CORRUPT U.S. Supreme Court throws out Actual Innocence Appeal without Comment

Author: Stanley Bolten

The corrupt U.S. Supreme Court threw out Brian’s third Petition for a Writ of Certiorari. That is Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News. This appeal to SCOTUS was based upon the Virginia Supreme Court claiming that Brian has no right to overturn his wrongful conviction on the ground of ACTUAL INNOCENCE because he wasn’t on State Probation and was not in State Prison at the time he had initially filed his Petition for a Writ of Habeas Corpus.

It wasn’t that the petition was meritless when it isn’t since the Supreme Court had ruled decades ago that ACTUAL INNOCENCE may overcome any procedural bar. However petitions being denied without comment, that is the usual practice out of our corrupt U.S. Supreme Court denies a super majority of all appeal petitions. Lower Courts are corrupted and can no longer be challenged in the usual legal ways. This decision makes it clear, if you are innocent of any crime your charged with, TOO BAD FOR YOU F**KER. YOUR A HOUSE SLAVE NOW, LIKE THE SLAVE PLANTATIONS OF THE 1800S. Do you get it Americans???? You are slaves now once you are sued or criminally charged under the 13th Amendment under Abraham Lincoln, which kept slavery legal for anybody accused of a crime, even a misdemeanor. Pardon my french, but it is clear that our Federal Courts, our State Courts, and our State and Federal Supreme Courts do not give a damn about justice any longer, JUSTICE IS DEAD in AMERICA. Time for a PEACEFUL REVOLUTION against our Courts, no longer recognize their authority, and time for public grand juries to indict our Federal Judges under common law, like what Larry Klayman is doing, having common law Grand Juries indicting our lying public officials.

“No justice, no peace” as rioters have claimed under the banner of Black Lives Matter. However I believe a different less destructive approach should be taken against our Courts to ensure the survival of our Constitutional rights, civil liberties guaranteed to all Americans, or at least they should be.

It is clear that just like the election lawsuits filed by the Donald Trump campaign, or something as small as Brian’s cases, it is clear that people who are TARGETED by the corrupt U.S. Department of Justice for their political views, dissent, and doesn’t follow the mainstream narrative, they will be denied every motion, deprived of every form of legal remedy guaranteed to even child molesters and rapists.

I wish this was just being sensational, I wish this were fake news I am typing. I wish all of this was a lie I am typing up, but it isn’t a lie. We have a corrupt Court System, a corrupt political, politicized criminal justice system who will target the patriots and dissent and treat them like members of Al Qaeda, Al CiaDA since Usama Bin Laden was trained by the U.S. CIA prior to becoming a terrorist mastermind. The Federal Government wants to TREAT US ALL LIKE TERRORISTS.

Anyways, it is clear that our Justices are compromised, child rape and murder like attorney L. Lin Wood had claimed. Why else would our great Justices allow such RUNAWAY COURTS that can fragrantly deprive every single criminal defendant of guaranteed Constitutional rights and ignore the case law decisions of our Supreme Court. What makes our Supreme Court even more corrupt is that they will not STOP our RUNAWAY COURTS.

Our Justices are compromised!

Our Federal Judges are compromised!

Our State Judges are compromised!

Our State Supreme Courts are compromised. If they weren’t before, they may be now.

They wouldn’t even investigate the merits of Brian’s claims, legal claims and the evidence claims. The Supreme Court just throws out all of Brian D. Hill’s petitions, simply because Brian proclaims that he was a former Anti-New World Order alternative media news reporting journalist. They denied his Supervised Release revocation petition asking to protect Brian’s constitutional right to a TRIAL BY JURY. They gave Trial by jury to a serial child pornographer so why not give the same protections to Brian D. Hill who isn’t a serial child pornographer but simply got set up one time??????

They wouldn’t even consider Brian’s Certiorari petition for his Writ of Mandamus petition.

It is clear that Federal Courts WILL treat you like a TERRORIST if you ever peacefully fight the New World Order. Brian Hill was the first test case of what will now happen to many January 6, 2021, protesters. What they did to Brian D. Hill, they knew the case had holes and contradictions but nevertheless they purported that Brian D. Hill was a pedophile child pornographer that is a danger to society. Brian never was charged with child porn again, Brian was only charged with a state misdemeanor when he was suffering under the effects of carbon monoxide gas and his indecent exposure was at night time when hardly anybody would be out and about. Brian’s lawyer Edward Ryan Kennedy argued that Brian was innocent of his indecent exposure charge even though he did not even argue the carbon monoxide evidence or even about him not being medically cleared with clear and convincing evidence. Brian never touched anybody, he never raped anybody, the Feds know that for a fact. Nobody ever accused Brian of rape. Brian never molested anybody, nobody ever accused Brian of that either. So how could Brian be labeled a danger to society by the corrupt elements of the U.S. Probation Office and the U.S. Attorney Office purporting that Brian was a danger to the community?????????

It is clear that if you ever FIGHT the NEW WORLD ORDER, you will be labeled a danger to society and called the worst criminal offender in our corrupt Court system.

What are RUNAWAY COURTS??????

Runaway Courts are Courts which no longer recognize Supreme Court case law or even appellate case law anymore. They run by their own rules, and use the U.S. Marshals and Sheriffs deputies as THUGS, yes as thugs who enforce their tyranny. These are no longer courts of law but are COURTS OF MEN, Courts of Men. Courts of Women. Courts that no longer operate under the band of law or even under the interpretation or even gross misinterpretation of law. Courts can decide a serial child molester like Michael Jackson (Disclaimer: accused of such but was acquitted by a jury, Michael Jackson was found not guilty!) or even Andre Haymond deserve the Constitutional right to a trial by jury, real pedophiles have Constitutional rights that they enjoy because they get to rape kids and the System is clearly okay with that under controlled parameters. However because Brian D. Hill informed the Federal Court that he was formerly alternative media and kept telling his public defender Eric David Placke that over and over again, they viewed him as AN ENEMY and made different Constitutional and legal interpretations for his criminal trial and criminal case. Runaway Courts are courts which no longer operate under it’s own local rules or even the rules passed by the U.S. Congress. Courts at their own discretion can ignore the Supreme Court at will, ignore the precedent of the past decisions of SCOTUS. They can rule whatever they want as long as their superior counterparts go along with it, aka the Courts of Appeals, the Courts superior to those inferior Courts, and those Courts of Appeals which rubber stamp the lower Courts trampling all over the Constitutional rights of somebody is in fact a runaway Court. They are like a dangerous runaway train which can derail and kill a bunch of people without mercy. Like a train hijacked by terrorists or suicide bombers. Kangaroo Courts which I also term as “Runaway Courts” are Courts which no longer rule within the confines of the law or even of treaties like the Nuremberg Code of 1947. Runaway Courts no longer recognize the law and the lawful authority or even the exercise of lawful authority if that authority is not what a compromised Judge is supposed to rule in favor of.

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