No RIGHT to TRIAL BY JURY: U.S. Supreme Court throws out second Certiorari Petition in USWGO news Brian D. Hill’s criminal case

by Laurie Azgard

The U.S. Supreme Court had thrown out Brian’s second petition requesting relief in his federal criminal case, that he was deprived of trial by jury. That is Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO alternative news. In this appeal case he had a lawyer named Edward Ryan Kennedy and was not done pro se, yet the Supreme Court treated the petition as if it doesn’t even mean anything and isn’t worthy of review. This finalizes the second supervised release violation against Brian D. Hill, and deprives him of the Constitutional right to a trial by jury. Yes this should scare any American. The Supreme Court had ruled last year that all Supervised Release violators are entitled to a trial by jury which gives them more Constitutional protections such as proving guilt beyond reasonable doubt or a conviction should not be made by the Jury.

The repercussions on this decision by SCOTUS means that a Federal Court can decide whether you have the right to a jury or not based on the particular Judge’s discretion. Judges don’t have to follow the Supreme Court case laws. Because Brian D. Hill was against the New World DisOrder [NWO] from 2009 to 2012, he was not given the right to trial by jury because of his past political activism and the Federal Judges can gang up on Brian and ruin his life forever and refuse to review any evidence at their sole discretion. This is the second time that the U.S. Supreme Court has let Brian down, even denied his petition for rehearing, and ruined his life. If you against the “New World Order”, are a QAnon supporter or even a Trump supporter or self proclaimed Constitutional patriot, sovereign citizen, or oath keeper, then you will be given a bad Federal Judge in your criminal case and be deprived of all Constitutional rights including your rights under Brady v. Maryland, your right to a jury trial, and be deprived of effective assistance of counsel. The Supreme Court is just as compromised and corrupt as the lower Circuit Courts and tribunals. Heck on Twitter a month ago, Attorney L. Lin Wood had claimed that Judges and politicians are being blackmailed at gunpoint with child rape and murder videos, the Deep State has the rape snuff films on these government officials, that is why they are corrupt and refuse to fight against the Deep State Swamp, the shadow government.

Brian has been given a raw deal in the corrupt Federal Courts since his initial criminal charge in 2013. His first petition in the Supreme Court had raised Constitutional issues about a Court’s inherit or implied powers regarding proving fraud on the court. Brian had proven it beyond a shadow of doubt as the corrupt Assistant U.S. attorney Anand Prakash Ramaswamy had not contested Brian’s fraud allegations and a Court’s rights under it’s Constitutional inherit powers under due process clause to vacate a fraudulent begotten judgment upon it’s record. It isn’t an abuse of power for a Court to throw out a verdict it made when they later are informed in a filing with proof and/or is uncontested by the party which the fraud allegations are directed, showing evidence that that they were defrauded and the aggravated party lost the case not legitimately. Just like the argument Donald Trump and his supporters had made regarding losing the election illegitimately because of a lot of evidence proving election fraud. When the allegations of fraud are not contested, any good and non-corrupt competent Judge or trier-of-fact will usually rule in favor of the person who filed a motion and made such allegations of fraud. Those allegations by Brian David Hill are proven as FACT. It is a FACT that Brian d. Hill was a victim of fraud throughout his entire criminal case. Brian is INNOCENT and is being held hostage by the corrupt Federal Courts.

If you review over the entire docket sheet on Courtlistener or in his federal case on PACER.GOV, none of his motions concerning “fraud” or “fraudulent begotten judgments” were ever contested by the U.S. Government lawyers. Read the local rule 7.3 where this is so.

You see that Brian was entitled to any or all relief requested as a matter of law, but the corrupt Federal Courts are showing him that he has no Constitutional due process rights anymore. All they will do is continually punish and imprison this man over and over again at their whim, at their own leisure. They would probably even have an orgasm over Brian being raped in a Federal Prison someday even though Brian is a virgin with mild Autism. This is how corrupt our Federal Judges are.

Brian is not advocating insurrection for simply asking for corrupt Federal Judges to be arrested for high treason. Yes, I am aware that on in Stanley Bolten’s uploads, the commenter dedicated to attacking only Stanley Bolten is accusing Brian of advocating or inciting insurrection for simply asking for corrupt Federal Judges to be arrested for high treason. They all swear an oath to our Constitution. It is appropriate for the Congress or U.S. Military to arrest any Judges who refuse to follow the higher authorities such as the case law of the Supreme Court or refuse to follow the Constitution. If a Judge refuses to follow the Constitution and refuses the right to trial by jury then we are in dangerous waters were any Court can order our disappearance from society, any Court can order the death penalty for any of us even if we haven’t even murdered. The Supreme Court is the only Court that is enshrined in our Constitution, Article III. Yet lower tribunals aka Federal Courts do not follow any of the Supreme Court case law when they decide to do so knowing that only a minority of cases ever make it to be reviewed within the Supreme Court. This is Judicial tyranny and corruption off the chains, that is let loose on our society.

Yes his lawyer, a great lawyer even though court appointed, Mr. Edward Ryan Kennedy, did make great arguments of Constitutional matter. He couldn’t argue Brian’s actual innocence because Renorda Pryor never was able to argue that when Judge Thomas Schroeder the dishonest Dictator and DisHonorable man had decided to find Brian guilty of violating his supervised release prior to the State Court jury trial 2 years ago was to have commenced. That Judge refused to even let the State Court conclude whether Brian was guilty or not and then it caused the horrible lawyer Matthew Clark of Martinsville, Virginia, to pressure Brian into withdrawing his appeal and accept guilt, just like Eric David Placke. That lawyer didn’t even put up any defense when Edward Ryan Kennedy did put up a good legal defense that Brian had no intent of committing the act of indecent exposure and wasn’t being sexual at all which means he was not being obscene, and we know it was because of carbon monoxide poisoning. In the second petition, Attorney Kennedy wasn’t able to argue Brian’s actual innocence to his child porn charge and conviction, like in Brian’s first petition in SCOTUS, but he still had argued that the Federal Judge refused to give Brian the option of a trial by jury when SCOTUS had ruled that jury trial must happen for even those being charged with violating supervised release conditions as that charge can lead to additional imprisonment upon a conviction.

Brian is clearly not guilty of indecent exposure and any reasonable juror would feel that his cumulative evidence of carbon monoxide exposure would justify acquittal as would prove at least one reasonable doubt to a preponderance of the evidence but the Globalist NAZIS have decided that Brian is to be convicted on any crime possible that he is ever charged with now or ever in the future, no matter what. Doesn’t matter if Brian has a mountain of evidence that he is innocent, the Judges will say NO to any and all of it. Doesn’t matter that almost all of his Constitutional rights were violated and he was deprived of them. The republic of the United States of America is in danger of being dismantled and drawn into civil war.

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