The systematic abuse, discrimination, prejudice, and disrespect of pro-se filers in our Courts

by Laurie Azgard

What is a pro-se filer? What is pro-se? Pro-se is the term under the American legal system in both the state, municipal, and federal courts. It refers to those that represent themselves instead of through an attorney.

All attorneys/lawyers that have a license to practice law in our legal system that was received and approved by the BAR association, and usually have an education in a law school backing their educational paperwork giving them the credibility necessary for an actual Courthouse to take their claims seriously. Attorneys/lawyers are all officers of the court and usually have to have authorization to be able to practice law in certain jurisdictions.

As for the pro-se filer, there is a historical reference to such. The Abraham Lincoln Historical Society had put forth information that historically the former U.S. President during the 1800s had also taught himself law without going through the law schools.

“Abraham Lincoln was a self taught lawyer. In September 1836 he was admitted to the bar, allowing him to practice law in Illinois.”

However in the 1900s to the 2000s, there has been an increase in disrespect, discrimination, prejudice, and systematic abuse by judges against any or all pro-se filers.

The disrespect comes from the judges not accepting a pro-se filings worth, even if such legal filing comports with the rules of the court. The clerk would usually accept a valid pro-se filing but it would just be exactly that, it would be filed with the other paperwork and may sit there indefinitely without ever an input from the judge. Another action would be that any or all pro-se filings are usually denied and dismissed.

Some examples are in the cases of Brian David Hill and Christopher Julian.

See all of the examples of judges disregarding any of Brian’s pro-se filings:
Petition for rehearing on both appeals revives Appeals dismissed by Deep State Assassins
Corrupt Richmond U.S. Court of Appeals Rubber-Stamps ruling allowing Corrupt Federal Judge to remain in Case; Doctor Transcripts at will!
US Court of Appeals refuses to mandate Judge to tackle Frauds upon the Court by US Attorney; Petitioner fights back!
Despicable and Dishonorable Federal Judge Throws out Habeas Corpus case on New Years Eve!
Federal Judge rules criminal Defendant has no right to discovery material under FOIA
See all of the examples of judges disregarding any of Christopher Julian’s pro-se filings:
Judging the Judges of a Judge.
Corrupt Federal District Court Of Federal District Judge Jackson L. Kiser – Traitor
Judge Jackson L. Kiser sends U.S. Marshall with comments on my Blog.
Everyone is free to believe what

That is two examples of the judges’ disregard for any pro-se filer.

The discrimination comes from judges being given the impression that pro-se filers do not know the law, do not understand the law as the law is so complex now, and never will. Thus it intellectually separates the American people from the courts, as if the courts are intellectually more superior than the peasants. In other words a Harvard or Yale graduate gets more respect from our courts than a self-taught lawyer like Abraham Lincoln.

The prejudice in taking the most abusive and merit-less pro-se filers who file absolute nonsense and then that prejudice applies to all of the other moderate pro-se filers. The Feds have experienced cases such as [1] Mark A. WARD v. Peter E. MALONEY, and [2] UNITED STATES of America v. Reginald Anthony FALICE. They took the most extreme pro-se filing abusers and then that prejudice applies to everyone else. That judges would normally get the impression that pro-se filers can never file pleadings as professional as attorneys licensed by the BAR. Of course the BAR may stand for the British Accredited Registry, a byproduct of Great Britain and their corrupt legal system.

Even in the state criminal case of Commonwealth of Virginia v. Brian David Hill, no. CR19000009-00, motions that were filed by Brian on a pro-se basis are either ignored indefinitely or are denied off the bat. While Brian’s lawyer files no motions in his defense except a continuance. Lawyers that don’t do their job are usually beneficial to the Government counsel. It is in deprivation of each party’s right to the adversarial system and to effective assistance of counsel under the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Even these judges can make any defamatory comments against a sitting U.S. President but we are not allowed to criticize them, in complete deprivation of our first amendment right to free speech.
See: Sitting federal judge to Trump: I can compare you to the KKK but you can’t criticize me

Anyways in regards to the pro-se filers, they are treated by judges as if they are a quarter of a lawyer. Any filings/pleadings by pro-se filers are treated as a one/fourth (25%) of a filing by a lawyer. Any evidence submitted by a pro-se filer isn’t even scrutinized to the same standard as that of a lawyer. Witnesses offered by pro-se filers are also ignored and disregarded, as if the suggestion or proposed subpoena for such witnesses was never even entered in the case to begin with. Judges treat both the witnesses, affidavits, and evidence as if they hold no merit without placing them under the scrutiny had those same filings of witnesses, affidavits, and evidence been proposed or filed by a licensed attorney.

Those who want respect in our courts are normally compelled to find a lawyer whether one is provided pro-bono or paid for at one’s own expense. In criminal cases, those who cannot afford a lawyer normally are appointed the public defender or other court appointed lawyer. Rarely do they fight for their clients as the courts pile on so many cases on their desks that they can no longer be effective anymore. An attorney may need more time in special cases or specific cases than in others. However each attorney can only put the work of a certain number of hours to preform their duties for those who were appointed to them as clients from the court. There is no known limit to the number of cases that each attorney receives. Attorneys that are appointed by the court are encouraged to quickly dump their caseloads by forcing or heavily encouraging their clients to take guilty plea agreements and accept responsibility for lesser time or in rarer cases the sentence of time already served. However the Innocence Project revealed that many innocent people are forced to falsely plead guilty due to ineffective counsel and fear of getting more prison time if they lose the jury trials.

Those that are not satisfied with their court appointed lawyers normally start researching the law themselves, especially at prison/jail law libraries and start filing pro-se motions and lawsuits. However when the Government attorney catches court rule violations by the pro-se filer, they will prosecute such allegations to the fullest extent of the law. When the pro-se filer catches the Government in perjury, court rule violations and even defrauding the court, the judges treat those allegations as merit-less as if they can never hold any water. Judges will ignore those allegations completely or deny or dismiss them.

The law does not apply to the Government lawyers but only applies to the civilians, to the peons, to the filthy stinking peasants that can’t hold a candlelight to that of the gracious honorable nobility. It is a two-tiered justice system, both the criminal and civil courts and the family courts are all the exact same way. It is a double standard, two-tiered justice system that keeps getting worse and worse every year. Our constitutional rights are disappearing within our federal and state courts every year.

George Carlin -Rights and Privileges


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