Ali Alexander joins the political character assassins against news reporter Millie Weaver; blocks Stanley Bolten from his Twitter page without explanation

by Laurie Azgard

Ali Alexander has also shown his true colors in attacking Millie Weaver and then blocking Stanley Bolten from viewing his tweets on Twitter. He has shown that he ain’t a true patriot when he blocks people for no reason which is stirring up anger and hatred, the infighting to attempt to destroy Millie Weaver just like with Brian D. Hill before he had falsely plead guilty.

Stanley Bolten responded and made tweets attacking Ali Alexander in response since Ali won’t even let him see his tweets and won’t even let him respond to the block.

Then he also runs around making baseless allegations which doesn’t even make any sense, like Ali Alexander is some kind of conspiracy theorist.

First of all, Gavin Wince has his own Twitter account and there is no need to run Millie Weaver’s own account. She is very popular on Twitter so why does she need Gavin’s help with fighting her own battles?

Millie Weaver responds to Ali Alexander’s conspiracy theories about Gavin Wince logs into Millie Weaver’s account to play possum, lol.

The fact that Stanley Bolten reacted in such an angry and hateful way for being blocked by Ali Alexander without an explanation shows how he is acting paranoid, acting as though peoplemay be out to get him that he feels the need to block random Twitter accounts on side with Millie Weaver against Infowars and it’s defenders.

These are the very same tactics that were used against Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news. First there was infighting, then an Infowars associate attempting to delete one of USWGO Brian Hill’s Facebook pages while Brian sat in jail on suicide watch when he had almost killed himself after being arrested by an agent of Department of Homeland Security. So the infighting started, then it led to the support group claiming that Brian’s family were “actors” and then it led to the Brian D. Hill support group being dissolved. After that Brian and his family had no legal resources to acquit Brian and he falsely plead guilty months later or would have faced possible decades in federal prison without parole.

So Stanley had decided to issue the warning to Kaitlin Bennett one of Alex Jones’s associates.

Ali Alexander blocked Stanley so I doubt that he would even see this warning, how ironic, blocking somebody who never even attacked him. Ali Alexander is such a coward that he would block somebody from Twitter who he doesn’t even know. Ali sides with the liars and betrayers at Infowars. Ali is not a patriot but a deceiver. He blocks people who may challenge him on anything he says or believes. What a nice guy!

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