Alex Jones of Infowars needs to stop ignoring Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News; Cover his case NOW

Author: Stanley Bolten

Alex Jones, Darrin McBreen, and Rob Dew (2) needs to stop ignoring Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News and they need to cover his damn case. This opinion editorial article explains why Infowars needs to have Brian D. Hill on the Alex Jones Show or the War Room with Owen Shroyer. They need to quit ignoring Brian and his criminal case because it isn’t embarrassing to Infowars to cover his case when Alex Jones was personally claiming to be a victim of a child pornography set up scheme by the MSM. Heck Alex Jones, like Brian D. Hill, having to defend himself, saying on the Alex Jones Show that he likes women with big you-know-whats and big butts and started getting very angry on the Alex Jones Show after they falsely claimed that he was a child porn man. Alex Jones was so angry that he blamed QAnon simply because of the email address being a TORMAIL type email such as “”. Onionmail is a TORMAIL style anonymous email address provider.

Brian had done a lot for the Alternative Media including Infowars from 2009 to 2012.

First of all, before Brian was raided after being set up, Brian had published Documents obtained by FOIA Request which proved that was under surveillance by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This was in August, 2012.

Photograph of Brian D. Hill, Alex Jones, and Stewart Rhodes – dated June, 2012

Earlier in June 2012, Brian had appeared in a photograph at the Hyatt Place Hotel,m in Chintilly, Virginia, with Alex Jones with Stewart Rhodes.

The evidence is clear from the U.S. Attorney’s discovery report that supposed child pornography was downloading for 11 months and 8 days after Brian’s computer was seized by Mayodan Police. It is clear that Brian does indeed have physical prima facie evidence favorable to proving Brian’s actual innocence to his charge. How DARE Alex Jones not even cover this!

Then later on, more evidence came to the table in 2019 and 2020, showing that the U.S. Attorney lawyer Anand Prakash Ramaswamy did not even contest the claims made by Brian that he was defrauded in his Federal criminal case by the GOVERNMENT in his case. Brian even faxed a letter to U.S. President Trump showing this FACT of his INNOCENCE. Brian did prove to Rob Dew of Infowars that the “Government f**ked up” in his case and Infowars EDITOR-IN-CHIEF or Video Producer or whatever he is, Rob Dew failed to write an article about any of these facts that Brian and his family was able to provide to We Are Change. Letter can be downloaded here in PDF Format. His mother is so angry at Alex Jones for betraying her son Mr. Brian Hill that she said to me that “it was Alex Jones’s fault why my son was charged and convicted, why he was set up” because he told Brian in his 2011-2012 video asking everybody to go to their town council or city council meetings to fight the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 and the Agenda 21.

Alex Jones and Rob Dew seriously need to quit ignoring Brian D. Hill, quit ignoring him and let him appear by telepohne on the Alex Jones Show or the War Room with Owen Shroyer. He should be allowed to plug this blog website Justice for USWGO dot or dot NL. He should be allowed to have Alex Jones or Owen Shroyer show the photographs of the SBI case file that show the download dates and then a photograph of the “Search Warrant” document proving that Brian’s computer was seized on August 28, 2012. Then he can show the dates “July 20, 2012 and July 28, 2013”. That date range shows that for 11 months and 8 days after his computer was seized, it can be proven that the SBI case file shows download dates that make no sense.

Brian can explain to Infowars if interviewed that the corrupt U.S. Government lawyers did not contest any of Brian’s “fraud on the court” claims. That right there is exceptional evidence. It is even documented in 2255 cases, they are under both the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. They are also obligated to follow the Local-Rules of the Court. A local rule said that if Brian’s motions are uncontested then he is entitled to those motions being granted when they are not disputed.

So Brian can prove on the Alex Jones Show or the War Room with Owen Shroyer that he is factually innocent and that would provide him great media coverage to embarrass the corrupt and compromised U.S. Attorney Office to acquit Brian once and for all.

Even Roger Stone pushed for Brian to be acquitted by being given a full Pardon from U.S. President Donald J. Trump but had failed in succeeding.

So Brian has all the proof that he is innocent. Even Roger stone feels personally that Brian was wrongfully convicted, a good Christian man like Donald Trump. He felt Brian was credible enough to even try to push for a pardon and Roger Stone appears on the Alex Jones Show a lot.

Brian’s actual innocence claims were believed by both We Are Change and ActivistPost.

and again, Alex Jones was being defamed as a child porn distributor in the Sandy Hook defamation lawsuit case. That right there is a big indicator that he is aware of political activists and alternative news reporters and journalists being framed with yucky child pornography files. It is time, IT IS TIME!!!! It is time for Infowars and Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer to interview Brian D. Hill on their shows and allow Brian to plug this blog address and allow the American people to be the jurors, the triers of fact. Brian should be tried in a mock Jury Trial and then if Brian is acquitted then the Federal Prosecutor Anand Prakash Ramaswamy needs to file a motion to ACQUIT BRIAN DAVID HILL. Cut and dry! Brian has proven his innocence. Case Closed NOW!


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