Tore, whistleblower on the ShadowGate film by Millie Weaver, discloses the truth about husband, turning him into police for his crime

by Laurie Azgard

The truth has finally come out as to Tore, the whistleblower who was interviewed on the documentary film ShadowGate, directed by Millie Weaver. This truth shows how far Infowars and it’s associates are willing to go to destroy the reputation of a good person who exposes the truth. Here is what was revealed. Political character assassination is what is happening here to Millie Weaver, Tore, and Patrick Bergy.

First of all, Kaitlin Bennett or her Liberty Hangout organization’s Twitter account had posted shock images in response to Millie Weaver’s tweet. That was in an attempt to make it appear as though whistleblower Tore is associated with a child rapist/child molester who was arrested for child rape. There was a claim from that very Twitter account that Kaitlin Bennett does not seem to be posting under that account but the information attacking Tore was brought out by Kaitlin Bennett, so that is true according to the images below. Kaitlin Bennett did bring up this personal attack on Tore.

Tore had finally stated that she is not her husband and that she turned her husband in for his child molestation. Doesn’t that familiar to the media attacking Donald Trump for his alleged ties to Jeffrey Epstein the serial pedophile child rapist, but then the truth comes out that Donald Trump had banned Epstein from Trump properties and was a material witness against Jeffrey Epstein for his crimes. So they try to make out like Trump was a buddy to a serial child molester, but in reality Trump went against Epstein after Trump found out about what Epstein was really doing. Same thing with Tore, she learned that when her husband was having sex with a minor, she turned him into the police, she was angry at him and he knew she would come after him for what he had done so he confessed to sexual assault with the child as the media had reported. If Kaitlyn Bennett of Liberty Hangout had been a real news reporter instead of a yellow journalist, she would have asked Tore directly about her husband. That wasn’t her intent as Kaitlyn Bennett works for Infowars and has a channel at Tore’s tweet sounds interesting.

So Tore was actually going to “torn him limb from limb”, meaning that she was really angry at her husband for what he did to a child. That does not sound like what Kaitlin Bennett had attempted to portray that whistleblower who was interviewed on Millie Weaver’s documentary film ShadowGate.

Tore revealed to Stanley Bolten [his old Twitter account was suspended so he goes by the name Ben Gates Q] the truth of what had happened. He took a screenshot and sent it to me because he explained that he felt that Tore should be exonerated, acquitted for her so-called public crime of her husband being a child rapist so they act as though it is Tore’s fault and Kaitlin Bennett acts like some kind of journalistic hero for revealing this. Nope, she is likely in my opinion a stuck up spoiled brat jealous of Millie Weaver and wanted to tear her down to build herself up. This is nothing more than dirt digging as politics is in fact dirty nowadays. As to Tore, I hope she isn’t mad for posting the screenshot of part of the conversation that she had with Stanley, but I feel that this information needs to come out as her reputation is being destroyed by liars and witch-hunters. I will not post any more of any conversation that Stanley had with Tore. This is all I have and the intent is to exonerate her and clear her name from this. The intent of Tore was that she was against her husband once she found out he was raping a child, she is a HERO. She reported her own husband for not just cheating on her but having sex with a child, two sins at the same time. Tore did the right thing and Kaitlin Bennett needs to apologize to Tore for the attacks against her.

Makes sense that the deep state is telling people to attack Millie Weaver, Tore, and Patrick Bergy. This is unacceptable for that of journalistic integrity, not being a yellow journalist. Journalists only report the facts, even if it makes the journalist look like a conspiracy theorist. We report the facts and what information we get, not distort the facts for some political deep state agenda. It is shocking to see Infowars and associates attack Millie Weaver and her sources to such an extent over a documentary that Alex Jones allowed to be posted on his own website.

Even Gavin Wince, Millie Weaver’s boyfriend or husband said he had vetted Tore and stated that the campaigns to attack Tore are false.

Since the allegations surfaced, she has even released alleged photographs of proof of her service to the U.S. Navy, and says her specialty is intelligence.

It says “COMMUNICATIONS AND INTELLIGENCE SPECIALISTS”. So that proves her credibility right there. USN stands for United States Navy. She has a specialty in intelligence. Those documents prove Tore’s credibility and proves that she is a credible witness in the film ShadowGate. Alex Jones is wrong about Tore and Patrick Bergy.

Also Millie Weaver offered $10,000 of her well earned money to challenge Alex Jones on his claim that her film had made attacks on Roger Stone to make him to appear to be some mastermind of ShadowNet. That is not what the documentary was actually trying to say. This isn’t the first time that Alex Jones had exaggerated things and brought things way out of proportion. Again, he said in his review of the Disney movie “Frozen 2”, that the main royal Queen is not a regular Queen but a “lesbian Queen”.

If you actually go and watch the whole film, Alex Jones said that she slept with her sister in a “lesbianesque” event.

03:37 “work of hell not just the bestiality not just the pedophilia, not just the young girls, in bed together obviously in a lesbian-esque event for young girls, but the image of the waterfall God’s light the truth the universe that the time-space continuum flowing the Living Waters and the West an evil white men have dammed the water of God that is a cultic earth worship and that men have captured the goddess the feminine energy and have enslaved it, and only this lesbian queen can summon the power of the earth to crush the dam and release the feminine energy into the world and save us all.” “and that’s the message let’s make sure that woman never has a man never has children let’s make sure she never carries out the rituals God gave us the activator power let’s tell her her power comes from serving the state and turning her will over to be the fifth element the Mary Magdalene that has sex with Jesus and then populates the earth”

Transcript from YouTube on “Alex Jones’ hilarious take on Frozen 2”

Apparently Alex Jones had watched a different “Frozen 2” than what Disney had produced. I am not defending Disney here since they are involved with pedophilia to a certain extent of what had been revealed. However I have to reveal what a liar Alex Jones is, and Alex Jones likes to exaggerate things. Where did “Frozen 2” talk about sexing sex with Jesus Christ? Where did Frozen talk about two siblings in the same bed for just one night when her sister was depressed about her magic powers and her sister had a boyfriend which she happily married at the end of the movie?

Alex Jones exaggerates things and then he doubles down on anybody who reveals that. He clearly exaggerated what ShadowGate documentary film was actually talking about, and and focused entirely on just one portion of the entire film where he mentions about Roger Stone connected to General Jones. Alex Jones fired Millie Weaver, threatens to censor/scrub all of her videos from, and then Kaitlin Bennett goes to war with Millie Weaver and her sources, and it was all over Alex Jones taking things too far with exaggerating what the truth actually was, and then getting angry at her, Tore, and/or Patrick Bergy for simply pointing that out.

QAnon did say that Alex Jones is MOSSAD intelligence asset. I personally believe he is a mockingbird, and that he is just reporting on what the deep state elites want him to report on. They let him go out on his bullhorn to speak out against the globalist cabal because he will never truly destroy the globalist cabal, he is just out there to get us all riled up and then when we get arrested by the deep state for fighting this “New World Order” then he turns his back on those that were arrested knowing that their characters will be assassinated for good, get them permanently in the criminal justice system where Federal marshals can swab DNA samples and put their criminal suspects in a permanent FBI DNA database. Alex Jones is meant to get anyone against the NWO to go public with their viewpoints while the deep state writes the addresses, phone numbers, and personal information of each activist and can later be targeted by the deep state using the criminal justice system as a weapon to ruin each one.

Alex Jones is clearly COINTELPRO, he is a liar.

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  1. When Patrick Bergy was being interviewed by AJ, Patrick told AJ off camera that Roger Stone was heading all this stuff when the poor guy barely has the capacity to operate his Skype. So it’s not in the film. Never was.


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