US Dist. Judge Urbanski refuses to nullify any fraudulent judgments; orders that it be transferred back to North Carolina under Adolf U.S. Judge Schroeder

Note: This corrupt judge from Roanoke, VA, yet another corrupt chief judge in the Western District of Virginia sends a message to the entire world wide web and this blog that Brian will never be acquitted ever under these corrupt U.S. district court NAZI judges. They refuse to protect the constitutional rights of the American people including Julian Assange a journalist who helped cause Donald Trump to become President. It is time for the U.S. Military to declare “Law of War” on the traitors and seditionist Deep State, shut down our Federal Courts and State Courts, and implement temporary martial law and military tribunals for all corrupt federal judges for their crimes of high treason. Martial law under President Trump would be a better remedy than a civil war which turns neighborhoods into battlegrounds. Sovereign immunity cannot pertain to corrupt federal judges in military tribunals for high treason charges and insurrection. Time to ask for a president pardon of Brian D. Hill, time for President Trump to PARDON HIM NOW. And yes, the corrupt judges do deserve being called Nazis because the Nazi Party of Germany ignored the Weimer Constitution under Adolf Hitler, just like our judges now ignoring the Constitution, the evidence, and case law when it is inconvenient to the Government. We are being deprived of all liberty and reduced under absolute despotism.

by Laurie Azgard

The U.S. District Court Judge of Roanoke, VA, had decided to refuse to act upon the frauds upon his court brought up by Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO alternative news, order that within 30 days it will be transferred back to the “Middle District of North Carolina” in front of the CORRUPT DisHonorable NAZI U.S. District Court Chief Judge Adolf Thomas David Schroeder. They all stick up for their own, even when their wrong. They don’t care about fraud, the fraud might as well be all in Brian’s federal case in Roanoke, Virginia, well the fraud may as well be all in Brian’s probation records for everyone to see. Fraud is fraud, fraud is being allowed by this corrupt federal judge too, they are all hopeless and corrupt at this point. Why should we trust a single one of these appointed judges? They are appointed for life so they want us in prison for life. Pretty much almost every one of these appointed corrupt federal judges were appointed by globalist Presidents like George W. Bush the skull and bones President, President Bill Clinton a sexual weirdo, and other globalist puppet Presidents. Why should any of these federal judges give a crap about us peons?

This judge Michael F. Urbanski has decided to go along with the corruption, fraud, lies, and perjury. He even declared that if Brian files a 2255 motion that it will already be untimely. First of all, fraud upon the court is not subject to any statute of limitations even if there was any from different various case laws on the subject matter of “fraud on the court”. Second is that actual innocence is also not subject to a procedural time bar including a statute of limitations.

gov.uscourts.vawd.120616.5.0.pdf – Order – backup at courtlistener

It appears that with this judge going along with the corrupt Gestapo NAZI Judge who deserves those labels because of openly lying about Brian in his federal court orders and opinions, claiming that Brian threatened his ex Probation Officer Kristy L. Burton over having an autistic meltdown while sitting in a chair the entire time while the Probation Officer was in the other side of the room, and this judge had also allowed doctoring of his official court transcripts under his minion named Court Reporter Briana Bell formerly Briana Nesbit.

The fourth circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has repeatedly shot down every appeal no matter what case law was used, no matter what the merits were, no matter what evidence and witnesses were upon its record.

This further justifies that Brian had exhausted every remedy he could possibly try and will fail all of them due to judicial corruption and the corrupt statute that was passed implementing a one-year statute of limitations for all federal writ of habeas corpus filers. Brian is actually innocent of his supervised release violations and his criminal conviction. Brian should be pardoned for all of them.

This judge doesn’t care about the fraud. It doesn’t matter that his U.S. Probation Officer pushed to have it transferred to Virginia to protect Brian from corrupt judge Thomas David Schroeder, because Shroeder is still involved in Brian’s case and Brian cannot get any relief for any fraudulent begotten judgments without having to go through this corrupt federal judge once again.

Brian was right in his audio report that the deep state runs and operates the federal courts, that Brian will never be acquitted without draining of the entire swamp including federal judges that must be forcefully removed by the U.S. military on charges of high treason and thrown into tribunals to answer for their crimes of hurting the American people and knowingly disregarding the Constitution and twisting it against the American people and to give the U.S. Government the power to do whatever they want to the American people. They can lie about the people, torture the people, deprive the people of proper medical care, deprive the people of their property and even of their own kids, deprive the people of all Constitutional and due process rights at will.

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