Room first started. You didn’t like that either did you Alex? A poor man with Autism on SSI didn’t settle with Righthaven LLC but you had millions of dollars and millions of viewers and listeners but you couldn’t face Righthaven LLC in Court. That must have made you angry that Brian was able to drive them off in Court through lawyer David S. Kerr.

Just admit it Alex Jones, You wanted Brian to be framed with child porn or any crime so that your competition could go away forever. You didn’t want Brian becoming a big alternative media star did you Alex? Just admit it Alex Jones, Darrin McBreen, all of you wanted Brian to be charged with something so that you could throw him under the bus? You wanted Brian to be framed and ruined and persecuted with questionable and fraudulent evidence?

NOTE: Questions directed at Alex Jones and the Infowars Staff including Darrin McBreen?????? Traitors need to answer for it and they need to make amends and resolve the infighting dispute between Infowars and USWGO Alternative News. Even Roger Stone did not ignore Brian when he asked for help. Infowars NEEDS TO STOP THE F**K U (STFU) they need to quit with this crap.

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