Corrupt Compromised Federal Judges make Unprecedented Move to ensure their tyranny over the United States of America

by Laurie Azgard Forget about the corrupt federal judges Thomas David Schroeder and Jackson L. Kiser, as there are even far-worse power grabbing federal judges that act as though they are our new rulers, federal judicial supremacist dictators that think all Americans belong to the corrupt judiciary with the thugs who are US marshals running... Continue Reading →

U.S. Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer agrees to tackle Federal Judicial Corruption!!!!!!!

Note: Please vote for Laura Loomer for Congress if you live in her district in Florida. All we need is one good congressperson willing to stand up to judicial tyranny to help drain the swamp. Disclaimer: Laura Loomer did not endorse writing of this article. This article was written by me as I support Laura... Continue Reading →

Brian D. Hill [USWGO news] filed Motion for Staying Imprisonment or Staying Judgment Pending Writ of Mandamus

by Laurie Azgard Brian D. Hill [USWGO alternative news] had filed an emergency motion for staying judgment or staying his imprisonment pending his writ of mandamus [Writ of mandate and prohibition] appeal in the fourth circuit U.S. federal court of appeals in Richmond, Virginia. Brian is asking the supervisory court to temporary mandate that the... Continue Reading →

USWGO news Brian D. Hill filed a Request asking the Court to vacate FRAUDULENT judgments in Federal Court

by Laurie Azgard Brian D. Hill [USWGO alternative news] had filed a recent request asking the federal court and the dishonorable judge Thomas. D. Schroeder of Winston-Salem, North Carolina to reverse the fraudulent begotten judgments and consider them VOID, null and void. Brian has submitted a request to the court that the fraudulent begotten supervised... Continue Reading →

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