Notice of Appeal not filed yet, 14 week deadline approaching, Appeal to Adolf US Judge Thomas David Schroeder ORDER dismissing all fraud as meritless

by Laurie Azgard

The corruption of the U.S. district court for the “Middle District of North Carolina” is becoming more blatant and open. Under the DisHonorable Chief U.S. Judge Adolf Thomas David Schroeder. A notice of appeal was mailed, received, but not added to the Docket. If it gets filed Monday then there is nothing to worry about, but if it stays off the docket for about a week after it being delivered, then we have a serious constitutional crisis here.

We hope by writing this article that the deputy clerks will file it on Monday or day any this week, and if they refuse to file it all week then measures will be taken to ensure that the corruption of U.S. district court under Judicial-DICTATOR Adolf Thomas David Schroeder of Greensboro, NC, and Winston-Salem, NC,. and the clerks are all exposed on the “Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News” blog. Congress will be contacted, we will email hundreds of U.S. military again, and will contact the U.S. court of appeals to ask them to open up the appeal if the deputy clerks refuse to file Brian’s notice of appeal in his criminal case in response to U.S. Chief Judge Schroeder calling all allegations, evidence, and uncontested motions as entirely meritless and frivolous. Documents uploaded here are in this article. Read below.

Adolf Thomas Schroeder Hitler image justice for uswgo campaign-main2

See article: U.S. Judge Adolf Schroeder throws out all FRAUDS UPON THE COURT as meritless, frivolous, in North Carolina

Judge Schroeder’s behavior as well as the deputy clerks behavior as this fight develops and escalates, if this continues will demonstrate that a coup-d’etat, YES A coup-d’etat has been initiated in the entire federal court-system in the “Middle District of North Carolina”. Likely Judge Schroeder is angry that the U.S. probation office initiated a petition to transfer jurisdiction and venue to the “Western District of Virginia” and that case has been finally opened up on Judge Schroeder can no longer order the maximum imprisonment and ignore evidence in any future allegation of violating supervised release in Brian’s criminal case. The only ways to stop this legally outside of the law of war aka civil-war is an impeachment proceeding against Judge Thomas David Schroeder and any or all deputy clerks and any staff that had aided and abetted any or all criminal and/or treasonous activity that is happening within that entire federal judicial district. The other option is U.S. military arresting the federal judge for high treason as creating any blockade to the right to appeal makes the entire federal courthouse an institution of tyranny where the judge is the absolute boss and not the U.S. congress, not the Supreme Court, and neither of the President. It entirely throws out due process and the rule of law for any and all citizens within all counties within that district of North Carolina. Anybody who receives federal criminal charges or is sued will not receive any due process under Thomas David Schroeder if a party happens to be a U.S. attorney or assistant U.S. attorney. Brian may have to file a direct appeal or emergency writ of mandamus to the U.S. supreme court for the unusual circumstance of his notice of appeal being blocked by the deputy clerks who have a duty to file any or all documents mailed with the court or filed electronically through the CM-ECF system on If a clerk fails or refuses to file documents with the court, then it is a felony under U.S. code. See 18 U.S. Code § 2071. Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally; and 18 U.S. Code § 2076. Clerk of United States District Court.

The screenshots obtained of the copy of the official docket sheet are shown:


Where is the notice of appeal in the docket within the case??????

We have received emails of the notice of appeal, scanned and final draft, the USPS delivery confirmation on tracking number, and the proof of receipt. We also find it odd that both tracking numbers have electronic return receipt but both tracking numbers report that they do not have the purchased service of “electronic return receipt” even though it was purchased at the U.S. post office in Danville, Virginia. Lack of a return receipt after purchased, and the failure to file the notice of appeal. Both may be significant as the Post Office may also be involved in this Judicial coup, making sure to finalize Judge Schroeder’s order labeling all fraud upon the court claims and evidence to being meritless and frivolous. It is clear that this judge may need to be arrested or impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. The delivery was around 12:48. Usually the clerk’s office files the document that same day, especially when the delivery of such mailing is within the morning or mid-day. If the mailing had been delivered close to the closing time of the court, then it makes sense that the clerk cannot electronically file such document that same day and would have to file it the next business day. However it is odd that it wasn’t filed that day and if it is not filed within a week, then we start to panic here. Brian has 14 days in his criminal case to file a notice of appeal for it to be timely, under the legal statutory right to direct appeal.

Notice of Appeal to Judge’s order denying all fraud upon court motions(3).pdf – Unscanned raw final draft
USPS- 70192280000082118223.pdf – Proof of delivery
USWGO_20201118_031720(OCR).pdf – Notice of appeal scanned
USWGO_20201119_001808.pdf – Proof of USPS mailing receipts


We may be jumping the gun on this, we may not be jumping the gun on this. We will report if it does get filed. The notice of appeal is very important as Brian’s only legal means to overturn Judge Schroeder’s decision to throw out all fraud upon the court claims as meritless and frivolous.

Brian’s entire fraud upon the court allegations, evidence, and claims have gone on without even so much as a hearing in federal court. Usually if a judge learns by whatever means that he/she was defrauded by an officer of the court, the judge would normally get angry and overturn his/her past decision favorable to the offending officer. Fraud upon the court is normally chewed out by judges of any competent and credible courthouse. When a judge refuses to even acknowledge any fraud discovered, documented, and presented before him/her shows a lack of integrity, lack of merit and truth, and a lack of credibility. That courthouse essentially becomes a judicial tyranny that operates outside of the constitutional rule of law principles.

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