Who is in charge of “Fraud upon the court” claims

“Objection by BRIAN DAVID HILL re[210] Recommended Ruling – Magistrate Judge re [168] MOTION filed by BRIAN DAVID HILL, [153] MOTION to Appoint Attorney filed by BRIAN DAVID HILL, [141] MOTION to Dismiss Motion to Vacate, Set Aside, or Correct Sentence” filed Nov. 1, 2019 (over 3 weeks ago). Case 1:13-cr-00435-TDS Document #213

Supplement 2: Page 112 of 137: https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/4304407/213/united-states-v-hill/

Giving a false confession and misleading statements when police clearly break the “Americans with Disabilities Act” is not intent.  Having an autistic meltdown in your home due to a probation officer not trained in how to handle someone with autism where no one is hurt is not “intent to break a law”.   Being exposed to carbon monoxide causing autism to worsen causing you to leave your house late at night while others are sleeping, then meeting someone near a walking trail who threatens your mom, and you are proven not to be obscene is not “intent to break any laws” but instead this person is a victim of a stranger who threatened killing Brian’s mom if Brian didn’t do as told.  Brian was under the control of carbon monoxide gas and his autism had worsened on that night.  You can read more about fraud on the court  in the middle district of North Carolina and the many ways Brian’s constitutional and disability rights have been broken as well as ineffective attorneys and the many ways the prosecution (Government’s attorneys) have broken Rule 3.8 in my Witness, Investigator & Brian’s legal assistant about his 2255 Motion which Brian and his family put together in November. 2017 of Constitution rights being violated and proof of Brian’s actual innocence. 

There should never be a case in the United States of America where someone who is a virgin who has never raped, touched or hurt any child, woman or man is on a sex registry simply because of a computer virus and being set up.  Yet this court ignores all of Brian’s proof, denies all of his pro se motions, and criminalizes his disabilities.  Not only is this “Fraud upon the court”, but this is also discrimination for disabilities where a person can’t work and discrimination on the poor who can’t afford federal attorneys.  It is also discrimination on “Freedom of Speech” as well as many of Brian David Hill’s constitutional rights.

All of this proof needs to go all the way up to our U.S. Supreme Court showing even more proof of human rights violations of people with autism in the United States of America.

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