Alex Jones announces he will scrub Millie Weaver content from Anti-Censorship platform, contradicting himself; saying Bon Voyage Millie!

by Laurie Azgard

Alex Jones, a prominent alternative media activist who decried censorship of Infowars material on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube has now shown his true colors, and vows to delete all Millie Weaver content including her documentary Shadowgate on

It should also be interesting to note that while he verbally attacks all of the censorship of Infowars content and material of his news reporters, he is now engaging in such a open desire to delete her entire channel of interviews, exclusive reports, investigative news reports, any other good content that Millie Weaver had brought to light from the shadow of darkness. So Alex Jones has shown that he is a true hypocrite like the pharisees of the Bible with Jesus. Alex Jones is a true hypocrite that decries censorship by other big tech platforms but then vows to delete her channel and all content within including her “Shadowgate” documentary. So Alex Jones is very well into censorship when he decries it. Wonder why Donald Trump doesn’t even mention anything about Alex Jones ever since he became President, maybe because Donald Trump had learned what a fake person and a liar Alex Jones truly is. A president can investigate things like Mossad connections and can get access to intelligence materials that the average American citizen does not have access to, including whether or not Alex Jones is a CIA controlled opposition asset.

Here is a rough transcript of what was said on that segment of the Alex Jones show dated August 21, 2020:

But first let me bring up something here that I owe the listeners.
I didn’t tell Millie Weaver yesterday that I was no longer going to work with her after working with her for about 8 years because of the film Shadowgate. It was when the Shadowgate film got released, I didn’t know what was in it, and then somebody they sent over to the office was saying things that I knew were patently not true and when we brought up the things that weren’t true about what he said on air about Roger Stone working with General Jones and all this stuff. I tried to respond to them and they just acted like I was crazy.
So then I saw on the internet researching the people they’re are involved in, I was so blown away by it that I was like this is so bad that if I talk about this the media is gonna attack me for it. But if I don’t talk about it I’m covering something up, and so I’m going to talk about it. That’s how I work.
I don’t know what Millie’s into, I wanna think she is a good person, but the people that she’s involved with are some serious people. I’ll leave it at that. They been like sending us Punisher images on Twitter, like that threatens us, like when people threaten us we get scared or whatever the Punisher does, okay great.
So I’ll probably go further now because of that, because you did that, that’s a rule I have, but if you go to, I’m not gonna cover this ever again, I’m not gonna respond to it, the full Shadowgate film now has a write up that I wrote this morning and then links to what Katelyn Bennet put out separately from her own research that we found at the best of our own belief is accurate about the people that are involved. So we’re not cupling, ah decupling because of her getting arrested for reportedly a scuff up with a broken phone with her mom, and it is not because of the film Shadowgate, it’s because once the film came out people are like you know who these people are and then separately they were attacking us at the same time so I went and looked and I had it checked by experts and it was just like are you kidding me. But this is what attaches itself to Q, this is what attaches itself to anybody that is successful. Millie is successful. She did well, we gave her total freedom, and I’m done. In fact on Monday I’m gonna take the Shadowgate film down and her channel because it’s my site, it’s my operation and I choose to not be associated with it. And not even because of the film, I just saw them making statements about “oh he didn;’t fund our film, it’s our film” because they are acting like they don’t want it there, you got it, it will be off the site Monday. People that want it they can go see it, they can download it. If they ask me today to take it down, I’ll take it down right now too. So I’m done, I ain’t talking about Millie Weaver again, and I’m just saying I don’t believe a word that is coming out of any of their mouths. and that’s it, you couldn’t write a script for this stuff and all I have is the truth, so I’ve done it here, so Bon Voyage Millie have fun with those folks your working with.
– Alex Jones

Segment, Alex Jones show dated August 21, 2020, rough transcript, please contact me to report any errors with the transcript.

An article was written a few days ago in regards to Millie Weaver reporting that her professional work relationship was terminated, meaning that she was fired from working as a contractor and news reporter for Infowars.

That segment, Alex Jones was again attacking both QAnon and military veteran and whistleblower Patrick Bergy. Here again are some of his tweets showing how ridiculous Alex Jones and his Infowars organization sounds.


Patrick Bergy sounded like he didn’t even do the very things that Alex Jones had claimed. Alex Jones really blew things out of proportion which is what he had been doing, he did the same thing with the Disney movie “Frozen 2” claiming that the queen was some lesbian queen when in reality her sister already had a boyfriend and only slept with her sister as any sibling family member would. The siblings were not sexual in any part of the Disney movie but yet Alex Jones made totally unsubstantiated claims. So Alex Jones has a history of making claims that cannot be substantiated. If anybody wants me to write an article with proof showing every unsubstantiated claim Alex Jones had ever made, I will agree to this challenge and will point to what he says on the Alex Jones show and prove him wrong. Alex Jones is a liar and is ruining a mother, a news reporter, somebody decent who supported Donald Trump who wants to help drain the swamp.

The attacks and infighting started by Alex Jones or started by the Deep State or both are exactly what will led Millie Weaver to ruin. The comments on the page shows that Alex Jones has already turned people against her and are causing people to not want to donate to her legal fund which will ruin her life and force her to falsely plead guilty to charges she may not even be guilty of. Just like what had happened with Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news. He lost his support group on Facebook after infighting had started, people all over that support page were contacting Alex Jones to help Brian prove his innocence by covering his story on Infowars, and Infowars did absolutely nothing but ignore Brian’s federal charge based upon possibly fraudulent evidence. After that, he had no fundraiser that could have ever been raised, so Brian was stuck with a federal public defender Eric David Placke who told Brian to either plead guilty or be found guilty and get a worse sentence. Placke never investigated anything that could have beat his criminal charge. Placke had plenty of evidence and could have raised fraud, and the fraudulent evidence would have been questioned and more than likely his federal charge would have been dismissed due to lack of real evidence. Instead Brian falsely plead guilty in federal court. This is what we all fear will happen to Millie Weaver. Her legal funds will dry up, she will have difficulty with finding a big enough platform to talk about her case, and with her reputation being destroyed she will be unable to acquire the legal funds necessary to defeat the fraudulent or wrongfully filed charges against her in the Ohio court of common pleas. Then she will be appointed a public defender who will tell her to falsely plead guilty and serve probation where they can dictate her life and make it almost impossible for her to exercise her first amendment right to be a online journalist, just like with Brian D. Hill.

The comments are already showing that Alex Jones had already destroyed her reputation enough by shunning her and attacking her on his show to make it possibly impossible for her to continue receiving legal fund donations necessary to win against her charges and be found not guilty and may be forced to falsely plead guilty to charges and lose her kids to Child Pedophile Service, I mean Child Protective Services that is used to abduct kids and give them to pedophiles, aka CPS abuse.

It has already begun, first they attack her on their platform, and then they will delete every video and report she had ever done for Infowars, shun her while acting like none of it had ever existed. Shunning and removing all information in reference to Millie Weaver and her journalist is the perfect way to ruin her career, make all of her work disappear, and then anybody who looks her up will only see her criminal charges and then years down the line nobody will even know who she is.

Comments said things like:

“I wish I never sent any money to that GoFundMe account but you know what Millie you can have it you’re the one that’s got to live with yourself. People who love and follow you don’t like to be lied to I hope you get well soon.”
“I love Millie but I would take this nonsense video down it’s inaccurate there’s some good stuff in it but nothing really quite alarming except for the misinformation”
3 hours ago
“Too bad. I like Millie Weaver. Sad to see her go down in flames like this. Hope she gets the help she needs. I didn’t even get through watching the documentary. Just listing to her that Tore women and the other guy, I didn’t buy what they were saying for a second. They seemed too shady and weird to me.”

Three comments scraped from the

There you have it. So now it is up to the grassroots to pay her legal fees to ensure that she has a fair chance of being acquitted over her four felony charges and one misdemeanor charge in Ohio’s state court.

Brian’s family may or may not contribute to her legal fund. Brian may even consider mailing a small amount of money to give to her legal fund if he feels that it would be necessary for her acquittal. Brian knows what is like having false charges like what happened to him in federal court. He was never allowed to have a good lawyer with the exceptions of Attorney Edward Ryan Kennedy of West Virginia who actually did a pretty damn good job but way too late as he was already convicted and Kennedy only represents Brian over the supervised release revocation appeal. This lawyer is actually worthy of fighting for his clients. Too bad only over appeals in the fourth circuit. If he had been Brian’s lawyer at the very beginning, Brian would have been acquitted, never would have been on supervised federal probation.

It is clear that Millie Weaver is facing an uphill battle with very limited legal funds. She should use it wisely as Alex Jones will never mention about her ever again, unless in a negative context. Nonetheless he will probably never talk about her again, and Darrin McBreen will likely block her phone number too just like with Brian D. Hill in 2018. Owen Shroyer will likely ignore anything to do with Millie as well since he is a tool for Alex Jones, a puppet. The “Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News” blog will gladly support Millie Weaver and will even consider giving her a writing slot here if she needs it. Brian was treated the exact same way as Millie Weaver, disavowed, shunned, and ignored. God bless Millie Weaver and her family. Where We Go One We Go All.

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