8Kun/8Chan mysteriously shuts down, their website cannot be accessed at this time, may be permanent; May be the purge and mop-up of QAnon content

Author: Stanley Bolten

Note as of July 27, 2021 10:03PM: It is back up, something weird popped up but never got a screenshot of it, See the bottom of article for screenshot proving that 8kun is back up and running.

Received word from a GAB.com user, that 8Chan which had became 8Kun, it’s web server have been down and not operational without explanation as of yet. The Gab user said “Be advised. The board is down. QResearch is under attack.” and it could have been by DDoS attacks as was common with USWGO ALternative News, prior to Brian being framed with child porn his website at uswgo.com received traffic spikes which Brian assumed his web host didn’t like the traffic spikes and used that to suspend his website and demand more money, but later on Brian figured out that it was DDoS attacks that were meant to look like traffic spikes to his website. So QResearch was likely taken down by DDoS hacker attacks. 8Kun which was 8Chan was a chan board website where the infamous QAnon postings have been done for years while President Donald Trump was in office from 2017 to the end of his first term in January, 2021. 8Kun was where information/intelligence drops (some with code words and code language) by the so-called QAnon using the same tripcode and sometimes posts come in which may have been another tripcode but were also examined by the researchers and Anons who followed the political movement of QAnon. QAnon is not the name of the real group, but was a name or nickname that described such group, as Q level is a security clearance in the Intelligence services of the United States Military, and the “Anons” were there online to interact with the Q poster on there and each QAnon post with the letter “Q” was considered a Q Drop. That is pretty much what I believe describes this political movement, based on that. If I am slightly off on that, please advise via comments. Worldwide was QAnon supported, from Japan to Europe to Africa, so many people worldwide had followed QAnon and there were hundreds to thousands upon thousands of QAnon supporting tweets, this I had personally witnessed, even QAnon-Army QArmy Japan twitter accounts. Can’t show any of that to you because they were all purged from Twitter after the January 6, 2021 incident. May still be found via Wayback Machine somewhere.

This isn’t the first electronic attack on QAnon documented on this blog: Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News. In fact the attempted child pornography frame up against Alex Jones in 2019, used a email address at OnionMail with “qanon” username, and OnionMail which is similar to TORMAIL where anybody can create an anonymous email account and create any username for such email account if that username was not yet already taken. Somebody created the email address qanon@onionmail.info (that email was shown in the U.S. Attorney’s letter to Alex Jones’s attorney Norm Pattis and the prosecuting Attorney Chris Mattei) in an attempt to frame QAnon with sending child pornography to Alex Jones in a malware attempt. Alex Jones even verbally said in 2019, probably in the presence of Attorney Norm Pattis, Alex said that it was “QAnon” and he blamed QAnon for the attack, even though QAnon has no known email address and cannot be interacted with other than 8Kun/8Chan which can be heavily moderated. So there was an attempt to frame their identity, and this of course was not the first child porn email sending campaign stealing other people’s identities. This happened to Melissa Melton and Aaron Dykes, her name is now Melissa Dykes after she married Arron Dykes. She used to work for Infowars.com but had quit in 2013. Aaron Dykes also worked for Infowars but also had quit working for Alex Jones in 2013.

In the attack on Melissa Melton, like many other child porn set up attempts by usage of TORMAIL, they all use what amounts to that of stolen identity and then attempted to send child porn using fake identities in an attempt to smear them and ruin their characters and possibly set up the victims as well as child porn possessors in an attempt to bring Federal or State child pornography charges against them. It is a very dirty sinister trick, and they did IN FACT attempt to frame QANON as a culprit in 2019 against Alex Jones who bashes QAnon a lot, so it makes the smear campaign a little more effective to those who worship Alex Jones and Infowars. They will instantly start blaming QAnon because Alex Jones declared that to be so.

The mainstream corporate media and Alex Jones are both attacking QAnon viciously. QAnon is the most attacked political group of all time, you don’t even have to read this article to believe it. Why would QAnon be the most attacked political group in world history???

Then another media outlet attempted to smear QAnon as a pedophile-ran operation, even though that is the opposite of what they were against for years. They were for God and Jesus Christ, even though God, Jesus, and the Bible spoke against pedophilia and about tying a Mill-Stone around the neck and thrown into the sea for those who harm the children of God. So they were Christians, the so-called QAnons, so why would they be for pedophilia??? Unfortunately this is yet another smear campaign to attack QAnon aka QAnonymous.

Now the server is down, 8kun which officially posts the QAnon drops, aka posts from QAnon and the QAnon posters using the usual tripcode to verify that each Q-Drop, aka information dropped on 8Chan/8Kun by QAnon.

What does this mean??? Is this the sealing of the grave of QAnon??? Has QAnon been sentenced to Internet Obliteration??? Is this the end of QAnon and Q-Research from 8Kun/8chan??? Has the Deep State Cabal aka the Swamp targeted QAnon and 8Kun forever under the Biden Administration or Deep State people still infiltrated the branches of the U.S. Military??? Has QAnon been destroyed???

Submission Statement: This article is not a paid endorsement, we do not have relationship with 8kun/8chan. We ever were censored off of 8kun but we still are standing up for 8kun because if they go down, then our blog goes down next. Then your blog goes down next. I am standing up for 8kun even though they censored the justice blog and censored posts about Brian’s wrongful conviction, we will still stand up for 8kun because there is a bigger picture to all of this. The new conspiracy of websites being shut down, popular websites being shut offline, possibly for good to purge any remaining information. Then they start purging more and more, then they purge adult content like Lewd Idol Project, they start purging any other adult content, then they purge nudism, then they purge history websites and anything about the founding fathers of America, then more gets purged, then any remaining porn gets purged, then the Internet becomes like Cable Television or Satellite Television. Everything will be controlled right down to the wire. Comments will be removed off of every news website and all news outlets become paywalls to make distribution of information impossible. Then they can sue people for copyright infringement if they ever show anything from the Paywall websites. I was worried about all of this, the child porn set up against Brian, the Righthaven LLC copyright lawsuit against him. He knew this was all an attempt to control information online, character assassinations, bring in Artificial Intelligence and then posts and images can removed within seconds to minutes after being analyzed by a AI robot. We ask Conspiracy to allow this article and any other from our blog while the censorship is still not fully conducted yet, or maybe it is too freaking late.


Somebody on Reddit claimed the website is still up, I cannot access it and the Gab user Ephraim319A cannot access 8kun. We will see if others can access this site or not.

Screenshot taken ‎Tuesday, ‎July ‎27, ‎2021, ‏‎10:04:04 PM

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