LEAK: Rob Dew of Infowars looked into innocent man Brian D. Hill case, did nothing afterwards

by Laurie Azgard

NOTE: The read receipt of the email from Rob Dew to Stanley Bolten will take time to find before being forwarded to me. Once it is located, it will be posted here or at least the screenshot will be posted here for proof.

This website had warned Infowars that they will be exposed if they continue ignoring patriots like Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news and defaming Millie Weaver.

Now screenshots have been emailed to me where Stanley Bolten had text messaged Rob Dew of Infowars, and Rob Dew agreed to look at the information after emailing his email address robd@infowars.com. He sent back a read receipt proving that he had at least opened up the email from Stanley Bolten and then sent back a email confirming receipt of the email. That message will be posted to this article at a later time.

For now here are the screenshots:

There you have it. Here is a transcript of those images:

TO (512) 825-** Jan 9, 1:24 PM: Brian wanted me to text this to you. You said to Brian that if he gets evidence that the Government has fked up in his case that an article may be written. Brian has evidence of fraud upon the court and actual innocence. The Judge had ignored the fraud upon the court motions and took no action on any of them but rules more instantly on any other motion . Any motions regarding fraud upon the court are ignored by this federal judge because it concerns the fraud by the US attorney.

First message

TO (512) 825-**** Jan 9, 2:01 PM: Brian has the proof on court record. The US attorney didn’t contest any of the fraud upon the court motions when given a response deadline by the Clerk who filed the documents. The US attorney has even lied in response to the Writ of Mandamus that Brian has no proof of fraud at all. I can email it all to Paul Joseph Watson. The court documents are mirrored onto courtlistener.com. Brian was set up with CP just like Alex Jones and Stewart Rhodes and others. The SBI forensic report had been destroyed by the US attorney office in the Federal FOIA lawsuit. There is also pending appeals including Writ of Mandamus in 2255 case but the tyrannical Federal Judge dismissed USWGO Brian Hill’s 2255 case despite the pending fraud upon the court motions left without a ruling. They have been caught up in their own corruption.

second message

FROM (512) 825-**** Jan 9, 2:04 PM: Hi you can email me robd@infowars.com

third message

TO (512) 825-**** Jan 9, 2:04 PM: thanks

fourth message

TO (512) 825-**** Jan 9, 2:53 PM: Email sent under subject: US Attorney Fraud Upon the Court Uncontested, email StanleyBolten@protonmail.com. Brian also filed a declaration in the Roger Stone case and was approved by Berman Jackson which was surprising. All factual evidence is in that email from federal court documents obtained from pacer.gov.

fifth message

TO (512) 825-**** Jan 12, 3:30 AM: Hope the information isn’t overwhelming. I tried to link directly to the court documents and tried to be as brief as possible.

sixth message

There you have it. Rob Dew never appeared to have sent any more text messages. He just accepts the information and then it just sits there and probably never gets investigated by the Infowars crew.

There you have it.

Infowars will not cover Brian’s case no matter what evidence he has to present, no matter what evidence his friends or family have to present. Infowars just sits on it and doesn’t care. Yet Brian used to be all in some Infowars articles.

Brian even had his photo taken with Alex Jones in the Hyatt Place hotel in Chantilly, Virginia, in June, 2012. Alex knew who Brian was, he cannot deny it.

There is the proof, Infowars knew about Brian D. Hill enough where a portion of the articles and research by USWGO alternative news was syndicated to Infowars.com, and then of course one article about the DHS fusion center documents that was retrieved from a FOIA request.

Rob Dew didn’t even have an article written like he told Brian at one time, that if the “government f**ked up” they will or may write an article about his case. It doesn’t matter how much evidence Brian finds and presents, Infowars will never cover Brian’s story. If they are willing to turn their backs on Millie Weaver days after her arrest and delete all of her content from Banned.video, then she is not alone. They did this to Brian and Brian never actually appeared as a special guest on the Alex Jones show so he was easy to be forgotten and disappear. It is more difficult for Millie Weaver to be forgotten by all of the Alex Jones listeners and watchers so he has to defame her enough until nobody likes her anymore, and then she slowly fades away and becomes a felon, just like Brian.

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