Clerk to Judge Norwood Carlton Tilley Jr. files Brian’s NOTICE with evidence of Attorney L. Lin Wood blackmail videos Tweets concerning The Lizard Squad; Brian D. Hill asking for U.S. Marshals to subpoena Atty. Lin Wood for the alleged blackmail videos

Author: Stanley Bolten

This is surprising that a Clerk would now be okay with filing the evidence of “possible blackmail” referencing the January 4, 2021 tweets from Attorney L. Lin Wood. These are real tweets from Attorney Lin Wood of Georgia. He had brought forth issues that “judges” and “officials” have been involved in a blackmail scheme of child rape and murder. He even hinted at the possibility that Chief Justice John Roberts of the U.S. Supreme Court is involved in the blackmail scheme as a target of blackmail. The scheme alleging that they were forced to do what the blackmailers wanted until the blackmail was no longer holding any value. Lin Wood had been under increased attacks in the mainstream corporate media by who Lin Wood describes as the “deep state”. The Clerk’s Office covered up or refused to file this letter containing this evidence a few months ago for whatever the reason may be. Brian kept being persistent and filed a copy of that covered up letter a second time, this time it was filed.

Brian D. Hill made four phone calls to four different deputy Clerks of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina.

Calls between Brian D. Hill of formerly USWGO Alternative News and the following:
1. Joy Daniel, Docket clerk, 336-332-6058
2. Samantha Hicks, Docket Clerk, 336-332-6041
3. Abby Taylor, Docket Clerk, 336-332-6102
4. Jamie Sheets, Docket Clerk, 336-332-6063

AI Transcript of Call recording (20211206222950-O-133633261020#): Hello, this is Brian David Hill and there is a particular following that send the envelopes with the other stuff. But this particular one needs to be following the docket under criminal action number one colon one three dash, CR Dash 435 Dash one notice of evidence to clerk to file regarding possible issues of blackmail. And the tracking number from the post offices 70210350000097200035. It’s very important that it’d be that’d be scan, it’s in its entirety in the Linwood tweets in color, so that everything can be seen the date, the date of when Woods tweets, the you know, because it’s all it’s all evidence. I mean, this attorney named Winwood has been involved in the federal court system, the state court system for over 40 years. And he’s been involved with defamation cases, you know, he’s been, he’s been in good standing for such a long time until they’re a mountain all these attacks on them. And you probably know why. I think the judges are involved in blackmail. You gotta wonder, I mean, you know, local rule 7.3 says, and you all know this, I mean, when you’ve worked on my case, and you kept putting my pro se motions in, you put 21 days to respond. So you know about this, you know, local rule. Seven point 7.3. So, you know, you’re probably thinking, why is it that that you sent me the rose four letters saying, If I don’t respond to 21 days, I lose, I lose the 20 to 55. But then the government doesn’t respond to five different motions contesting, you know, fall on the court. And the government never contested it, and they get away with it. And then and then judge Schroeder calls it meritless or frivolous. Look, in my opinion, I think the judges involved in my cases, were blackmail, child rape and murder. And that is why I contacted attorney Linwood and asked for the evidence I said, I want to know if judge Schroeder Osteen are raping children. I want to know if they’re in the videotapes. And if they are, then they have proceeded against me while they rape children in have acted in regards to whatever the black Millers wanted. If that ever turns out to be the case, then I have been a victim of fraud, blackmail, blackmail, I’m a victim of it because the if the judge was blackmailed, and I’m a victim of it, because then I’ve suffered all these years to the judicial system, because somebody was blackmailed. When what needs to be subpoenaed by the US Marshals, you could talk to them about this tome about when would tell them that Lin Wood is alleging this he alleged this with Twitter. And then after January fix the tweets disappear, my mom fell it. My mom saw the tweets disappear. They were censored. She got screenshots. She showed them to me, she gave me the screenshots. I don’t have to use the internet, I have the screenshots. And it said child rape and murder. So it needs to be filed in my case, the evidence needs to be looked at it needs to be investigated by US Marshals, it needs to be looked into. Because something ain’t right here. And you know it. The judge keeps acting against the work and against me this entire time, no matter what case law, I argue, no matter what rules are bringing up no matter what evidence of volume, none of this makes any sense it no it shouldn’t make sense. I mean, nothing none of this is making sense. So you need to understand something is that right here. So there needs to be an investigation into this. There needs to be there’s criminals doing this and it needs to be an investigation, a real investigation. Otherwise, what’s the point of all this? What’s the point of all the evidence I got what’s the point of all this?

AI Transcript of Call recording (20211206222950-O-133633261020#) (Warning: May have a lot of errors): Hello, this is Brian David Hill. And I have something that needs to be filed under criminal case number one, column one three dash car Dash 435 Dash one. And it’s robbed at the post office on December 6 2021. And it’s tracking numbers 70210350000097200035 I need you to follow in its entirety. Something very important and needs to be on the record. It’s now important more than ever with a grizzly Maxwell trial. It’s notice of evidence to clerk to follow regarding possible issues of blackmail. It it’s very important and needs to be followed its entirety. The Lin Wood tweets need to be put in color. Because it needs to be on the record now because of so much corruption going on. Attorney Linwood has been an attorney for over 40 years, he has been always a good standard with a state bar has always been in good standing until they start mounting their attacks against him. But do you understand why this is important? Why it needs to be put on the record in my case, because I mean, you’ve you’ve probably read a lot of my followings. All I’ve done is quote case law. All I’ve done is provide piles of evidence, even at the risk of a probation violation. Even you know, like, like when you know, like touching the court back in 2015. You need to understand why I’ve been bullied a lot the judicial system and I think I know the reason why these judges maybe blackmail child rape and murder. It was a turning limb with the brought this information up and he said judges and officials and he talked about John Roberts and I do believe this blackmail is going on. Why wouldn’t an attorney that has litigated a defamation cases for all these years in the federal and state courts. Just decide out of the blue to talk about this. I have asked for this information. And if Judge Schroeder and JoJo Steen are involved with the blackmail, the blackmail video tapes then it’s clear he was not impartial throughout my case throughout my cases to 20 to 55 motion everything he would they were not impartial. And they would probably have to be entirely overturned because I’ve been I mean if these judges were blackmailed, that would explain a lot. That would explain why I was given a bad lawyer that would explain why I was forced to falsely plead guilty. The child rape and murder would make them pedophiles. So that would explain why I’ve been suffering this whole time all these years since 2014 2013 When I was initially charged. And so it’s very important you follow this? It’s very important because if they’re involved with child rape and murder, it means it needs to be investigated. The US Marshals need to investigate this this is very important. They need to subpoena attorney Winwood for the blackmail tapes and the encrypted password. He has the blackmail tapes he has the information in a judge Schroeder some one of them, it needs to be revealed it needs to be brought up because these people have made me suffer all these years and given me prefold almost to preform and jokes and kept throwing me in jail. If they’re the ones blackmailed it needs to be exposed. Now, God bless you

AI Transcript of Call recording (20211206222108-O-1336332605800) (Warning: May have a lot of errors): Hello Joy Daniel. There is a envelopes that has arrived at the post office that has a pleading that needs to be fouled. It was received December 6 at 11am and it’s seven zero to 10350000097200035. And the plane that I need you to file on criminal case number one, colon one three dash car Dash 435 Dash one. Its notice of evidence to clerk to file regarding possible issues of blackmail. It needs to be put on the record. It’s about time that it needs to be done because attorney Lim wood has been the attorney in Georgia for over 40 years in has been involved in litigation of defamation cases. So he knows what is defamation and what is not. And he had alleged that judges and officials were involved in blackmail schemes of child rape and murder and joy Daniel, I think that’s the reason why I’ve been losing this whole time in in the US District Court for the judge Schroeder no Steen. I think the whole reason why I’ve been losing this entire time is because the judges may have raped children now I don’t have a phone of evidence yet because he’s got the black male videotapes, Lin Wood attorney Linwood, I think US Marshals need to look into this. If they have any kind of honor left, I think the US Marshals need to look into this they need to subpoena Lin Wood of law enforcement and they need to make sure that the blackmail videotapes are thoroughly investigated looked at into if the judges Schroeder know Steen are involved in the blackmail videotapes I need to have my cases thrown out of court than any be completely overturned. So please file this notice please file the evidence in it in its entirety and uncover please I beg of you, because this blackmail stuff makes complete sense to me why kept losing and why no matter what I argued a kept losing something like this doesn’t just happen unless they’ve blackmail the judges or brought them or threatened them. I’m sure you might know more things than I do.

What is interesting was that none of the named judicial staff who Brian phone called had filed his pleading as Brian had requested but someone of the Judicial staff who Brian had not phone called but Brian’s call did influenced that his pleading be filed yesterday, on December 7, 2021. Not Joy Daniel, not Samantha Hicks, not Abby Taylor, and not Jamie Sheets either. It was Leah Garland, who works under the Federal Judge Norwood Carlton Tilley Junior. She is the Case Manager for Judge Tilley.

She was a deputy Clerk but at some point had changed her position of employment from being a Deputy Clerk to becoming a case manager or law clerk to the Hon. Norwood Carlton Tilley Junior. This judge is in the Greensboro, North Carolina Federal Court building.

What is also interesting is that there was no Mandamus Petition naming Hon. Norwood Carlton Tilley Junior as to receive a copy of Brian’s “Petition for Rehearing” for the Supreme Court. It was only naming Hon. Thomas David Schroeder, Hon. William Lindsey Osteen Junior, and Hon.Magistrate Joe Webster. So how did the Law Clerk or Case Manager for the Hon. Judge Tilley Junior get ahold of the filings meant for the two judges and one Magistrate? Why did the four deputy Clerks not file the pleading instead? It is clear that Brian’s phone calls did cause the filing to be made on PACER and CourtListener the next day. Gotta wonder who and why? That issue ain’t really important. At least it is filed though. That is what is important.

A lot of interesting coincidences or maybe not??? Whatever is going on behind the scenes of the Federal Court System, I am definitely sure that there are folks in the U.S. District Court concerned about the blackmail of child rape and murder. Could be a power struggle, could be a soft civil war going on inside of the Federal Courts right now. Whatever the case is, it is all interesting indeed. We will see what happens.

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