Brian D. Hill of USWGO news may be first to speak before oral argument in Virginia Supreme Court on his Actual Innocence in State Criminal Case

by Laurie Azgard

Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO alternative news who was wrongfully convicted in federal and state courts, will speak before the Supreme Court of Virginia for oral argument. Lawyers will likely listen as well. This is for his state writ of habeas corpus to overturn his conviction on the basis of his actual innocence and ineffective assistance of counsel.

The letter sent to me from Brian’s family shows that the first case in the panel oral argument paper is the case of Brian Hill. Does that mean his case is to be first called??? We don’t know but anybody who wishes to hear his oral argument will be able to do so tomorrow on Tuesday, December 1, 2020, at around 1:00PM. It can be listened via audio stream, and audio stream ripping is encouraged since the Supreme Court of Virginia rejected Brian’s request for a court reporter. So it may take minutes or even up to 30 minutes before you hear his case unless his case will be called first. We recommend that his case be listened to as he used to be the head reporter of USWGO alternative news before he was framed and federally charged and then poisoned with carbon monoxide and that set him up for the state charge [at issue here] which caused the revocation of his federal supervised release, and 9 months of imprisonment. Lawyers are encouraged to hear this oral argument as Brian has argued more and more like a lawyer, much like former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln who self taught himself to become a lawyer before the American civil war in the 1860s.

Read the redacted letter and scan of oral arguments here:
uswgo_20201125_224341ocr_redacted.pdf – Supreme Court letter from Chief Staff Attorney – Some areas are redacted for a reason so that they don’t scream at Brian and his family for giving out the call in number which is reserved only for those who are supposed to give oral argument. We respect the Court on keeping that information redacted.
uswgo_20201125_224416ocr.pdf – panel arguments schedule paper

Since you are all interested in his case and oral arguments, as well as his position in his state criminal charge of indecent exposure after he was poisoned with carbon monoxide, his family has released to us his petition for appeal, as well as his reply to the corrupt commonwealth attorney Glen Andrew Hall, Esquire of Martinsville, Virginia.

Here are the documents to review while you hear his oral argument. Since the oral argument pertains to the record or to his reply to the corrupt commonwealth attorney or to his petition for appeal, they will be uploaded and accessible on this website so that you can review over the pages that Brian may refer to. You can also record the audio using a stream capture recorder and listen to it over again if you feel that it is best for reviewing over his case. These uploaded documents were the exact same ones that were filed with the Supreme Court of Virginia and are of the record already prior to those files being uploaded today.

uswgo_20200804_052012ocr.pdf – Scanned supplemental petition for appeal
supplement-to-appeal-brief-for-va-writ-of-habeas-corpus-main-7.pdf – text searchable raw appeal brief for Virginia Supreme Court
appeal-reply-brief-for-va-writ-of-habeas-corpus-main-9-2-ocr.pdf – Reply to the corrupt commonwealth attorney filed on record

The proof that both documents are filed are within the publicly accessible case search website database of the SCV.

Check out these other relevant news articles from the “Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News” campaign blog. They may be a good read while you hear his oral argument or before or after.

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