USWGO news Brian D. Hill filed State Writ of Habeas Corpus petition in Federal Court Case

by Laurie Azgard

Brian D. Hill, formerly with USWGO alternative news, had filed his Virginia state writ of habeas corpus in his federal case in regards to his actual innocence of his state charge, due process deprivation, and ineffective assistance of counsel.


DECLARATION of BRIAN DAVID HILL in Opposition of Documents #[157] and #[200]. (Attachments: # (1) Supplement 1, # (2) Exhibit 1, # (3) Exhibit 2, # (4) Exhibit 3, # (5) Exhibit 4, # (6) Exhibit 5, # (7) Exhibit 6, # (8) Exhibit 7, # (9) Exhibit 8, # (10) Exhibit 9, # (11) Exhibit 10, # (12) Exhibit 11, # (13) Exhibit 12, # (14) Exhibit 13, # (15) Exhibit 14, # (16) Exhibit 15, # (17) Exhibit 16, # (18) Exhibit 17, # (19) Envelope – Front and Back)(Daniel, J) – Archived on blog

Main Document – DeclarationArchived on blog
Attachment 1 – Supplement 1Archived on blog
Attachment 2 – Exhibit 1Archived on blog
Attachment 3 – Exhibit 2Archived on blog
Attachment 4 – Exhibit 3Archived on blog
Attachment 5 – Exhibit 4Archived on blog
Attachment 6 – Exhibit 5Archived on blog
Attachment 7 – Exhibit 6Archived on blog
Attachment 8 – Exhibit 7Archived on blog
Attachment 9 – Exhibit 8Archived on blog
Attachment 10 – Exhibit 9Archived on blog
Attachment 11 – Exhibit 10Archived on blog
Attachment 12 – Exhibit 11Archived on blog
Attachment 13 – Exhibit 12Archived on blog
Attachment 14 – Exhibit 13Archived on blog
Attachment 15 – Exhibit 14Archived on blog
Attachment 16 – Exhibit 15Archived on blog
Attachment 17 – Exhibit 16Archived on blog
Attachment 18 – Exhibit 17Archived on blog
Attachment 19 – Envelope – Front and BackArchived on blog

Brian had filed a state writ of habeas in Virginia pushing nullification of his state charge and wrongful conviction on his legal innocence. Multiple court appointed attorneys had begged Brian to withdraw his appeal because they all told Brian that he would lose the jury trial because they would hear of his wrongful federal conviction and they would not hear of his 2255 motion and neither of his fraud upon the court claims. Brian withdrawn his appeal hoping to beat his state conviction on writ of habeas corpus where he wouldn’t face a prejudiced and biased jury in the city of Martinsville.

However his petition was filed on November 18, 2019, and the judge dismissed his writ two days later. It was appealed that same day to the Virginia court of appeals. If his state conviction and charge is overturned and vacated on the ground of actual innocence, it may mean the end of his federal supervised release violation and can be dismissed for lack of evidence of violation of his federal supervised release conditions by the United States probation office.

Either that or Brian will face an additional double jeopardy of judicial TYRANNY!

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